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Jermaine wins The Voice despite rivals' massive YouTube & Twitter followings
The Voice [Season 2 Episode 21]
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This was the final and last episode of season 2 of the voice. Votes were cast and I truly believe the results were shocking for many. I really did not expect Jermaine Paul to win the Voice.

Not only because I felt the others were possibly more versatile, but because all other three singers had massively more views and followers on YouTube and Twitter. One of Juliet's songs on YouTube had received 500k views while Jermaine's got only 90k. Tony Lucca had 500k twitter followers while Jermaine only had 40k before the last episode.

This really goes to show you that your online "following" or "credibility" may not be very credible at all. Despite Jermaine's small 40k following on Twitter, he took the whole show by storm - unless the show is rigged.

I'm certain many people felt Juliet Simms was going to win The Voice. She even got to end the season finale with a final song, "Freebird".

Cee Lo wears a shirt with the names of contestants

Cee Lo rocked a red shirt with the names of his team members.

What I found surprising was that Cheesa was FIRST and had the largest font out of all of them. Jamar Rogers was second and had the second largest font. Juliet Simms was no where to be found on there.

Maybe it was a publicity stunt given that Juliet is already in the final 4 and perhaps he wanted to give a boost to Cheesa and Jamar.

Jermaine brings back Eliminated contestants

I found it pretty cool how Jermaine brought back Jamar Rogers, James Messoni, Pip to sing a Jackson 5 song. Jermaine definitely seems like a cool guy with no animosity towards the others.

Christina and Adam make crazy faces

Lol at the bloopers. The voice showed some of the bloopers that happened throughout the season showing the coaches mess up lines and acting nutty at times. The two best blooper moments were Christina's cross eyed face:

...and Adams crazy face:

Juliet sings "Wild Ones" with Flo Rida

Juliet got to sing with Flo Rida or should I say: Flo Rida got to sing with Juliet Simms lol. It was a great song. I couldn't help but notice one side of the audience go bananas while another side was more calm. You could also see when they cut to one camera man backstage that the camera man almost tripped. He or she was probably overwhelmed.

Chris Mann sings with Lindsey and Katrina

Chris's Mann sang the song "Bittersweet symphony" with Lindsey and Katrina. I couldn't hell but crack up at the last moment of the song where The girls weren't sure how many times Chris's was going to do the "woooa"

Justin Bieber rocks gold shoes

I'm not a super fan of Bieber but the song was decent and the dance moves were cool. What can I say Bieber is Bieber in every song, the same.

The coolest moment was when he got in sync with his dancers. Finally I do think the coolest part of his performance was his gold hightop sneakers. Man, who else thinks that's cool as hell??

Christina wears silver underwear

Now I think Christina really needs to tone down her outfits. I mean damn! Did you see that?? She couldn't wear anything a little more lossy for the finale. When she stood up there with Chris Mann you can't help but think she's about to go go-go dancing later.

She wears a shiny suit jacket and then silver panties. The rest is all legs. Ouch mama! Christina really prides herself in driving men nuts.

Jermaine Paul wins it

Not to say that this was a complete upset. Certainly anyone of them deserves the crown, but I think many people though Juliet Simms or Tony Lucca was going to take it. Lucca's "99 Problems" even topped "payphone" on the iTunes pop charts.

Even though Jermaine barely had enough breath to sing after being blown away by the results, they had him sing "I believe I can fly" one more time. He was so blown away that he was like howling every time he hugged someone.

So never give up on your hopes and dreams. Keep rocking!

I'm going to SO miss the Voice. It was like one of the BEST TV shows ever! seriously
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