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I will melt my own face off in front of your children with this iron
Workaholics [Season 3 Episode 1]
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Season 3 of the zany workaholics just started! Here's what happened in Episode 1. The guys are getting ready to go on an acid trip together but drama ensues when Anders is forced to go on a business trip with Alice and says he can't join them, but the guys show up in his hotel room.

Acid-proofing the house

It starts off with Adam banging his head on the corner table and couch to "acid proof" the house. When Blake walks in and bangs his head on the couch it's still hard and he screams.

"My buddy did acid once and he immediately could speak cantanese. He was like sun-tun-how." Adam

The neon house

Anders goes "but first a little bit of Hype Williams." and he turns off the lights and everything goes neon colors and glow in the dark. Dude I need to decorate my house like that. That was nuts. But I don't think they got that stuff at Target. But Adams dance in the dark was freakin classic.

They then acid proof the house by using shock collars so no one escapes since the world isn't acid proof.

The God station

Adam then shows Blake his "god station" LMFAO. It's like a whole bunch of mini Buddhas, mary, and Jesus dolls.

"I wonder if god's a chick, dude ... With big ol titties, big ol' god titties." Adam

"I'm just trying to see something way more real than god like a dragon." Blake

Adam calls that blasphemous and starts apologizing to his gods.

Anders has to leave

Anders says he has to go on his first business convention with Alice and the guys are so upset. He starts saying that he's like Steve jobs and has to create his Pixar, come back and make his Apple happen.

The guys go after him but they get shocked by their own collars.

Alice needs to close the Gale Reynolds Cloud mall account

While they're on line, Alice, tells Anders to take off the neck pillow and explains that they need Gale Reynolds, director of sales for cloud mall, to take them out of the red. Anders still has his neck pillow on. He brings pens that says "telamericorp" on them and Alice gets pissed at him.

Gale is the director of sales at Cloud Mall, an account they lost, and only she an make the decision to sign with Telamericorp again, but at the party Gale lets herself be seduced by men from the other companies. So Alice wants Anders to seduce her to win her over.

The guys surprise Anders in his hotel room

The guys bring along Kyle and surprise Anders in his room saying that they're going to do acid together there.

Anders throws the acid in a safe.

"Like I can't open the safe... With my muscles." Adam

To distract them, Anders plays some porn on the television and they sit down and watch.

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Alice explains what happened with Gale

So Alice explains that Don Walters gets her and other guys drunk and steals her as an account from them.

So she wants Anders to get her drunk and seduce her before Don does. Meanwhile, the guys are trying to burn the safe open.

Gale turns out to be a druggie and Ders invites her to do Acid

While Alice tries introducing herself to Gale, Gale doesn't really care and wants to go have fun. When Ders hears that she wants to go to a party with Don to do cocaine he invites her back to his room to do Acid.

They all trip on acid with Gale, the Director of Sales

So they all do the acid. Ders makes believe like he took it but doesn't. When they ask Gale what she wants to do, the scene cuts to her yelling in front of a stripper:

"Let me see that big dick." Gale

While Blake is tripping he sees a dragon and starts choking it but in real life he starts strangling the stripper's dick. Lmao.

Adam is pissed because for some reason he's not tripping and he says things like it's because my mind is too big.

Gale is gone

As they trip, they notice Gale is gone and Alice freaks out looking for her with Ders because they want to close the account.

She goes to the front desk asking for Don Walters's room number because she thinks Gale went back with him but she starts tripping trying to eat the table thinking its made of jello. The girl at the front desk refuses to give out information, especially because of how weird they're acting.

Adam thinks the girl at the front desk is god with titles and starts messing with her asking if she can help him sleep with more girls

"I think this chair is Spanish. I don't speak Spanish." Alice

The girl at the front desk says she can't give him the room number after seeing all this craziness.

They go looking for Gale

They break into someone's room and find a guy with his kids. Alice picks up the iron and says,

"I will melt my own face off in front of your children with this iron if you don't tell me where Don Pyscho d Walters is!!" Alice

Gale comes out of the bathroom with Kyle

Alice starts bugging like crazy so they carry her back to the room but when Alice freaks out again and leaves again, Kyle and Gale come out of the bathroom in white robes.

Ders asks her for her business. Gale says, "well her [Alice] tight ass clearly cannot handle her own shit."

But then Kyle asks nicely so they can go back into the bathroom and Gale signs it.

They seal the deal

Alice finds Don and is threatening him with a firecracker if he doesn't tell him where Gale is. Ders and the guys run upstairs telling her that they got the deal.

She gets excited but the firecracker goes off because she dropped it in his bag, Don is set on fire.

When Adam sees Don on fire he thinks he's tripping but then Blake tells him that the man really is on fire and he gets even more pissed.

They ask Ders to drive them home but it turns out he never took the acid to stay sober for the deal and just took it now.

He starts tripping. She throws him the keys and he sees it as a donut.