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'Punkd' recap: Wiz Khalifa gets punkd...almost [season finale]
punkd [Season 9 Episode 12]
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In this episode of Punk'd hosted by Mac Miller, they try punking Wiz Khalifa with a robbery of a weed shop next to a fake ATM machine while the cops pull up in the parking lot. This episode was the season finale.

Mac miller hosts this episode of punk'd

When Mac miller comes into the room to discuss plans of the episode, he says Wiz Khalifa is his friend both from Pittsburgh. They both went to the same high school. Since they know Wiz Khalifa likes to get high Mac Miller recommends a prank connected with the police and marijuana.

The prank: Wiz Khalifa 'Weed Whacked'

While Wiz Khalifa is on his way to a video shoot, they will have him stop at ther fake ATM that's right next to their phony medicinal marijuana store while it's getting robbed.

Wiz Khalifa pulled out by cop while smoking marijuana

While his manager goes to the ATM, the cops arrive in the parking lot and knock on his window. Wiz Khalifa is actually smoking weed as the cop knocks on his window. They tell him to get out of the car. He asks to pull up his pants while he's outside

Wiz Khalifa admits to cops that he smokes marijuana

While he's talking to the cop he outright says, "I smoke marijuana".

The cop then asks him for paperwork for the marijuana. He says that he doesn't have it and goes "I wish I did though."

Suddenly, Wiz starts bugging out making fun of the cop

The cop accuses them of robbing the weed shop. Wiz Khalifa starts saying sarcastically, "You're telling me we robbed a weed shop? I thought my friend was getting robbed at the ATM, but you're telling me we robbed a weed shop."

The cop asks him if he's high and he starts laughing. The cop then asks him why he's laughing, "Do you see a smile on my face?"

Wiz Khalifa goes, "No, but I see a smile on your head." referring to the cops bald head.

Wiz Khalifa starts asking him, "What kind of boots are those?"

Wiz Khalifa starts figuring it out

Wiz figures it all out but keeps messing with them. He tells them that he's been arrested before and if it was real they would've arrested him by now not talking for so long. He starts talking about there being cameras all over the place.

Mac miller gets pissed. Wiz calls Amber Rose

He gets back into his car and calls his fiancé, Amber Rose, thanking him for telling him to get dressed that day because he almost got punkd.

Mac Miller approaches Wiz Khalifa in his car

Mac miller comes out to his car and he tells Amber Rose over the phone that it was Mac Miller. Wiz Khalifa stands outside with Mac Miller saying:

"I'm Wiz Khalifa and I almost got punk'd."

Wiz definitely figured this out, but in the beginning when he thought it was real he was mad nervous. It's amazing how his body language and attitude completely shifted when he knew it was all fake. First he was really scared of the cops but then he started making fun of them.