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'Teen Wolf' recap: Is Jackson the Kanima?
Teen Wolf [Season 2 Episode 5]
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This episode of Teen Wolf they finally revealed who the Kanima is. It appears to be Jackson BUT I don't think it was 100% because we never saw him transform into the Kanima from beginning to end, although he did grow some scales.

Jackson lifting weights

The episode starts off with Jackson lifting weights with just a friend giving him some help. But when his friend leaves to take a shower, Jackson's hearing gets intensified like a wolf's hearing. He hears the water really loudly. He then tries pushing himself to the limit by lifting a really heavy set but when he's about to drop it, Erica comes out of no where, lifts it for him and takes him away.

Derek forces Jackson to swallow the creature's venom

Erica brings Jackson to Derek while her and Isaac hold him down. Derek's sick ass wants to give Jackson the a drop of the Kanima's venom to see whether Jackson is the Kanima or not.

He figures if Jackson has no reaction then he must be the Kanima since the Kanima will be imune to his own venom supposedly. I felt bad for Jackson. What if he isn't the Kanima.

Jackson does start getting affected by the venom but he doesn't die. So now Derek doesn't think Jackson is the Kanima anymore.

Jackson has to tell the cop that he didn't see them argue before his dad's death

To help Jackson, Isaac forces Jackson to go to the police and tell them that he never saw him and his dad fighting on the night of his father's death so they no longer consider him a suspect and Jackson does just that.

Stiles and Scott argue over what to do

Stiles and Scott discuss with each other who they think the Kanima is and Stiles keeps saying he doesn't think it's Lydia. It's not just because he has a crush on her; it's because he means it. He jokingly says that when he looks at the creature he sees 100% evil but when he looks at Lydia he only sees 50% evil.

Lydia imagines peter Hale in classroom

Lydia begins freaking out in class, imagining the teacher as Peter Hale who scratches the chalk board in her vision. Then Erica and Isaac come into class. Erica starts flirting with Scott in front of Allison to make her jealous.

"If I were Allison I'd be wanting you all the time." Erica. Scott replies: "I'm not your type."

The teacher then has the students continue switching partners and when Stiles has to partner with Isaac, he tells him about not hurting lydia, but Isaac responds: "I think I'll channel it to kill her." isaac

Isaac tricks Lydia gives her the venom on the crystal

When Isaac partners up with Lydia he discreetly puts the poison on Lydia's experiment which the teacher makes them all eat. Scott yells out loud when he notices, but it's too late. Lydia eats the venom accidentally, but she has no reaction so now Isaac and Erica think she's the Kanima for sure.

Allison gets the counselor to translate the book

Allison sits with the school counselor trying to get her to translate the book. The counselor says:

"Like the wolf its power is greatest at the moons peak ... the cabana is a social creature ... the cabana seeks a friend."She then says, "maybe it's lonely like a teenager."

Scott talks to Derek about Lydia not being the creature

Scott sees Derek waiting outside the school and he's worried that he's going to kill Lydia since she had no response to the venom. He tries exonerating Lydia but Derek won't go for it. Derek says:

"Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are." Derek

But Scott tells him to think about the fact that she could be immune to the venom.

Stiles tries saving Lydia

Stiles brings Jackson and Lydia together to hide out. Jackson and Lydia then go upstairs into a room and begin talking. Jackson asks Lydia for his house key back. He blames Lydia for editing his tape, which he found out happened in the last episode.

"You wanted to take away my moment." Jackson

She says she doesn't know what he's talking about but just gives him the key.

"I hate you... so much ... I should hate you." Lydia

I feel so bad for Lydia.

Lydia tries hard to hate Jackson for being so mean but Jackson leans in to kiss her and without her noticing his scales are revealed as they kiss.

Meanwhile Isaac, Derek and Erica are outside of the house trying to break in to kill Lydia.

Jackson might be the Kanima

Then in another scene, we notice the footage of Jackson playing on the kid's laptop. We see Jackson sit up in her bed and look towards the camera and we see Jackson's eyes glow yellow. He doesn't transform but there's something weird about him.

Jackson transforms into something ... NOT into a wolf

Back at the house, Lydia storms out of the room and Jackson falls to the floor and hands pull him away. We're not fully sure if Jackson is the Kanima or the Kanima is trying to pursue him.

Isaac breaks into the house

Isaac and Erica break into the house and Erica stumbles on Allison. Allison pulls out her arrow and shoots it at Erica. Erica catches it with her hands and laughs, but then she looks at her hand and it's filled with some poison that makes Erica drop instantly. Allison then says,

"I thought you were psychic bitch." Allison

The Kanima runs away

Finally everyone gathers up outside the house. They see creature on the roof top look at them and then run away and no sign of Jackson. When the creature runs away, Lydia comes running out of the house. So now Derek is pretty certain the creature is not Lydia.

Scott says: "it's Jackson"

The Kanima greets someone in a car

In the last scene, we see the Kanima who supposedly is Jackson (but I don't think it's fully clear yet) he looks into a car window looking at someone inside the car who appears to be looking back but the identity of the person in the car is not revealed. The Kanima puts his hand up by the window and the person in the car puts his hand up also in alignment with the Kanima's, although the window is still closed. Finally the creature runs off into the woods and the car drives off.

I noticed one awesome quote which was on the bumper sticker of that car. It said:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"Einstein. Awesome quote!

It seems that Jackson is in fact the Kanima, but I'm waiting to declare that because it wasn't fully clear. Jackson might be the person in the car while the Kanima was someone else.

If you want to laugh a bit here's a parody of episode 1: