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'Teen Wolf' recap: Derek keeps adding wolves into his pack
Teen Wolf [Season 2 Episode 3]
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In this episode of Teen Wolf Derek adds two new high school students to his pack. Scott and Derek also fight each other as wolves, finally.

Allison and her father kidnapped

Allison is kidnapped at the gas station and wakes up in a dark room with her mouth tied. All she hears is a loud speaker asking questions like: "What would your father do if you were bit? All it takes is one bite."

It turns out that it was all a setup by her dad to train her. "We train our sons to be soldiers and our daughters to be leaders." He gives her an arrow and times her escape.

Chris is one sick dude.

Epileptic girl, Erika, kidnapped by Derek

A new character, Erica, who suffers from epilepsy, acne and low self esteem starts freaking out while climbing the rock wall, but let's go when her coach tells her it's safe.

When she tries going back to conquer the wall by herself when no one is around she gets scared and falls again. This time with no equipment but luckily Scott catches her just in time and they bring her to the hospital.

While she is in the hospital room, Derek kidnaps her and tries convincing her to become a wolf by telling her that he can take away all her problems, all her seizures and epileptic problems with a wolf bite.

This is what happens to you when you have low self-esteem, you lose your power and people take advantage of you with their own agendas in mind.

Jackson yells at Lydia for making him immune

Jackson approaches Lydia again and keeps yelling at her. He keeps telling her that she's the cause of his inability to transform into a wolf after Derek bit him.

For some reason, his body fights the bite and he can't figure out why, but he blames it on Lydia.

Lydia sees a man approach her by the bathroom who she ends up following but can't make out his face. She catches him looking at a trophy with the name Peter Hale on it. She thinks it's Peter Hale who died last season.

Erica walks into the lunch room looking like a new person

Everyone stares at this Erica as she walks into the lunch room dressing way more seductively than before taking a bite out of some random kids apple. She then gets into the car with Derek.

Since she's now a wolf apparently she's more confident and cocky.

Scott talks to the school veterinarian

When stuff shatters on the floor and Scott starts saying that everything is falling apart, the doctor explains to him that it's just "entropy. It's just changing shape," he says.

I love this line because it's great wisdom to many of our insecurities in life. When things break we panic and freak out but things have to break in order to change.

Lydia imagines Peter Hale in the ice skating rink

While Scott and Allison are skating, Lydia skates with Stiles. When she falls, she begins freaking out imagining Peter Hale lying underneath the ice.

She doesn't appear to fully transform but keeps having visions.

Jackson is reprimanded by Chris

While Jackson goes to visit Derek's home to ask him why the bite isn't working on him, he is surprised by two guns when he barges in and sees Chris (Allison's father) and his goons there.

Chris then reminds him not to pursue anything he shouldn't be, referring to his desire to be a wolf. He tells him that he has so much going for him in terms of him being captain of the Lacrosse team but he then tells him that he's now co-captain.

Scott is met by Derek in the ice skating rink

While Scott goes to talk Boyd out of becoming a wolf with Derek, Derek surprises him along with Erica and Isaac who he's added onto his pack. Boyd tells Scott that he doesn't want to be alone anymore, but Derek asks Erica how she's been since they met and she shows off her fangs. Isaac and Erica then attack Scott at the same time, but he beats them both up.

Scott reminds them that Derek is not doing anything for them and that he's doing it for himself - for his own power. But they don't really seem to care.

When Scott throws their bodies towards Derek, Derek tells him, "it is about power" and attacks him.

While Scott gets a couple of hits in, Derek beats him down to the point that he bleeds.

Boyd then hovers over Scott while he's on the floor and Scott tells him that he doesn't want him to be like Derek. The kid shows a bite mark on his body and says sarcastically that he wants to be like Scott and then walks towards Derek.

Scott's wound from Derek's hit doesn't heal and when he runs into the vetenarian he tells him that it isn't healing because it's from an Alpha.

Jackson tries finding his power

Jackson still upset at his body not transforming starts throwing balls and trying to pick up a truck to find his power.

He ends up picking up a car slightly and gets really happy but it seems to have been his own human strength.