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'Teen Wolf' recap: Hunters declare war on all werewolves
Teen Wolf [Season 2 Episode 1]
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Quick synopsis: Jackson's body is fighting off the bite. They bury Kate. Allison's grandfather emerges as ruthless and wants to declare war and kill all wolves with no code. Lydia is found naked.

Jackson reveals his wolf bite

It starts out with Jackson coming out of the water and they show his bite but we still haven't see him transform yet.

Cool shots of Scott running in the woods

Then they show some cool shots of Scott running in the woods and jumping off of cliffs. I must be the only one but I love these sequences. The shots of him running look super cool. Now I see why Jackson wanted to become a werewolf.

Alison's dad puts a gun to Scott

There are way too many scenes of Scott and Alison making out but when they make out in the first ten minutes of the episode, Chris, Allison's father, finds them and puts a gun to his head. Alison starts crying and screaming promising she'll never see him again if he stops.

I don't know what's his problem. He did save them. He should let Scott have his daughter by now what else do you want from the guy, but I guess he's still a werewolf and Chris is part of a hunters family.

This shows you just how much people can get too attached to their cultural backgrounds despite what they really feel and what they want to do.

Of course, after Chris leaves him alone, Scott and Alison make out again in her room. This time they're more careful. That's what happens when you try stopping people from doing what they really want to. They just hide it from you. Note to self when my son gets older. Just beat his ass.

Lydia a wolf?

Stiles waits for Lydia with balloons. He gets up and gets some candy from the candy machine but his candy gets stuck. Don't you hate when that happens. He starts freaking out and tries to get it out. Don't ask me why he tries to actually pick it up. It almost falls on him. You're supposed to just kick it idiot. It's sad that in this day and age these machines are still doing this??

Meanwhile Lydia takes a shower and hair and dirt stars coming out from the shower drain. What annoys me about this scene is that when they show the shot from inside the water looking up the water is clear. I know. I know. They have to let you see through the water. I think they should've just made it black. Just be real. It's better. Make us feel the dirt.

Lydia starts freaking out.

Stiles and the nurse run to see what happened and they find her gone and the window open. You can hear her screams in the woods. My guess is Jackson took her back.

Maybe they're making some werewolf love. We'll see.

Scott, stiles and Allison go looking for Lydia

Some creature comes out. The kid, whose name is Isaac, falls in a grave pit.

Who would have a job like that?? I'd rather work at Walmart. If I worked there at night I'd expect some sh*t to come out but this mofo is confused as sh*t.

Derek comes out and saves Isaac. In the picture below you see Isaac alongside his dad being interrogated by the sheriff while Isaac looks away at Derek standing in the woods.

Scott reveals to Allison that when wolf joins a pack everyone gets stronger.

Scott gets caught in a trip wire

When Scott gets caught in a trip wire accidentally pulled by Stiles, Chris comes by while Stiles and Allison hide. Chris threatens Scott. Chris then leaves and Scott brings himself down.

Isaac who was working at the graveyard the night the creature came by says a liver was taken from a dead body while talking to a cop.

Scott and Stiles worry about Lydia's transformation.

Jackson arrives gives $1 to a bum by the trash can. That's probably the $1 from his allowance so he has $9 left. lol.

Jackson's body fights the bite

Jackson bleeds black ink from his nose. Derek shows up in the bathroom and tells him that he's part of his pack, but Jackson doesn't care and says he has his own agenda.

I love how Derek comes in and out like some magician.

Scott and Allison talk about Kate's death and funeral and he says he'll be there. She says she can't go to the funeral but she had sex perfectly fine earlier! LOL.

Allisons grandfather Gerard shows up

A new character, Gerard, Allison's grandfather shows up on the funeral day and breaks this kid's SD card.

When Stiles and Scott go looking for Lydia, it turns out that the eating rampage earlier in the graveyard was not Lydia, it was another creature.

A new wolf chases Scott but is caught by Chris

While they look for him they're bombarded by another wolf, but Derek pulls Scott away just in time, as Allison's father, Chris. and his goons arrive on the scene. Allison's dead tases him.

And Derek tells him to watch so he sees how the hunters are evil.

The grandfather slices the omega wolf in half.

Derek tells Scott to look that they're declaring war. Chris says they go by the code. Gerard tells Chris that they're no longer going to abide by the code.

Lydia turns up butt naked

Just a quick question. Does Alison's grandad turn into a Kanima at the end??
July 07, 2016   to reply
Wouldn't want to spoil the show here :)
July 07, 2016