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'Wilfred' recap: Oral sex for drugs
Wilfred [Season 2 Episode 3]
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In this episode of Wilfred, Ryan has to let go of his desire for Jenna while Wilfred has to let go of his desire to impress Drew her boyfriend.

How low would you stoop for drugs?

When Ryan tells Wilfred he'll help him win the competition against another dog named jellybeans, Ryan goes looking for steroids for Wilfred. This ugly looking guy comes along in the gym saying he has the stuff but he asks Ryan to suck his dick to get it. Damn!! This made me wonder how much would you do to get what you want? Would you do a homosexual act if you're heterosexual. Would you hurt someone. 

Luckily Ryan doesn't do it of course but the guy asks for a hug, not just any hug but "a long hug like we're sisters at a funeral."

Wilfred Letting go

Peeing all over the place in excitement

When Wilfred second guesses himself right before the competition, Ryan puts him in a leash because he knows he hates that. When Wilfred gets all crazy, Ryan lets him go and Wilfred goes buck wild all over the place. He finds his strength and kills the competition. In his excitement he pulls out his dog penis and starts peeing all over the place screaming "Aahhhh!"

Talking smack to get psyched up

Oh how much do you have to talk shit to get amped like in Halo. It's weird how when you're pissed your racism comes out. If you play Halo you know what I'm talking about. Right before the competition, Wilfred, yells at the little puppy "Let me see your papers you filthy immigrant."

Wilfred letting go

My parents were immigrants but that was hilarious!

Wilfred's jealousy of another dog, Jellybeans

Wilfred is scared of losing so he starts looking at Jellybeans sizing him up and says the most hilarious thing about the dog when he's getting ready for the competition:

"We get it beans. We all know you got tasty balls. Jesus is their no limit to this guy's arrogance?"

LMFAO. The way he says this makes me die, like how Wilfred whose a dog takes other dogs so seriously. I guess because to us he looks like a man so it's funny - plus he says it in an Australian accent.

Still souped when you lose

You know when you do so good that you're still souped even when you lose. Wilfred gets a certificate that says "Participant" but goes

"You see what it says there? PARTICIPANT! You think they give that to every dog who takes part in the competition!"

lol when you're souped nothing matters. I'm a participant bitches!

The quote of the episode was by author Herman Hesse:
"Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go." - Herman Hesse