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Freerunner jumps off buildings. Women pees on floor
Tosh [Season 4 Episode 7]
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This was a great episode of Tosh. Chock full of great videos. I had to start with the viewer video because it was funny as cheese! And by far THE FUNNIEST of all.

You have to check these guys out at YouTube. This video is of a girl walking into the kitchen on her guy who is eating breakfast and keeps telling her to guess what's different about her. He keeps trying, going from contacts to makeup and she keeps saying no and he just balls out! Super funny.

Woman on Guy

This video starts off with this lady and guy kind of arguing in Spanish and out of nowhere some crap happens involving something really hard

Kid and Camel

This one is kind of stupid and gross. This kid just starts drinking milk straight from the cow!

Lady peeing

This lady with "Crotchless stockings" as Tosh calls it starts peeing all over the place sitting down in one of the supermarket aisles. I couldn't find the original video. It was a really good video because this woman was mad bold. She was just sitting down chillin' and spraying all over the place in aisle.

Would someone tell these bitches that most stores have cameras please.

I don't know what's with these woman and their sudden urge to just pee all over the place, but here's another one that wasn't shown on Tosh
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Morphine kid

Who would've known Morphine would feel so good. This video is of a kid getting drugged up with morphine and cracking up like crazy. It's funny as hell.

Tosh embeds himself in the video like he's the doctor and starts telling him that he'll go blind and that his legs have to be amputated and all these horrible things have to happen but the kid just keeps cracking up.

Monkey in window

This one I'm not super fond of. It's just a monkey jumping on a window with a guy just standing there. The girl in the video keeps saying he's not doing anything, but he eventually jumps at the window and the baby stars crying.

Japanese chiropractors

This one is crazy. These Japanese chiropracters start doing all of these crazy moves while this poor girl's bones are being cracked like crazy. Tosh calls it a "Snuff" video. I don't know if they are doctors but her body is snapping like crazy. So if something gets broken can she sue? It definitely sounds like something broke ... multiple times.

"Chiropractors are People who want to crack knuckles 24 hours" says Tosh and he says things like: "That's how you cure a yeast infection"

Web Redemption: Parkour Girl

Tosh does a web redemption on Natalie's video from last week's episode who smashed her face while freerunning. In the video, he calls it Parkour and then she corrects him and says "freerunning". Then she accidentally says Parkour and he corrects her saying it's free running.

In this web redemption she does some crazy freerunning after they talk in the mall. When he asks her to define it she says,

"Traversing from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible"

Tosh says wouldn't it be easier to just walk a straight line LOL. She says no, not when there are obstacles in your way. Natalie says she was a gymnast for 13 years and someone recommended freerunning to her.

She says the most famous freerunners are:
1. David bell
2. Sebastien foucan

Tosh asks Natalie who the best freerunner is and then interrupts her and says "Jesus. He walked on water"

He also asks her if she worries about wrecking her "lady parts" and she just laughs.

She's never dated another freerunner and when asked what she likes the most she says the "freedom of running around."

You can watch the web redemption below:

Web Redemption

More videos

Tosh ends with a few more short videos of a guy walking up his friend with a gun and says not to try it at home because it was done by "trained professionals"

He shows another video of a guy levitating by hanging himself from a flying toy helicopter and worries about the risk of decapitation for the guy.

Final video

His final skit was embedding himself as one of the shark tank contestants trying to raise money for his "ski bowl" invention which is a mix of skee ball and bowling. He calls people who bowl morons and asks for a 10 million dollar investment for 1% of the company LOL.

When the judge asks him about his dedication, he says he's going to sell out in the first year and wants to do as little work as possible.

You can watch the shark tank skit below:

Shark Tank uncensored