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Cripple bungee jumps on Wheelchair and Woman dumps on floor [Tosh.0]
Tosh [Season 4 Episode 10]
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Here are the best viral videos from this episode 10 of Tosh.0. This first video is wild and nuts. A woman in a wheelchair bungee jumps. What the heck? I was wondering what would've happened if she fell out. She could've drowned right? I'm assuming she had people in the water just in case.

Paraplegic woman bungee jumps in wheelchair

Tosh says: "I bet she got to skip to the front of the line"

Kid entertainers dance way too freaky

In this video there's a bunch of kids in costumes entertaining other kids at a mostly black party and the deejay drops the beat and they start dancing way too freaky.

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Tosh goes, "They're still trying to work out the kinks of black comicon."

Guy skates down ramp holding a kid

This is nuts. Some idiot tries skating down a ramp holding some little kid. Drama ensues:

Ouch. This is hard to watch. Unfortunately the kid slams his head and not the guy. I love how he tries to pick him up and comfort him. A little too late don't you think. He should've probably saved the kid first.

Tosh says, "Way to make most of use of your one unsupervised visit a month"

Woman sh*ts on floor in public

Sorry, but there's no other way to describe this video. It's pretty self explanatory. but what's not obvious is that she does it in public in a supermarket

I'm warning you, this is pretty nasty:

Tosh says, "That video started out so sexy...and then it got even hotter."

He also says, "Sure you pay extra for shopping at whole Foods, but you know what you never see there ... human sh*t in front of the pickles."

What's hilarious is that the woman does a double take. I mean cmon. Crap and move on but no, she has to make sure it's all out while she's taking a crapping publicly in a food aisle of a supermarket.

In the next video a tall black kid will wrestle a litte white guy, and of course, his head gets slammed into the floor. I couldn't find this clip but Tosh's funniest jokes were:

"No kid has ever won anything with his tshirt tucked into his sweatpants"

"Nothing makes you look whiter than screwing up a handshake with a black dude"