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The Lesbian Whisperer on Underemployed
Underemployed [Season 1 Episode 3]
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There's always that guy who thinks he can turn a lesbian into a heterosexual again. In this episode Miles (Diego Boneta) calls himself: "The lesbian whisperer" and says "that's my thing" LMFAO!

You know you're a bit too cocky when you think you can turn every lesbian into a girl who likes men.

Underemployed Season 1 Episode 3 Sophia lesbian

Sophia who had several encounters with women but has not had sex with a man yet is not fully sure if she's lesbian or not, especially because she hasn't had sex with a man yet. Miles, her best friend offers her straight sex to test whether she is truly a lesbian. He's cocky about it. She agrees.

When they start, she is turned off by his penis. She says it looks like a "big bike tire." As he's confused she starts feeling his pubic hair and describes it as rough, not like a women's hair.

At that point, they both really know that she is not into men. She decides not to go though with it and comes to the realization that she really likes the girl instead.

Underemployed Season 1 Episode 3 Sophia lesbian

It must be pretty annoying to be turned on by a girl and ready to have sex only for her to stop short and say that she likes girls. That's a time you'd probably wish she was bisexual. No dice for Miles on this one.

I find it odd that people have to try things out to test out their sexuality. Shouldn't you already know. Maybe not.

James & Evander - Can't Forget

Here's a nice song played on this episode: