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Bam of Viva La Bam punks Tyler, the Creator and Ronnie of Jersey Shore
punkd [Season 9 Episode 2]
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This is a MUST SEE episode of Punkd. This is the one that'll make you say "Punk'd is back!" It had to have been one of the best. The pranks were bananas and all celebrities were emotionally attached to what happened which is how you make a prank work.

Bam Margera both hosted and lead the pranks in this episode along with Jason "Wee Man" Acuña of Jackass which is what probably made the pranks rock!

Celebrities pranked

1. Tyler the creator (rapper and now star of his own show called loiter squad)
2. Ronnie of the Jersey Shore
3. Tyler Posey of the Tv series teen wolf

Bam introduces himself

He introduces himself and talks about how he's been doing pranks his whole life on his own show Viva La Bam and on Jackass. But the funny thing is that as he's introducing himself, they prank him doing the Water, powder, and punch prank creeping up behind his back while he talks to the camera and he gets pissed. Haha.

Bam meets Jason Goldberg of punkd

Bam meet at a location they've been using for jackass episodes often. When asked who they want to punk they mention Tyler the creator, because he's been in and out of the Jackass office preparing for his own prank show called Loiter Squad on adult swim.

Prank 1 Tyler is blamed for the blowing up of a food truck

Concept: Tyler thinks there's a charity event for the tony hawk foundation where they're building skate parks for under privileged kids. They have a food truck called Wee man's tacos with celebrity autographs all over it that'll be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity, but they're going to blow up the truck and blame Tyler, The Creator for it.

Tyler arrives on location

Tyle arrives in the parking lot where everything is about to go down. They make him comfortable by taking photos first.

Then guide him inside the truck to get some food and get him to turn on the oven, without realizing that it would be the cause of the blow up.

Truck blows up

He signs the truck and as they walk off the truck blows up like crazy. And the owner is set on fire alive.

Tyler goes nuts after recording the burning man with his camera

What I don't get is that after the truck blows up Tyler sort of starts laughing even while their stuntman is being burned alive. Even when they say call 911, he runs up to the burning man and starts shooting him on video. I don't think he meant to. Sometimes when s*** hits the fan you don't know how you'll react.

Tyler laughs first, records second and then goes crazy

They blame Tyler the creator

They start blaming Tyler accusing him of turning on the gas inside the truck and not knowing how to turn it off. He says that he turned it off.

They blow the van up a second time and Tyler jumps in the back of a parked pick up truck. HAHA!

When they ask him what he's going to do about the truck he says,

"As long as he's alive I can get another truck."

And asks:

"I can't go to jail if I f***ed up, right"

The guy in on the prank keeps making a big deal about the truck but Tyler keeps worrying about the man who was burned up alive. When they talk about zak effron, Tyler says:

"F*** zak efron, this n**** dead"

They tell him he got punkd

When an ambulance trucks arrives, Tyler the creator, starts freaking out, but then Bam hugs him and tells him that he got punkd.

This prank went really well. One of the best!

Prank 2: Ronnie's stylist is held hostage

Concept: Ronnie thinks he's going to a fashion event with his stylist Jenni (not jenni from the jersey shore) but she's in on the prank. She's going to pull into a liquor store to buy some feminine products, a tampon, and when they're inside there's going to be a robbery and they'll take jenni hostage.

Ah!! This prank was definitely bananas. Watch it.

Jenni pulls in the lot with Ronnie

Jenni says she got her period and goes inside the liquor store. While Ronnie waits in the car he complains to his friend about a phone not being 4g, the robbery is taking place inside the store.

Cops arrive tell Ronnie to get out of the car

The cops arrive and tell Ronnie to get out of the car and ask him what happened. He basically says that "Jenni went inside to get a tampon and you guys arrived"

As the cops talk to him he gets a phone call from the robber whose holding Jenny hostage and he tells him that he wants to negotiate. Ronnie was super nervous. It was so fun watching him squirm.

Robber speaks to Ronnie over the phone

It's hilarious because they get the robber to talk to Ronnie to negotiate the release of jenni. The robber says things to Ronnie like:

"Are you my rock?"

And Ronnie replies, "I'm your rock."

Ronnie looks like he's shaking.

When Ronnie asks what he wants, the guy says he wants a helicopter. Ronnie tells the cop and then he asks to sit down.

Robber finds out he's talking to Ronnie

The conversation they have is hilarious! The guy asks Ronnie:

"Did you just say I have a nice face?"

Ronnie says,

"No ones talking about your face."

"On a scale of 1-10 how built are you?"


"On a scale of 1-10 how tan are you?"


Robber releases one hostage

The robber asks for his helicopter and Ronnie says that it's on its way. When he asks Ronnie what he does, he says that he's a painter and a construction worker. But then you hear Jenni, in the background, say "he's on the Jersey Shore." Ronnie is like "why would she tell him that."

The robber than starts asking him who he is on the jersey Shore. The robber says,

"Are you mike the situation?"

"Ronnie... Ronnie."

"I'm drawing a blank"

"the one with the muscles," Ronnie says.

The robber says he just wants to meet him.

Ronnie starts shaking his head, no, that he doesn't want to go in, but the cop says he's going to take him inside. He tells Ronnie to relax and Ronnie starts taking deep breaths.

Ronnie goes inside

As Ronnie approaches the liquor store and sees the robbers open the gate, he says,

"I'm not doing this. I can't go in there."

The cop keeps pushing him.

When he gets inside, Jenni and bam creep up to him from the aisle and he starts laughing after taking a deep breath.

I have to say this was definitely the best prank of the episode and one of the best ever. They really made Ronnie sweat good!

Prank 3: Tyler Posey from teen wolf

This pranks was pretty simple.

Concept: Tyler is going to a concert with his two brothers but they're going to stop by a drive through and Bam makes sure that he's going to make it the worst night of his life

Tyler posey arrives on location

Tyler orders a pastrami sandwich and the guy inside makes sure he doesn't hear the order well and keeps asking him to repeat himself.

After they complete their order, the guy in front of them gets out of the car and goes inside because his order is wrong. Then the people behind Tyler start beeping and yelling at him. Tyler gets his order but it's wrong as well.

Tyler gets blocked in the drivethru

The guy behind Tyler keeps beeping his horn and the guy inside the store says he's not leaving until he gets his order right, but as the guy behind Tyler keeps beeping, the guy blames Tyler and Tyler keeps saying that it's not him.

Then the guy behind him gets out and starts breaking his headlights with a bat.

Finally bam comes out and tells him.

Watch the whole Punk'd episode here