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Two singers saved while four go home unable to capture The Voice audience
The Voice [Season 2 Episode 13]
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In this episode as everyone already knows, the audience saves 3 musical artists from each of the four teams which was already voted on. Then the remaining three, on each team, battle it out and one gets saved by the judges while the other two go home.

So a total of 4 artists on each team will remain by the end of this episode. This episode covered last chance performances by Team Adam and Team Cee Lo artists.

You can watch all the performances of this episode of The Voice here.

Jessie J does a killer performance in a sexy outfit.

Jessie J opens the show tonight singing her hit "Domino."

Go buy this song on iTunes. Worth it!

Team Adam audience choice winners

The artists left were: Kim, Pip, Katrina, Tony Luca, Mathai, Karla

Team Adam Audience pick 1: Mathai

Team Adam Audience pick 2: Tony Lucca

Team Adam Audience pick 3: Pip

Kim, Karla and Katrina are left to battle.

Team Cee Lo Audience Choice winners

The remaining artists on team Cee lo were: Cheesa, James Massone, Juliet Simms, Tony Vincent, Erin Martin, Jamar Rogers

Cee Lo says that he hopes the singers feel in their heart of hearts that he's done right by them. He says that they've all got great futures no matter what happens.

Team Cee lo Audience pick 1: Juliet Simms

Team Cee lo Audience pick 2: Jamar Rogers

Team Cee lo Audience pick 3: James Massone

Erin Martin, Cheesa and Tony Vincent are left to battle it out.

Last Chance Performances for Team Adam

1. Last chance performance for Kim

Song: Spotlight

Kim sings with no extra umph. The thing with Kim is that it seems like she's just at her peak. I don't think she can do anything else, like change her voice and try new things that all singers must do to be enticing to an audience.

2. Last chance performance by Karla Davis

Song: I can't make you love me

Karla rocks it but I thought the song was too slow and soulful for a last performance. I'm a little biased because I'm not into songs that are too dramatic and soulful but to her credit there are spots where she really hits the notes. Overall tough her voice just sort of blended in with the song and didn't take you places.

3. Last chance performance by Katrina Parker

Song: don't speak

Katrina kills it completely. I mean slaughters it. Her voice shines and you really feel that she's made the song hers. Her voice takes you places you've never been before.

Blake, Cee lo and Christina Aguilera all pick Katrina

Adam saves Katrina Parker

Before Adam makes his final choice, he tells the singers on stage to pause and think about where they are and the wonderful position they're in, appreciate it and soak it all up.

Adam calls the whole show a bizarre and surreal thing saying that it's almost impossible to win the voice and says he doesn't even think he could do it.

Then Adam says he doesn't want to draw it out even though he does, he says Katrina is the winner in a quick decisive, unemotional, way.

Katrina says she doesn't know what to feel other than shocked and grateful.

Last Chance Performances for Team Cee Lo

1. Last chance Performance by Tony Vincent

Song: Sweet dreams are made of this

Tony Vincent creates a blazing performance. He gets into it like no other and you truly feel his power and desire to win it. He has a hot, passionate look in his eyes to take the audience by storm. He does an amazing job! Not only does he kill it, he truly makes the song his.

A song to buy from iTunes!

2. Last chance performance by Cheesa

Song: All by myself

Like Karla, this song was pretty soulful and drawn out, but Cheesa does some amazing things in various parts of the song that really BLOW you away. At first you think the song is going no where and then when she hits the notes on the chorus you're immediately hooked.

3. Last chance performance by Erin Martin

Song: your song

Erin Martin does her usual quirky style. I mean, it's not bad, it's just very indie and niche. I believe it's hard for that voice to captivate a lot of people. She really needed to try different things with her voice. The thing is, not only is her voice already a little too artistic, she doesn't push it to the limit.

Adam unleashes strong comments about the performances

Adam asks for the mic and makes a very strong point asking:

"Why did it take this long for you guys to sing like its your last chance?"

He's so right. They all really sung their hearts out, but why didn't they do that from the beginning. I think his comment will help motivate them after the show whether they win or lose because now they'll know that it's no joke when it comes to your dreams and passion. Go get it and do it like it's your last breath.

He says:

"You did a great job, but you're a little late."

Adam wants to save Cheesa.

Blake confuses them all. He starts by saying how he was reminded how much he liked Erin but then says he was more amazed by Tony Vincent and then shocks them all by saying, "y'all's two problem is Cheesa knocked it completely out of the park."

Christina Aguilera picks Cheesa.

As if Blake didn't make it bad enough, Cee Lo starts off by saying his mind picks Tony... and as the crowd is screaming, he says

"but my heart says Cheesa"

Cee lo saves Cheesa

Adam says that anyone whose going to win this is going to be singing up there like its heir last chance.

Arsenio Hall was at this event. ha!