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Maced soldier cries like a girl
Tosh [Season 4 Episode 6]
photo credit © comedy central
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Tosh started off with some crazy guy who amputated his foot from his shin down. That stuff looked real as hell. Honestly, we don't know if it's real but judging by how calm the guys was it's obviously fake. No one could be holding a freshly amputated foot while chillin talking to the camera.

Then he shows a video of a maced soldier who cries like a bitch during training. Hilarious. It's cued at 43 seconds where the shit starts:

haha what's up with the belly on this guy? Is that the Marines of today. Hey I'm not trying to dis, because maybe he can still break your neck.

In another video this guy starts screaming as he captures a locomotive passing by. Is it supposed to be something special. It says Rio Grande 1989. Everybody seems to be trying to catch this train on video. If you search youtube you'll find mad videos but this is the one Tosh brought on. The guy says that he's been waiting for months lol:

WTF is this train. There's like a hundred videos of this train on youtube.

The next video was of these three kids who were playing golf and lined themselves up so that all of them were behind each other. The second guy was holding the first guy's stroke and the third guy was holding the second guy's stroke. This one was another stupid one. But Tosh ended up doing a web redemption on it.

Tosh interviewed the 3 guys from the original video who said that no one really liked the video except their mom and then they all re-enacted the hole in one with them, Tosh and a guy's swim team. It was kind of stupid too.

Tosh starts bashing Saturday Night Live saying that no one really thought it was funny but that it was just an excuse for teens to stay up late for the first time in their lives. Truth be told, I also never got Saturday Night Live. Their jokes were always so vague.

He gives credit to who he claims to be the top three funniest SNL comedians:

Will ferrell
Bill Murray
Norm Macdonald

Will Ferrel definitely wins there. I don't know about the others. Maybe Bill Murray.

Then in his dirty sign language, the girl signs "I put my pinky in your butt hole" Tosh is so nasty bro.

Finally they end with this herpes viewer video:

All in all, this episode wasn't so great.

Which sketch was your favorite from tonight's episode?

I'll end with this viewer video you won't find on Tosh, It's actually a really funny parody on Tosh:

Question of the day

Which sketch was your favorite from tonight's episode? #tosh