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The guys find a new drug dealer who has a scheme of her own
Workaholics [Season 3 Episode 2]
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This was a great episode of Workaholics. Drama ensues when the guys look for a new drug dealer because Karl doesn't answer the phone. She turns out to be way different than Karl. This episode is called 'True Dromance.' Read on to find out what happened.

Also, before we get into it: the hottie drug dealer was played by Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore: Go figure!

The guys burn their tongues on purpose

Since there's a promotion from the pizzeria where if you can eat one of the pizzas in under 30 minutes you can get free pizza for a year. But Adam says that they make the pizzas so hot that you can't so they're going to burn their tongues with hot spoons before eating so they're ready.

They tell Alice to start the clock but she just throws it on the table.

They look for a new drug dealer

They're hungry and getting ready for the contest but want to smoke first. Karl is not answering his phone so they say that they have to look for a new drug dealer.

"I'm just worried about Karl. I don't want to leave him alone with his thoughts." Blake

Ders says he doesn't care what Karl is doing and Adam confirms that they have to look for a new drug dealer, but when Blake is like, we can't just go to the "drug dealer" store, Adam suggests they go to the "scummiest place" a tattoo parlor.

They look for drugs at the tattoo parlor

When they get there, they feel really awkward and don't know what to do or how to find out if they sell drugs so they start discreetly making comments to the tattoo artists but he just doesn't get it.

"All drug dealers have tattoos, hence all tattoo Parlor's have drug dealers." Adam

When the tattoo artist comes over he looks like a clean cut guy and says he doesn't tattoo curses. The guys start staying things like:

"Do you have any weeeeuooouu..."

The guy tells them that they can't hang out there and that the place is only for customers so Adam gets a belly button ring and then asks for weed, but the tattoo artist just walks away telling them they have the wrong guy.

It turns out they don't sell drugs but one of the female customers sitting next to them overhears and ask them to follow her if they want drugs.

Girl shows them a van filled with drugs

They follow her and she opens her van and there is a ton of drugs there.

She starts asking them what they're looking for blurting out all of these weird drug names and has every kind of drug.

Adam puts on a meth mask and starts bugging out. Ders notices a hash based olive oil.

Guys smoke up while Charles shows up

She gives them a whole bunch of drugs and they go home and smoke it all up. Ders makes some weed pastries. Then Charles rings the doorbell. Adam and Blake start panicking but Ders doesn't care and says we'll just talk to him.

When Charles comes in, Adam and Blake are on the couch really nervous.

Charles notices the weed on the table and asks about it. Ders tells him, "Frankly, we have needs and you weren't meeting them."

"So you went to a stranger for weed." Charles

"No we went to a stranger for grass. We're calling it grass now." Ders

Charles gets really sad and they start exchanging conversation as if they cheated on him. He asks if her weed was better.

When Adam says, "just different" Ders interrupts and says "she's way better!"

Ders tells him how they've been introduced to so many kinds of weed including "edibles" and Charles asks what edibles are. When Blake tells him like pot brownies, Charles tells him that brownies are made out of "fudge." Charles gets really sad and leaves.

The guys have dinner with the drug dealer

As the guys are having dinner with the drug dealer they start telling her ow good she is. She then tells them to look under their seats and they find a special drug.

Blake says, "Bong. James Bong!" haha.

She walks away and tells them to stick around because she has another surprise.

Karl then comes by and says he's not following them.

They act awkward again and he can tell they're high and he tells them that thats all he ever wanted for them and he offers them "grass" with his hand open. Ders refuses.

The girl drug dealer comes back and asks them to join her get high with a celebrity client, the comedian: Lori Beth Denberg

Girl drug dealer wants her money

When she drives them back they're all relaxed but then she hands them "this week's bill" and they're confused. They start talking about how Karl would never ask for the money and how rude it is.

She says she doesn't care what the old drug dealer used to do and says, "either I get paid or somebody gets hurt."

Blake says they'll just look at the bill and it says things like "$250 an hour to hang out with Lori Beth Denberg"

When Ders tries telling her that she needs to calm down she slaps him and when Adam opens his mouth she rips out his belly ring and tells hen that of they don't have her money by 6 tomorrow they'll be dealing with Cortez.

Girl drug dealer comes by their job

The guys are all freaking out at work. Adam says that she's going to cut off his dick and he says he has a "very cuttable dick."

Then suddenly a co-worker drops off a bag that looks like a meal and they see the drug dealer waving and then leaving. It says that the meal is on her so they start saying that they were overreacting and that she probably forgot about the money.

When they open it up, I couldn't fully tell what it was but it looked like a dead fish.

Then they start freaking out again. Ders tells them that they have to outsmart her and when he asks them, "what's the most tricked you've ever been" they say "Shutten Island Leonardo Decaprio." Ders says that it had at least 5 twists so they have to have at least 4.

The guys' plan fails

When the drug dealer arrives at the door Blake gies her the suitcase, but then Adam comes out dressed in a mask and Caribbean clothes saying he's Cortez's boss.

Then Ders comes out posing as a detective saying that he will let her go because he's only after the big fish.

The girl obviously isn't going for it because it's mad hilarious. To make matters worse, Blake starts calling the directive Ders asking him if he's a real cop.

She pulls out her knife and tells them to eat in the van saying they smoke too much weed.

Drug dealer holds the guys hostage

As they're being held stage she has cloth around their faces and she pulls out a blow torch. Ders is like "what that, snakes?"

She leaves and then the door open and a guy in a mask and a sombrero walks in.

It turns out to be Charles. He says him and the other drug dealers made up the personality to scare people into paying and they take turns.

They apologize and he says that he's out of the game and going back to college. They end up being at the steak house they ate dinner at earlier when they get out of the room.

Guys catch the pizza eating contest

They catch the pizza eating contest and win it.

Meanwhile Charles is getting on a bus to leave and notices the guys didn't come back for him.

After the guys win and get the free pizza for a year the run and catch the bus just as its taking off. When Charles gets out they give him the free pizza for a year as a gift and asks him to be their drug dealer again.