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'Tosh.0' recap: Girl makes out with Tree, Guy with Giant testicles, Guy puts baby in washer [Watch all videos]
Tosh [Season 4 Episode 12]
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This episode of Tosh.0 was really good. It had three funny segments: Tosh's Kickstarter campaign, the web redemption of the skateboarder who got hit by a truck and the funny Google searches.

Guy puts a baby in a washer

Man with giant testicles

Tosh says: "Balsy move" and "he has to hire a whole team of latinos to manscape that monster"

Original article and video here

Girl makes out with a tree in bikini

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"If that tree could talk shed probably freak out"

Dog rides a bike

Tosh says, "The more talented your dog is the more lonely you are." and

"Who names their dog norman?"

Crazy guy slips in his own kitchen and breaks his toe in half

Tosh says: "When you go to an online college you have to haze yourself."

"That little piggy went to the slaughter house."

Japanese nuclear bomb with semen in it

I couldn't find this video but it was pretty hilarious. It was of a scientist woman ranting in a video blog saying "the Japanese will launch nuclear bomb that has semen in it and we need the government to stop it."

Web Redemption for Skater who gets hit by a truck

Tosh gives this skateboarder a web redemption and asks him questions like: "Did you ever meet the asian woman?" referring to the driver who hit the skateboarder. The driver was not Asian, but Tosh was joking about the stereotype about Asian women being bad drivers.

"You were just hoping that if you flew through the intersection there'd be no cars?"

They go to the "Childish dream factory" which is filled with shirtless boys skating, playing in foam and playing basketball. As the kid skates he hits the guy with the big scrotum and Tosh screams "You got sacked!"

Tosh.0 starts a kickstarter campaign

Tosh starts making fun of Kickstarter.com saying that it's stupid but it works calling it "a website where unsuccessful people annoy their friends and family to fund their passion projects."

"If a few dollars helps your dreams come true then you have pathetic dreams."

He starts it off his Kickstarter video by saying:

"My name is Daniel Tosh and I'm a comedian and like many of you My goal in life is to be extremely wealthy but I have a horrible work ethic... I'm asking you to help me become the world's first trillionare."

Viewer video

In the viewer video a girl throws keys off the second floor to her boyfriend standing outside the apartment but the keys land in his throat and he swallows it. Tosh goes: "Like I'm supposed to believe she made a perfect toss."

Tosh.0 Google Searches

This was hilarious. You ever type words in a google search and pay attention to what Google finds automatically.

Tosh types in "is" in Google and notices that the third result is

"is Daniel Tosh gay"

is Daniel Tosh gay

If you search "probably smells bad" in Google images Rihanna comes up.

probably smells bad Rihanna

Tosh says: "In conclusion Google is garbage and I'm taking my business to Bing"

For the last video a guy gets pepper sprayed all over his face and mouth on purpose. Tosh will give him a web redemption next week.