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'Teen Wolf' recap: New wolf enters story
Teen Wolf [Season 2 Episode 2]
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This episode was really good. The quick summary is that a new character, Isaac, was turned into a wolf by Derek and is now in the picture.

Isaac's fathers beats his son

While Isaac is having dinner with his father he asking him about his grades.

Isaac doesn't want to talk much aniut his grades but when he tells him he got a D his dad flips out and starts smashing glass all over the floor.

All of that for a D c'mon. Parents take grades way too seriously. That's why your kids lie about their grades all the time, to avoid being thrown out of a moving car. My personal opinion is that grades in school have nothing to do with how smart you are.

If your kid hasn't told you his grades yet then they're probably not good - so don't ask.

But when one piece of glass penetrates Isaac's cheek and the cut begins healing in front of him, he runs away. So now it seems that Isaac is also a wolf.

But I thought once he realized he was a wolf he was gonna beat his dad up but he didn't.

Isaacs dad goes after him

When Isaac runs away, his father runs after him but loses him. His father drives around looking for him and finds a bike on the floor in an ally way and thinks its Isaac's. He gets out and looks for him but cant see well because its pouring rain outside and his glasses are wet. I hate it when he keeps taking off his glasses during the most important moment. It's pouring rain outside and he's taking off his glasses like he's gonna wipe them down.

Then he sees a creature and when Isaac's dad runs away to hide in his car, the creature rips the doors open and eats him alive. We find out later that it wasn't Isaac.

One lesson here for parents: don't ask about grades.

Allison's dad kidnap the beacon high principal

Chris and his goons sneak up on the principal of beacon high as he leaves the school at night asking him about the drop in the students' scores. First of all I wish my dad used to threaten the principal. Maybe he could've added a thousand points to my SAT scores. LMFAO.

But we find out later that they do this only to install Gerard, Allison's dad, as the new school principal to spy on the wolves.

Lydia comes back to school

Lydia comes back to school and everyone freezes like she just released a sex tape. What's up with everyone freezing every time something goes wrong?? 

Jackson wants to video tape his transformation

And then Jackson wants some camera from this kid that records in low light because he wants to try recording his transformation during the full moon when wolves are supposed to get wild and uncontrollable. When the kid asks Jackson for $100 Jackson responds, "I drive a porsche of course." You have a Porsche but you can't look that sh*t up on Amazon like this kid has some secret camera no one knows about.

Scott senses another wolf

Scott senses another wolf when he's in the locker room and we know from earlier in the episode Isaac is a wolf.

Now they're all together at Lacrosse practice.

Scott who plays the goalie starts slamming everyone one by one to smell to figure out whose the other wolf. When Jackson's turn comes he walks away so that Scott doesn't find out, but right behind him was Isaac and when they were about to clash I was like ahh!! They slam into each other and when they look up at each other, both their eyes glisten; they realize they're both wolves.

But the cops take him away for questioning.

Argents want to keep Isaac overnight during the full moon

They put Isaac in a cell for questioning because they think he killed his father and Allison's grandfather wants to kill him if so.

Meanwhile Scott asks Allison to chain him for the night because he's worried about what will happen to him.

Derek and Stiles rescue Isaac

Derek and Stiles go to try saving Isaac from the jail cell. When Stiles gets in he's grabbed up by a cop who seems to have been bitten but is saved by Isaac who came out as a wolf. But when he gets out of hand Derek comes by and calms his ass down.

I love how Derek magically appears everywhere. I don't think he's a wolf. I think he's a master magician or something. He scares the crap out of people without even transforming into a wolf.

Creature attacks Allison

Back at Isaacs place, while Scott is locked up another creepy looking creature comes out of the dark to attack Allison.

But of course Scott breaks out of the box and the the thing runs away. This thing doesn't look like a wolf to me.

Jackson doesn't transform

Jackson wakes up and looks through the footage and finds out that he did not transform over night and is pissed.

I don't know about you but I was just pissed at how he threw the kids camera on the floor! But now we're left wondering whether Jackson is a wolf or not.