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Father of The Voice star Erin dies minutes before performance
The Voice [Season 2 Episode 8]
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Battle one Team Adam

Pip vs Nathan
Song: You know I'm no good by Amy Whinehouse

Pip Twitter
Nathan Twitter

Nathan taks about how his father found out he was gay and that he hasn't seen him in a long time. That's pretty sad given that it's one the most important moments in Nathan's life. Shouldn't you let stuff go at one point?

Nathan feels Pip has an advantage because Pip really shined in his auditions while he, Nathan, didn't do so well, but Pip feels Adam was favoring Nathan because he suddenly saw that Nathan was doing much better now than he did during auditions.

Alanis Morissette advises Pip
Robin Thicke advises Nathan

Alanis says that it's good that Pip is practicing restraint and not putting too much "flowery" stuff in his singing, i.e. not oversinging. When Nathan goes in front of Robin Thicke he gets really nervous. Thicke than tells him to stand on the stage and just lose it.

Adam says that he needs to install confidence in him and he thinks Nathan eventually gets it. During the last rehearsal before live stage, Adam keeps telling Nathan that he's gotten so good and he tells him that he's "no longer the underdog" and then turns to Pip and says, "And you need to know that."

After the live battle, Blake picks Pip and says that he can do more than Nathan.
Cristina says that Pip had more stage presence.
Cee Lo says Nathan stole it.

Winner: Pip

When Nathan walks off stage Adam hugs him and tells him that he can't stop and he has to keep going.

Battle 2 Team Cee Lo

Erin Martin vs The Shields Brothers
Song: What's love got to do with it by Tina turner

Erin Martin Twitter
The Shields Brothers Twitter

Erin tries to take a part Cee Lo gives to the Shields Brothers for herself, but Cee Lo says "if you don't mind princess I like their whoooao better" He's referring to a section in the Tina Turner song.

Babyface advises The Shields Brothers.
Neeyo advises Erin

Babyface calls them "the Wayans Brothers" and Cee Lo tells them to show more vulnerability because girls like that and they do right away.

Neeyo says he doesn't believe Erin's singing and that he has to feel her. Cee Lo tells her, "You're trying to be attrractive but what you want to be sexy."

Erin gets a little upset and says that no one has never thought she wasn't sexy. Erin appears a little full of herself.

To me the battle was pretty bad. I really didn't like what Erin did with the song. She kept changing the dialect of every word and The Shields Brothers just sounded noisy. I know they're better than how they played that day. Maybe the song just didn't work for them.

When the song is over Adam says that it was "so weird." and that Erin went "too far with her voice" and likens the battle to a song sung in a garage. Blake compliments Erin on her clothes and says, "I'm so glad you wore that" and comments that clothes like that is "all a married man has left"

Cristina says she loved Erin's style and thought that she brought out her own artistry and calls her a "hot mama", but that the song wasn't enough for her to shine on. She says that the shields had harmony and goes with the Shields Brothers.

Winner: Erin Martin

I do agree that Erin was the winner of that battle, even though none of them really did as great as I thought they would that day.

Battle 3 Team Cristina

Ashley vs Jonathas
Song: No air by Jordan sparks and Chris brown

Ashley Twitter
Jonathas Twitter

Jewel advises Ashley.
Lionel richie advises Jonathas.

Jonathas feels he has a little more step because he has experience. Lionel tells him, "don't come out of character while you're listening to the other person sing," because "sometimes you get lost in your own performance."

Cristina says that Ashley has more capabilities but on stage she needs to get the audience connected. Ashley feels overpowered by Jonathas and seems like she's psyching herself out the way Whitney Meyer did with Kim. During rehearsals Cristina tells Jonathas not to mouth the words while listening to Ashley and tells Ashley to "dip more into it" with her shoulders.

Ashley feels a lot of pressure and says that it's the "biggest night" of her life.

This battle was one of the best battles of the night. Actually, it was THE best. They really worked well together and had chemistry. It was a great performance by both, but Ashley seemed to do more.

Cee Lo picks Ashley and likes her range. Adam picks Ashley. Blake says Jonathas stayed in one place and picks Ashley.

Winner: Ashley

Cristina says about Jonathas's experience, "its not how comfortable you are on stage; it's what you deliver on stage."

Battle 4 team Blake

Jermaine vs Alyx
Song: Get out of my dreams and get into my car by Billy Ocean

Jermaine Twitter
Alyx Twitter

Miranda advises Alyx
Kelly Clarkson advises Jermaine

When advising Alyx, Miranda says that she's too uptight and serious and needs to loosen up. "Don't give the appearance that you care just have fun ... Alyx is really guarded. I'm not sure she's let loose."

Alyx comments that she needs to stop being so serious and then goes on to worry about Jermaine who was a background singer for Alicia keys, saying that he sounds great.

Jermaine says that Alyx will use her voice, her looks and her charisma which she has all three of, and Blake says "don't underestimate her because she's a wild card."

Either way, Kelly told Jermaine that no matter what happens he should come on tour with her because she needed his sound. Kelly Clarkson seemed blown away by Jermaine. He says, "As long as I can open," because he's tired of being in the background.

Jermaine gets a voicemail from his daughter the day of the battle who gives him motivation.

They battle it out and Alyx ends with a surprising line "Sometimes you just got to say what the hell"

Cristina picks Jermaine. Cee lo picks Jermaine. Adam said that Jermaine kicked the song's ass. Blake picks Alyx.

Winner: Jermaine

Cristina says "I love that guy." I really love Alyx, who was named the #1 top hot babe of the Voice, but Jermaine really killed that battle. Alyx should've been more aggressive.

Battle 5 Team Adam

Angel vs Katrina
Song: Bleeding Love by Leona lewis

Angel Twitter
Katrina Twitter

Robin Thicke advises Angel Taylor
Alanis Morissette advises Katrina

Katrina who is an insurance worker talks about how she couldn't sing for 2 years because she was plagued by mold in her house. When Adam hears them both he says that they both need tone. Then says, "This is life changing so no pressure."

Robin says that Angel could take this whole thing. Alanis calls Katrina smart and funny. Angel talks about having a tough childhood and that she can do this.

When you see the battle though, it's obvious Katrina kills it.

Blake picks Katrina. Cee lo says Angel's body was nervous. Cristina picked Katrina.
Adam picks Katrina but tells her there's a lot more to this and promises.

Winner: Katrina

But when Angel walks off stage Adam hugs her and reassures her "there's a lot more to this. I promise."

Battle 6 team Blake

Gwen vs Erin Willett
Song: We Belong by Pat Benatar

Gwen Twitter
Erin Twitter

Miranda advises Gwen
Kelly Clarkson advises Erin

Gwen says that she has to let go of having kids to pursue her career in music. Gwen says, "I don't want people to feel it's a battle I want to give them a show."

Miranda says that Gwen was real and intense. Gwen says shes not ready to give up on her dream.

As for Erin, her father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Erin likes that Kelly Clarkson has gone through the same process on American Idol which is exciting to her. Kelly says that she has to know when she can use the moment.

The day of the battle Erin finds out that her father has 24 hours to live and cries while Blake comforts her. She says that her father told her to be at the show and continue and she says she sings for him.

After the battle, Cee lo picks Gwen. Adam picks Erin. Cristina pick Erin.

Winner: Erin Willett

Chuck Willet dies and the show is dedicated to his memory.