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Justin Bieber pranks Taylor Swift Rob Dyrdek and Miley Cyrus
punkd [Season 9 Episode 1]
photo credit © MTV
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If you missed the season premiere of punk'd, here's the rundown of the pranks and what happened. What's cool about this season is that there's no more Ashton Kutcher! LOL. No, what they're doing is getting a new celebrity host every episode to direct and be involved in the pranks. That's kind of cool.

Justin Bieber is the celebrity host

Bieber talks about doing the show

Justin Bieber talks to the camera about how nervous he is about acting for Punkd, which is pretty surprising given that he's on stage in front of millions of people so often. it goes to show you acting in front of a camera is WAY different.

Bieber meets Jason Goldberg co-creator of Punkd

Bieber talks about the pranks and says he just wants to blow things up. He wants to do Taylor Swift first because he opened for her in London and he thinks she'll never suspect it.

Prank 1 Firework wedding.

Prank 1 will take place at a beach house in Malibu. They'll have a wedding taking place on boat right off the shote of the beach house. Bieber will start throwing fireworks and get Taylor Swift to do it too. Then they'll set the boat on fire ruining the wedding and have the bride and groom ride a boat into shore yelling at Taylor Swift.

Bieber says he wants Taylor to cry. Ouch! In the studio Justin Bieber then calls Taylor Swift over the phone and asks if she wants to come and write with him. She agrees. They make plan for Friday night.

Prank 1 Taylor swift arrives

Taylor swift shows up and Bieber shows her around the house.

He first brings her into a studio and then they step outside to look at the water and him and his studio friends start throwing fireworks.

She kept refusing but they finally get her to shoot one and then the boat gets set on fire.

The bride and groom start swimming to shore after riding a blow up jet boat. It's so hilarious that they also get the pastor to swim to shore.

As the bride and groom sit with Taylor Swift she starts acting like everything is ruined saying she sees signs.

WIthout waiting too long they tell Taylor Swift.

Prank 2 Rob Dyrdek

This time they have Justin Bieber direct the prank in the studio while actors do the prank on Rob Dyrdek.

Concept: Rob thinks he's on his way to meet investor. The guy and girl at a nearby table start arguing and after she leaves, the girl runs a car through the restaurant.

Prank 2 Rob Dyrdek arrives

Dyrdek sits with the acting investors and he looks like he senses something. As they talk the guy on the table nearby says to the girl "Pull your dick out once in a while."

For some reason Dyrdek starts sensing something and flat out asks "Are we on Punkd? The lighting is too good. Are we on the tv show"

The actors have a hard time playing it off and the producers just call it off and send out Bieber to tell him.

Instead, they ask Dyrdek if he can get someone else.

He calls his buddy Sean Kingston who arrives at the restaurant pretty quickly.

They do the same thing and of course Sean Kingston doesn't figure it out. After the car comes through the restaurant, the blame is put on Sean Kingston and then they tell him he's on the show.

I think they should've waited longer. It just didn't seem like a great prank because Sean Kingston really had nothing to do with the fight so it was unbelievable.

Prank 3 Miley Cyrus Switcheroo

They make Miley cyrus think that she's punking Justin Bieber but they're switching it up on her and they're really punking Miley Cyrus.

Concept: They're going to get a bunch of skateboarders to talk smack to justin Bieber as he gets out of his car while she directs the prank from the studio, but what she doesn't know is that Bieber is going to start going crazy on the kids and Miley is going to feel bad for setting up the prank.

Prank 3 Justin Bieber arrives

Bieber rides in and parks his car but when he gets out a bunch of skaters skating there get pissed and tell him to move his car. They call him a kid and then Bieber just starts picking a fight. Bieber pushes one of the kids down and the kid falls and acts like he's really hurt.

Miley starts going crazy and gets really scared. She goes out to tell Justin bieber that it's just a prank but then he walks off leaving the kids on the floor.

Then he comes out screaming "I can't be Punkd!"

Bieber drives off and says thank you to everyone and talks about how he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life next and says he'll just go on tour maybe.

This episode was alright but I think they need to step up their game and make the pranks more real.