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Drizzy Drake gets punk'd by Ashton Kutcher with a fake EARTHQUAKE
punkd [Season 9 Episode 11]
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In this episode of punkd Ashton Kutcher punks Drake with a fake earthquake. This episode came right before the MTV movie awards. Drake was really squirming in this episode. Ashton gets Drake to think he's going to meet the vice president while being driven by the secret service and then causes an earthquake.

Ashton Kutcher hosts this episode

Ashton kutcher came out of his hiatus and hosted the show. Tell me it didn't feel like seeing your boy coming out of jail for the first time. I felt like we were being held hostage this season by all the other celebrity hosts who apparently had nothing better to do this season.

Ashton's beautiful home

Before we get into it did you guys see Ashton's house. Holy sh*t. Ashton talks about how "mundane" his life has been standing in front of a balcony overlooking the entire state of california. Yeah. Ok. How mundane can your life really be in a house that overlooks mountains along with an indoor pool on you're balcony??

If I lived there I'd stop hosting punkd too. Host punkd? You know what im doing right now. My feet are dangling off a cliff overlooking the entire state of California. I'm so high i'm hanging out with God right now.

Drake thinks he's going to meet the vice president

When the secret service are driving Drake and the guy says he likes his music and Drake gets really happy and wants to tell his mom that the secret service likes his music.

Really drake, youre a multi million dollar rapper and you're happy that the secret service like your music.

Imagine he's like: "Mom the secret service like my music."

"You woke me up for that dumb shit. Go make some new music before I whoop your ass." LMFAO.

Drake panics when the earthquake hits

Tell me drake didn't look like such a little kid when that earthquake hit. It was great. He was like hyperventilating. I know we'd all freak out but it's just great seeing Drake this way. I love it when he says he thought he was about to get blown up. He says it was hist first earthquake.

Drake doesn't want to let anyone in his car

Then the guy approaches the car and Drake doesn't want to let him in. He's like don't come close this is the secret services car. That's when I was like Drake your such an asshole. There's a freaking earthquake happening and you won't let this one dude in your car. Is he gonna take up too much space during a disaster that's going to probably crush the car you're hiding in.

Then a pregnant woman comes out and he still wont let anyone in the car because he keeps saying that it's a secret service car.

Like I'm not going to walk away from you during a life or death earthquake because your sitting in a secret service car...

Guy tazes his wife in front of Drake

It really gets good when Ashton tells the guy to grab the taser in the secret service car and start tasing the air and then his wife. Drake freaks out, grabs his boy and jumps in the backseat. Hilarious! What a great tool to calm your crazy ass pregnant wife. Do they sell those things on amazon?

Ashton can't take it anymore and he comes out and tells him that got Punk'd and of course Drake starts flipping out.

He was really embarrassed but mentions that getting punk'd to him was always a sign that he made it. Ashton does an armpit check to make sure he was sweating and he was!