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'You don't have to lay down and die. You can decide to live'
The Voice [Season 2 Episode 7]
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Battle 1 Team Christina

Serah Hill vs Geoff McBride

Song: "Chain of Fools" by Aretha Franklin

Jewel advises Serah Hill.
Lionel Richie advises Geoff McBride

Christina says Serah is really strong and Lionel Richie is blown away by Geoff. They tell him to lose the sunglasses because of the importance of eye contact for any singer on the crowd. And they want him to sort of get into his singing with his body more.

They think Geoff uses too much volume and advise Serah to be more emotional, not just by volume.

Serah Hill says she's going to fight really hard for it.

All judges go with Geoff and it seems Geoff is an obvious pick but Christina goes with Serah. Cee lo says Geoff has soul, but to me it really seemed like Sarah had more passion.

Winner: Serah Hill


Battle 2 Team Blake

Charlotte Sometimes vs Lex Land

Song: "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People

Charlotte says "you can't beat a Jersey girl." She said her jaw was wired shut at one point and that she thought she'd never sing again.

Kelly Clarkson advises Charlotte Sometimes.
Miranda lambert, Blake's wife, advises Lex Land.

Blake and Miranda say it will become a battle of personalities. Charlotte seems aggressive saying things like "I want to destroy her. I want to win. I want her to lose." I don't blame Charlotte. She wants to win like everyone else. Plus... she's from jersey lol.

Blake thinks Charlotte might try too hard during the battle. They say Charlotte should turn it down a little and Lex should turn it up.

Lex calls it "a battle with myself." Lex definitely seems like she needs more confidence.

When the battle starts, Charlotte sounds strong, but Lex really sounds sexy. It was a great battle.

Christina says Lex has a sexy voice. Cee Lo picks Charlotte. Adam picks Lex

Winner: Charlotte Sometimes

Battle 3 Team Cee Lo

Sarah Golden vs Juliet Simms

Song: "Stay With me" by Rod Stewart

Juliet worries that Sarah may impress because she sounds "gravelly" but she thinks she can focus her voice more than her.

Babyface advises Juliet Simms.
Ne Yo advises Sarah Golden.

Ne Yo says that not a lot of people can do what Juliet can but that she should "pick" her "spots." He tells her to use her voice wisely and not to give it all way in the beginning of the song.

They battle it out and Juliet obviously overshadows Sarah. It seems like Sarah is not even on stage at one point. Juliet also adds a strong line when the song is over and everyone is quiet, something Sarah didn't expect she was going to do.

Adam loves Juliet and says he's biased because he picked her during blind auditions. Blake picks Sarah. I don't know why. Christina says the song didn't do Sarah justice.

Winner: Juliet

In my opinion, the clear winner.

Battle 4 Team Adam

Whitney Myer vs Kim Yarbrough

Song: "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige

I had no idea Kim was 50 years old. She really doesn't look it at all. Adam said Whitney can win the whole thing during blind auditions so it's really interesting to see this battle.

Adam says that you really need to be connected with the song. The song is more about strength than sadness.

Analysis Morissette advises Whitney.
Robin Thicke advises Kim.

Analysis says you have to be present and be yourself, but Whitney seems to be spending too much energy on worrying about Kim's power and maturity. She seems to be psyching herself out. She asks Adam for tips and tricks and Adam says that Whitney is asking for a how to be successful book and says "there is none"

Kim is super excited to see Robin Thicke. He says that Kim needs to learn how to build up her presence and not be so strong all the time.

This was another great battle. Kim really rocks it and so does Whitney. Whitney really throws her body into her singing and looks great. To me, Whitney looked more excited and passionate.

Blake picks Carson Daily and says he has no answer. Christina picks Kim. Cee Lo picks Kim. Adam has a hard time choosing but...

Winner: Kim

Whitney doesn't say much about and says Kim deserves it and walks away. I really think Whitney deserved this round. I'll miss that cutie pie!

Battle 5 Team Christina

Lee Koch vs Lindsey Pavao

Song: "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana

Lee Koch advises Lee.
Lionel Richie advises Lindsey.

Jewel says that lines like "I wish I could eat your cancer" need to be felt and that when Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, delivered them, he sold everyone on it and Lee needs to do the same.

Lindsey meets Lionel richie and Christina says Lindsey seems to be getting too much in her head. She tells her not to be shy and to use her eyes and "lean" into it.

They battle it out with dark moody lighting on stage. I'm not sure why Christina chose this dark song. It must've been tough for all of them.

Cee Lo says no one outshined anyone but goes with Lee. Adam goes with Lee. Blake says he doesn't know the song. Are you kidding me? As a singer he doesn't know Nirvana. That's pretty hilarious. He gives no answer.

Winner: Lee

Lee seemed to do more with his voice.

Battle 6 Team Cee Lo

Jamar Rogers vs Jamie Lono

Song: "I want to know what Love is" by Foreigner

They're both really good friends but accept to battle each other. Jamar is HIV positive because he said he used to do Crystal Meth. He seems really motivated and someone who has persevered through a lot of drama. This perseverance may give him the inner drive and edge to win it all.

Babyface advises Jamie.
Ne Yo advises Jamar.

Jamie's voice keeps cracking. He gets really upset and Cee Lo says that he really needs that not to happen and worries that his voice is too fragile.

Jamie says he's had a constant struggle with believing in himself and Babyface says he really needs more confidence. Cee lo tells him that he is a natural talent and that there are a lot less talented people than him on the radio and Jamie gets really motivated by those comments.

Jamar doesn't seem like he needs any guidance. During the battle I really loved Jamie's voice but Jamar really took the stage by storm. It was like Jamie disappeared at one point.

Adam says Jamar owned it. Blake goes with Jamie. Christina goes with Jamar.

Cee Lo gets really emotional about choosing.

Winner: Jamar.

Jamar and Jamie hug each other strongly and both cry afterwards. These guys seemed to have had a little bromance. Jamie thanks Cee Lo and says he'll never forget his guidance. And says that Jamar is a great person.

Jamar breaks down in tears and is really grateful. He says,

"You don't have to lay down and die you can decide to live"