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Balls outside the conference room!
Wilfred [Season 2 Episode 2]
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In this episode of Wilfred, Ryan learns that he has to stand up against his demanding boss who Wilfred compares to his father. Let's look at some of the cool stuff that happened in this episode.

Dumb hot girls or smart average looking girls?

Ryan is attracted to his co-worker who is really witty and smart. She says things like:

"Contact with dogs causes the brain to release oxytocin, which is the same hormone that mothers produce when they're nursing their babies."

Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity

Dumb girls can be cute but smart ones last longer.

Wilfred shows off his balls

Wilfred gets caught up in his attempt to please Ryan's co-workers who don't seem to care about him. So he keeps figuring out different schemes to do to them to fall for him.

Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity
One of the things he keeps doing is jumping on his back screaming:

"Balls! Balls outside the conference room. You like balls." Wilfred

Of course no one can't rally hear him because he's a dog. This reminds me of how guys go through great lengths to show off and sometimes we do the most vulgar things instead of the cute things.

Standing up to your boss

Ryan's boss Jeremy is a tough guy and yells at everyone, but Ryan sucks up to him and does whatever he says. Probably to keep his job! But Wilfred encourages him to stand up to his boss and stop taking shit.

Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity

His boss wants him to work through the weekend and all night. Wilfred reminds Ryan that his father used to do the same thing and tells him:

"So when that stern authority figure makes unreasonable demands of you you don't feel weak and powerless."

"You may wear big pants now but underneath it all you still got that little boy penis."

Would you do the same. Could you stand up to your boss ...

Why isn't anyone listening to you

Don't you hate it when you talk so much and find out that no one is listening. When Wilfred thinks up tactics to get people to laugh at him he seeks advice from Ryan and the stuffed teddy bear animal, but when he checks the laptop the teddy bear is writing on he sees nothing but:

"44 pages of lowercase h's!!"

Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity

Janitor blackmails Ryan

Wilfred gets upset at the janitor for making the co-workers laugh at his expense so he bites his face in the bathroom.
Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity

Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity

Ryan asks that he doesn't tell anyone but makes Ryan clean up the bathroom in exchange for his silence.

Janitor gives oral sex to boss

Ryan finally gets convinced to stand up to his boss and storms in demanding an extension. His boss easily agrees shockingly. Ryan leaves and wonders how that was so easy.

Wilfred season 2 episode 3 full recap dignity

He goes back in and suddenly the janitor's head comes out from under the boss's desk. So he blackmails him back telling his boss that he'll take a week off.

Dignity: quote of the episode

"Let not a man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him." - Ralph Waldo Emerson