Teen wolf season 2 episode 2 recap

Isaac's dad gets upset about his grades

Glass thrown by his father penetrates his skin but it heals

Isaac's dad runs after his son and stumbles on some creature

Isaac's dad is eaten alive by the creature

The school principal is kidnapped by Allison's dad

Lydia goes back to school after her wolf bite

Jackson reminds Lydia that their relationship is finished

Scott tells Stiles that he smells another wolf in the locker room

Allison's grandfather becomes the new principal to spy on the wolves

Scott and Isaac meet for the first time in lacrosse practice

Isaac shows his eyes to Scott as they cross during Lacrosse practice

Stiles is almost caught by the cop breaking into the station

Scott tells Allison to chain him up during the night of the full moon

A creature sneaks up on Allison while Scott is chained up

Allison yells but appears brave enough to fight it

Isaac transforms and takes down the cop that caught Stiles

Jackson looks through the footage but is upset that he did not transform