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'Workaholics' recap: A co-worker dies, the guys try hooking up with Swedish girls at her wake
Workaholics [Season 3 Episode 5]
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This was one of the best episodes of the season. Really funny. The guys try hooking up with Anders's swedish pen pals at an office wake for a co-worker that just died. It starts off with the guys discussing the Backstreet Boys and who was more important Lance Bass or Justin Timberlake. Ders than says that Josh is the star of the Backstreet Boys.

Passed out employee

They run into an employee sleeping in her cubicle and start putting food all over her, snacks and what not. Adam pulls out his d*ck and rubs it on her head.

Out of nowhere, Alice comes by with the paramedics because the woman is dead. They start rubbing their hands with hand sanitizer all freaked out.

"Now that she's dead I can let you guys know that I'm the main office prankster" - Adam

A co-worker dies

Adam calls himself the main office prankster because he did "fluffer nutter" and "spermicide" which we find out he did on Anders in the past.

When Blake says that they should remember all the good times, Adam says he can't remember any good times with her except when they were "T-bagging her eye socket a couple of seconds ago, but then she ruined it by being a dead lady."

Anders then says, "That's still butt hurt." and gets excited because they're probably going to have a day off the next day because of the funeral.

"It's like a snow day, but it's a death day." Adam

Anders explains to them that he has a pen pal from Sweden that is in Las Vegas who wants to visit them, but he told her that they were from Hollywood and that it's ok because she won't know the difference.

"Is this the same chick where you squeezed her boob through her sleeve while watching Gladiator." Blake

Binder clips war

When Blake says that he is going to take the other chick, Adam apologizes and says that he is going to marry the other chick. Anders tells them that there's only one way to find out who is going to be his best man "bro pal".

They're then in the bathroom putting binder clips all over their bodis to see who can put on the most without weaseling out.

Adam puts binder clips all over himself

When they're in the bathroom Adam puts on 87 clips but Anders says he's going to choose Blake while Adam has the clips on because of the spermicide trick he pulled on him in the past.

Convincing Alice for a day off

Anders and Blake go into Alice's office and act like they're crying and all sad about the death so they can get a day off. Ders starts crying but Blake tries and can't get himself to fake cry.

Adam comes in and says sarcastically:

"The best way to commemorate her is by immediately forgetting her and just working all day tomorrow."Adam

Blake whispers to Adam not to mess this up for him because with girls he says,

"I'm like a bull in a vagina shop" Blake

Workaholics Convincing Alice to throw office wake

Alice doesn't go for it so Anders asks her to at least have a "some sort of service" he plans to bring his pen pal to.

Alice agrees hesitantly while Adam acts like he's still upset because he doesn't want the party to go on since he wasn't chosen to get the second girl.

Food requests for the service

Anders and Blake tell Jillian to bring all these funky party goods for the service.

"Beer, Whiskey, Oysters, Strobelight and some balloons that say 'Welcome to Hollywood'" Anders

"Karoake machine and extra large ... extra medium condoms" Blake

Swedish girls arrive

Workaholics Swedish girls arrive

When the Swedish girls arrive and one says she wants to go Hollywood, Anders convinces them to stay in Rancho Cucamonga with them calling it East Hollywood. He tells them that it doesn't start popping until 5 PM anyway and that Blake is a skateboarding celebrity. When Blake starts doing stupid moves with his skateboard Anders whispers to him, What are you doing?"

"I have a skateboarding celebrity here." referring to Blake.

Adam takes over the party with a wake

When they bring the girls into the party room, they're surprised that it looks all messed up like someone went in and took everything down. Apparently it was Adam. They go looking for Adam and they find him singing songs to co-workers in another room.

Adam's Wake for homegirl

When they get to Adam and find him singing songs, he starts talking about the lady and Jillian asks if anyone has anything to say about her.

Ders says that she was "nice."

Adam then gets up and says, Nice?! She was a KING... a king of the hill. ... She was a legend... of the fall... She was Malcolm ... when Malcolm was in the middle, she was an ultimate fighter til the end."

Then one of the co-workers starts balling saying he never told her he loved her and says he got her pregnant. Adam hugs him saying, "that stuff you just keep to youself and never tell a soul alright bud."

The swedish girl then starts realizing what happened and asks,

"Someone died in your office and you invited us to a party here?"

"Yeah because in America we like to celebrate life after death." Ders

Jillian then starts balling acting all weird saying she can never forget her.

Adam then moves in on the girls and plays on the fact that they should feel sorry for him calling them his "best friends"

Workaholics butt hurt

The Swedish girls start feeling sorry for him asking him how she dies and what she said before she died. He says that her last words were:

"Adam you're the best. I love you the most out of everyone." Adam

The Swedish girl tells him that her grandmother died from a brain tumor a year ago. They hug him and he starts making jerking hand movements behind their backs and sticks out his tongue.

Blake and Anders try getting the girls back

While Adam sits with the Swedish girls, Anders and Blake come in saying they channeled their sadness by started a charity for home girl called,

"Homegirls, homes for girls without homes."

Adam responds saying he created an organization that will "raise money to cure brain tumorism" called "Rollerblading across the Americas" Adam

Anders then asks him if it goes North and West, Adam says "East and West if it'll find a god damn cure!!"

Aders says that all the money in the world won't bring homegirl back from the dead so the only way to keep homegirl alive is by naming stuff after her and doing skateboarding tricks. Blake then starts to try skateboarding tricks but doesn't know anything about skateboarding.

Adam asks them if they cared for her so much than they should know her name which they didn't. In turn Adam starts chanting her real name and gets everyone to chant along with them: Her name was Roberta Paulson!"

Adam performs a seance

Adam makes a circle with everyone holding hands acting like he's performing a seance talking to "Nate Dog" asking God ...

"How do I make it into heaven" and then starts convulsing.

Anders shows a video will

Anders comes in saying he'll show homegirl's video will. Jillian then says that she needs to watch a cartoon to feel better and asks if the video is: Doug or Hey Arnold. Anders says that if it was a cartoon it would've been Beetlejuice.

The video is really just a shadow of Blake talking like he was the hoemgirl. He says thank you to Anders and Blake calling them gentleman and Adam gets nervous now.

Anders starts hugging the girls as they watch the video will.

"Not only are their hearts tender, but I would guess that they're penises are pretty tender too so you might want to put them in your mouth and find out."Blake

Adam then runs into the hall way finding Blake "facetiming" himself into the projector. He takes his cell phone and goes back into the room telling everyone it was a lie.

Adam and Blake start arguing about it. Blake says he just wants to screw the girls "like Ikea furniture" and Adam says that they started it by leaving him out of it.

Alice brings in homegirl's son and daughter

When Adam starts saying he missed his mother "Roberta" the son tells him that her name was "Christine Howard Clark"

When Alice asks who the girls are, the swedish girls get upset saying they're going to leave. She says that they just wanted to see the hollywood sign. When Ders tells her not to throw all their years of pen paling over one day, she tells him that he was writing with her little brother the whole time.

"For ten years I was writing with your little brother... that can't be true ... I told him I loved him." Anders

The real video will is shown

She calls herself the main office prankster and when she moves the camera to show them a painting she claims she made of them theres nothing there.

When she moves the camera back she lifts up her shirt, shows her boobs and says "Psych!" calling herself the "main office prankster for life."

One of the co-workers than asks Jillian if she could show her boobs.

Who are those Swedish girls?

Everybody is wondering who those swedish girls are, those pen pals. Check out this article for more on Agnes Olech, the swedish pen pal.