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'Workaholics' recap: Daisy Fuentes's butt cheeks are going to be flowing in the wind
Workaholics [Season 3 Episode 4]
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In this episode of Workaholics the guys sue their co-worker Montez for selling them a broken floatable hovercraft they want to use for their summer break out pool party.

Fixing the pool for the party

The guys want to have a summer kick off party, but the pool has problems so they have Blake get dressed and go under water to figure out what's clogging the drain. He's dressed in something that looks like a space outfit while Adam blows air into his helmet using a water hose.

"Daisy Fuentes's butt cheeks are going to be flowing in the wind." Adam

Blake finds a dead animal in the pool

Blake brings up a dead animal covered in hair and sounding all serious he calls it the "rancho cupacabre" but Adam and Ders play it off as nothing calling it the "neighbors dog, Ambush, covered in hair."

Adam then adds, "possibly jizz, not mine though."

Blake is adamant about it being a chupacabrah.

Looking for pool toys from Montez's garage sale

The guys go looking for pool toys and stumble on Montez, their co-worker's garage sale. Blake carries the dead animal with him and when Ders asks him why, he says,

"What if Nicholas cage rolls through the neighborhood and steals this national treasure."

Montez welcomes them to the garage sale and says we have, "Playstation 1 and free smoothies because white people love smoothies."

Adam picks on him for sounding like he said smoovies.

They buy a hoverbeast hovercraft

They see a blue hovercraft device with an engine and fall in love with it going "DAMN!!!"

Montez calls it the "hoverbeast hovercraft" his friend "won at the tropicana bikini contest" and wants $500 for it. Ders says they can only give him $200 for it but he just walks away. When Blake says that they can't spend that much money because then they can't buy the straw hats, Adam reminds him that they won't need the straw hats with that thing.

They also come up with the idea to charge people to take pictures in it with the chupacabrah. Ders then offers the guy $450 along with all the straw hats and "whatever's in arms reach."

Adam reaches out and grabs a funky blue suit and they take it.

The hovercraft blows up

When they try using it in their pool it gets set on fire and blows up.

They want their money back

They storm into Montez's cubicle asking for their money back but he says that all sales are final and that he gives no refunds.

Adam then says, "We don't want a refund we want a hovercraft that actually flies... in the water...water flight."

Ders then says that they'll sue him and take all his money. He starts acting ghetto saying:

"You want some judge brown, you want some judge Judy up your booty. You better lawyer up." Anders

When he tells them:

"There are no lawyers in small claims court."

Blake says "then you better lawyer down."

Walking through security at the court house

While they get through security at the court house, Anders worries about him not being able to defend the case.

Adam and Blake tell him that he went to law school but Ders says that he just applied to law school but didn't get in.

When Blake tells him that it's ok because, "you got accepted in our hearts, no homo, pro bono" Blake

Adam and Ders do this funny handshake where they shake hands and suck each others pinkys as if they're straws.

Blake's bag gets searched and the security guard finds the animal but Blake alls it the chupacabrah and explains that they need it as evidence.

Ders states his case

When the judge asks them to state their claim Ders gets up and starts talking to what he thinks is the jury, but the judge tells him that those are just the people waiting for their cases to be heard.

Ders continues talking to them and says, "Ladies and gentlemen... Justice... Just us... So that brings me to the question...are we humans or are we pets." the judge then stops him.

Anders pulls out beef jerky

When their Montez approaches the bench, Blake tells Ders to use his brief case. Anders gets frustrated, starts opening it telling Jim that there's nothing in the briefcase except pencils and beef jerky.

They start asking him how he could have beef jerky and not offer them any. The judge starts yelling at them. Ders apologizes, eats the beef jerky and puts it back in his briefcase.

Blake uses his chupacabrah to postpone the case

When the judge starts saying that he thinks the guy is defending his case well, the guys freak out and say they have to do something. Adam then says that he has to lie now. He gets up and starts rambling about random stuff with a phony southern accent which was actually pretty darn good.

Adam then starts inviting the girl taking notes to the pool party and reminds her that she's under oath.

The judge then tells him to use his real voice but he keeps going.

They all then deny seeing a sign that said no refunds but the guy says he has a key witness, the guy who was at the garage sale.

When Ders tells the guys that they can't let him testify because they'll go to jail, Blake hides under the desk and then throws his chupacabrah animal onto the fan.

It gets all torn up and blood is squirted all over everyone.

The judge then postpones the case until tomorrow.

Guys want to settle with Montez out of court

While they're in the corridor they try settling with the guy who is really upset about his suit.

"How about we settle out of court. We'll take you to Ruby Tuesdays buy you a root beer and burger."Anders

"The only thing ya'll are going to be eating is Ass salad. I'm talking about prison!" Montez

Blackmailing the witness Wayman

The guys break into Wayman's car with masks on made lout of paper bags and duck tape his mouth shut.

They tell him not to testify. This part is super hilarious because they start putting his hand in a plastic bag filled with spaghetti telling him that it's the eyeballs of kids eyes they plucked out but then they realize that the guy himself isn't blindfolded so why are they lying.

They then make him dig his own grave but when he's super slow, Blake says,

"It's a shovel not a broom." Blake

Blake then takes it and starts digging but they says he can't do it either and passes it to Anders and Adam. As they dig a softball rolls next to them and they realize there's a softball team playing right next to them. They throw the ball back.

They start digging the grave really deep, but Wayman drives off.

Guys beat each other up

They start getting into this hilarious discussion about how they're going to GIGO jail and get raped now. They say they're too pretty. When Anders says that maybe after time it gets ok, Adam gives him this look but he replies,

"I'm just trying to be the glass half full guy." Ders

"Youre gonna have an ass half full...of prison sh*t." Blake

Blake then says at they have to knock the pretty out of each other by punching each other out. Adam then calls them b*tches saying hat his face is too hard and how bullies used to tell him how hard his face was. Blake then hits him in the face with the shovel.

Montez caught naked and they win the case

When they get back to court the guys lose hope and just say they're willing to accept responsibility. Montez then says he has pictures of the guys at the garage sale. When the judge plays the tape it has naked pictures of Montez for which he says that his wife is taking a photography class and needed a sexy model and to just forward.

The judge forwards and notices a play button so he plays the tape and it's footage of Montez approaching Wayman saying, "I sold these fools a broke ass hovercraft."

The summer party

The guys then continue with their party that ends up having only dudes. Blake then tells everyone to take a picture with the picture of the chupacabrah.

Then the girl from court comes by in her bikini, but leaves when she sees it's only guys.

Adams, Ders and Blake then get into their hovercraft and smash into their wooden wall landing in their neighbors backward who ends up being a lawyer.