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'Teen Wolf' recap: Lizard creature goes buck wild on everyone
Teen Wolf [Season 2 Episode 4]
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In this episode of Teen Wolf this lizard creature wreaks havoc and everyone now wants to capture it.

Argents storm into the clinic

While Scott speaks to the veteranarian, Dr. Alan Deaton, Scott hides because the Argents are coming. They're there to ask about one of the victims and how he died. The veteranarian explains that this type of attack was done by a creature who apparently likes to kill and it may be its only purpose. It scratches and injects poison that paralyzes all the motor skills.

He also tells Scott to look for a book the Argents have that talk about all the types of creatures.

"Killers come in all ages" Veterinarian

"I'm saying you should be afraid... Killing may be its only purpose." veterinarian

Creature attacks Scott

While Stiles is getting his car fixed he touches a door knob which has the creatures poison and he instantly falls to the floor. He then sees the creature come out of the car the mechanic is working on.

He wants the mechanic but it's too late and he scratches him and runs away. Stiles tries dial 911 and struggles but he eventually gets it.

Gerard talks to Allison about trust

Gerard threatens Allison into making sure he can trust her. When she stutters he raises his voice and asks her again. She then unwillingly tells him that he can trust her.

"You're gonna find yourself put in a position where you question the trust of the people close to you And when that happens you have to know the trust you never question is that of your family." Gerard

Stiles thinks he knows the creature

Stiles tells Scott that he feels like he knew the creature when he came eye to eye with it. He compared it to looking at someone's eyes with a Halloween mask on. When Scott asks him if he thinks he knew it, Stiles says no but he feels like it knew him.

Derek trains his betas

Derek doesn't know the creature that killed Isaacs father and trains his betas how to fight. He is concerned because he doesn't know anything about that creature.

"You think I'm teaching you how to fight? I'm teaching you how to survive." Derek

Lydia is found in blood on her bed

Lydia seems to hurt herself throughout the night without realizing it.

While she's waiting to see the school counselor this kid flirts with her saying: "I'm compulsively drawn to cute but narcissistic girls." kid says this to Lydia when he flirts with her

Lydia then speaks to the school counselor about the incident and she tells the counselor:

"Sometimes the people closest to you could e the ones holding you back the most." Lydia

Jackson finds out that his footage was looped

During a lacrosse meet the kid who owns the camera points out to Jackson that somehow his footage was looped and tells him that there are 2 hours of footage missing.

Allison gives Stiles her grandfathers keys to the office

Allison says she's cold and her grandpa Gerard gives her his coat. She then takes the keys out of the coat and gives them to Stiles so he can search for the book.

Boyd shows off at the lacrosse practice

When a player gets hurt the coach is desperate for another player and point to Boyd sitting in the stands. He's excited to play. Of course, Boyd uses his wolf power during the game and no one knows why he's doing so well.

Creature attacks Derek

Erika catches Stiles looking for the book in gerard's office and brings him to Derek at the pool to talk about the creature he saw earlier. As he's describing Stiles tells him that it looked dark, he saw scales, the eyes are yellowish, it has a lot of teeth and has a tail. Derek wants to know what it looks like to catch it.

While he's talking to Derek the creature comes out from behind them.

Derek is scratched and falls in the pool. As Derek falls in the water he drops the cell phone which he used to text Allison. But Stiles is compelled to save Derek because he could drown since he's paralyzed from the creature's scratch.

While they're in the water they notice the creature attempting to come in the water but it gets scared so they realize that it can't swim.

Stiles tries to get to the phone he dropped to call Scott for help but he has to let Derek sink in the water. Derek agrees.

Stiles goes and gets the phone from the side of the pool and calls Scott but Scott hangs up on Stiles quickly because he is hiding in a room in the Argents home with Allison looking for the book with all the notes. Stiles throws the phone and goes under the water to get Derek again.

Scott has dinner with the Argents

While Scott is having dinner with the Argents, Allison's grandfather Gerard keeps asking Allison and Scott about their relationship. Chris, gets really upset at Scott and threatens him in the kitchen not to be a smart ass since Gerard doesn't know yet that Scott is a wolf.

Scott and Allison then sneak into another room, open a safe and find a book with notes but it turns out to be a cook book. Allison then assumes that the notes are most likely in a usb flash drive not a book so they decide to go to the school to look for it.

Scott fights the lizard creature

Allison and Scott Decide to go to the school to look for the book. Scott then hears the creature in the pool and goes to fight the creature. The creature then runs away.

Scott then tells Derek that they have to work together in catching the creature and even tell the Argents but Derek asks Scott how he could trust the Argents. Scott replies:

"Nobody trusts anyone. That's the problem. While we argue there's something stronger and faster killing people." Scott

Derek is adamant about getting the creature and killing it.

Gerard surprise attacks Scott

Suddenly while Scott is going to visit his mom Gerard comes out of no where and stabs Scott in the stomach telling him that he can feel him healing already.

He does that to show Scott that he knows he's a wolf and that he's not stupid.

He keeps digging the knife into Scott telling him he better behave and listen to him or else he'll stab his mother also.