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The Workaholics pilot and how it all started
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How did a show so amazing like The Workaholics start? How many of you know the real Workaholics story? A few guys who worked their butts off until a Comedy Central executive saw The Workaholics videos on YouTube. This wasn't just a show put together by Comedy Central, but the success of up and coming comedians who used YouTube as a launching platform for their quirky senses of humor. This article is not just about the pilot episode but The Workaholics story on how the cast got started.

** Be sure to go through the video slideshow above, you'll watch some of the best original Workaholics cast at their best before stardom.

The Workaholics story

Many people don't know that the guys from The Workaholics were part of an impromptu comedy group called Mail Order Comedy. All three of them: Adam Adam DeMamp , Blake Blake Henderson and Anders Anders Holmvik , which are their real names, all did sketch comedy on YouTube before getting their own show.

The original website was Mail order Comedy, the url that's branded on all their original youtube videos, but is now redirected to The Workaholics show.

The Workaholics videos on YouTube

The comedians started on YouTube all the way back in 2006 right when YouTube, itself, got its first glimpse of mainstream fame. They made videos all the way through until 2009. And yes, the taste of their comedy was pretty much the same though not as polished as it is now on The Workaholics. They weren't known as The Workaholics then, but Mail Order Comedy.

The Workaholics original YouTube channels

They had two YouTube channels. Mail Order Comedy and Dungeon of the Nutsack (lol at that name).

1. The Workaholics original YouTube channel called Mail Order Comedy can be found here.

2. The Workaholics original YouTube channel called Dungeon of the Nutsack can be found here.

Interestingly, their videos weren't super popular, but if you like The Workaholics you'll love watching them. Their videos are just reckless, but isn't that what makes The Workaholics so damn funny.