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Teen Wolf Season 1 Recap Everything you need to know to start watching season 2
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Scott, a high school student, gets bitten by a werewolf wandering off in the woods one day and suddenly has super powers. He smells and sees things he shouldn't, does things faster and stronger than humanely possible and sleepwalks in the woods for miles. The only one who knows his secret is his best friend Stiles and another mysterious wolf, Derek. Drama ensues when he tries to keep it a secret but falls in love with Alison, the daughter of a man whose family hunts wolves for a living.

Main characters

Scott: he was bit walking in the woods and was turned into a wolf.

Alison: the girl Scott falls in love with. Her family hunts down wear wolves which she finds out later in the season.

Stiles: Scott's best friend who is always there for him and helps him control his wolf transformations.

Derek: a mysterious character who was born a wolf. He keeps trying to get Scott to capture the Alpha, the one who bit him. His uncle is supposed to be paralyzed and has a burnt face because his family died in a house fire. The only survivors were him, his uncle and his sister Laura.

Jackson: The captain of the lacrosse team who is overall Scott's rival.

Lydia: Jackson's girlfriend who Stiles has a crush on.

Scott finds out some truth from Derek

When a girl winds up dead, Scott is able to trace her back to Derek and so Scott thinks Derek is a killer and the one who bit him. They fight when hey meet, but Derek explains that he isn't the killer. They both were bit and he calls them "betas." He says the alpha who bit him is still out there and he's looking for Scott.

Scott gets closer with Alison

When Scott and Alison almost sleep together, Scott starts turning into a wolf so he calms down to prevent the transformation.

Later that day, Alison shows him her basement and he finds out that her father has an arsenal of weapons. She says he sells weapons to the law enforcement. But it still seems that she doesn't know what her father really does.

Stiles helps Scott control his wolf transformations

Stiles tries helping Scott control his transformations. He realizes that his transformation is tied to his heart rate and if he can learn to control his heart rate he'll learn to prevent his transformations. Because passion, anger and sexuality cause his heart rate to go up, Stiles starts throwing lacrosse balls at him to practice while he monitors his heart rate.

Love calms Scott's werewolf desires

But then Stiles realizes that Alison is the only thing that helps him control his transformations, not her per say but the love and romance part of it. Scott realizes he is in love with Alison.

Jackson scratched by Derek

Derek comes looking for Scott and runs into Jackson, Scott's Lacrosse teammate and rival, but he doesn't want to tell him wear Scott is and when he tries grabbing him, Derek grabs him by the neck and digs his nails into his neck without realizing.

Jackson goes running to the bathroom and hyperventilates as wear wolf claws come out of his mouth. At this point, these just seem like visions and not real transformations. Throughout the season, Jackson wants to be turned into a wolf when he realizes the wolf's strengths and figures out that Scott is in fact a wolf.

Scott meets Derek's uncle and Derek tells the story of his family dying in the house fire

While Scott gets closer to Alison's family, Derek tells him the story of how his uncle Peter Hill, was the only survivor when his entire family died in a house fire he says was set by Alison's family.

They now want to pursue finding the Alpha wear wolf.

Derek, Scott and Stiles want to meet the Alpha

Derek, Scott and Stiles go to the school waiting for the wolf. He shows up and stabs Derek from the back and begins chasing Scott and Stiles. I love how they start running. What did they think was gonna happen. Hey mr. Wolf can you please leave us alone. Uh no.

Alison and her friends show up at the school

Since Scott was supposed to meet Alison that day she wonders why he's late and she gets a text to come to the high school which doesn't seem like it's from him.

She goes to the school and they all get chased by the wolf. Scott leaves them in a room to go fight the wolf. The wolf is much stronger and when the wolf leaves him alive Scott realizes that the wolf wants him back in his pack and wants him to kill off his current pack of friends.

Scott also realizes that he did have a desire to kill his friends that night and admits that to Stiles.

So now, the wolf wants him to kill his friends and he has to fight off the wolf and the urge to kill his friends.

Alison breaks up with Scott. Jackson moves in

Because of the craziness that night, Alison breaks up with Scott and Jackson, Scott's rival, moves in and gets closer with Alison.

Scott begins losing his temper due to the loss of his love and Stiles has to chain him down often to control him from himself.

Jackson and Alison kiss while Scott loses it

The night Jackson and Alison go out, Scott loses his temper, turns into a werewolf and runs to the high school parking lot where he sees Jackson and Alison kissing.

When he jumps on the car to attack Derek surprises him and stops him without Alison and Jackson realizing what happened.

Scott wants a cure

When Derek takes him back home, Scott admits that he can't be a werewolf any longer while having strong feelings for Alison and asks for a cure.

Derek tells him the only way is to kill the one who bit you. Derek promises that if Scott helps him find the alpha he'll help him kill him.

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Derek betrays Scott

It turns out Derek's uncle, Peter Hale, is the Alpha who won Derek over and convinced him to bring Scott to him so they can avenge their family's death from Alison's family. Someone from Alison's family set their house on fire in the past.

Derek lures Scott into the shower while Peter Hale comes out behind him and scratches him. Peter who won Derek on his side now wants Scott to also join his pack.

Scotts vision of the truth

While Scott is on the floor he has a vision of what really happened in the fire. Kate, Alison's aunt had a relationship with Derek and betrayed him by burning his house down and killing his entire family.

Important: He also visualizes that Peter killed his own niece! Laura, Derek's sister, in order to become the Alpha. Derek doesn't know this.

So there's a constant feud between Peter Hale, Derek and Alison's family, Chris, her father and Kate, her aunt.

Derek gets caught by Kate

Derek is caught by Kate. Kate is Alison's aunt who betrayed Derek and burned his house down. He's hanging in her barn. It's revealed that they had a relationship with each other once before. Kate betrayed him to kill his family of werewolves.

The dance

Jackson breaks up with his girlfriend Lydia, who Stiles has always had a crush on. This night, Scott runs into Alison again. They dance, he kisses her and tells her that he loves him and they get back together.

They go to an empty school bus to make out.

Meanwhile, Lydia goes looking for Jackson and runs into Peter Hale, Derek's uncle, who bites her.

Stiles tries stopping it but Peter yells at him to tell him where Derek is.

Alison finds out Scott is wolf

Stiles helps Peter find Derek who in turn offers to make Stiles a wearwolf but Stiles declines.

Chris, Alison's dad, in a car, and someone else in another car, close in on Scott with two cars one on each side. Scott jumps on the hoods as the cars collide and turns into a wolf.

Alison, who is watching from inside the school bus, sees him as a wolf for the first time.

Scott runs away.

Something's up with Lydia

Jackson then takes Lydia to the hospital.

Alison goes to visit Lydia and they show snapshot of her convulsing with blood all over her. No one sees this in reality of course. It's just for us to see.

The reality

Scott realizes now his real enemy: Derek's uncle the Alpha who has now scratched Lydia.

Scott saves Derek

Derek, who is hung in Kates barn is just about to get killed but Scott shows up and saves him.

Scott saves Derek to help him get Alison. At first he doesn't want to help but Scott explains to him how Peter (Derek's uncke and the Alpha wolff) killed his sister (Derek's sister) the night of the fire and Derek now decides to help out.

Scott and Derek are caught by Alison and Kate

While Derek and Scott walk in the woods Derek feels that something is wrong and suddenly gets hit with an arrow and goes down. Scott is also caught and it turns out Alison along with Kate were the ones who attacked them.

Alison's father shows up

As Scott tries explaining that he only lied to protect her, Kate tells her to kill him but Alison says that she thought they were only going to catch them. Kate shoots Derek, pushes Alison down and is about to shoot Scott but is stopped suddenly by her brother Chris. He says he knows what she did in terms of burning Derek's house and tells her they only go by the code. He tells Alison that Scott never really hurt anyone.

Meanwhile, the Alpha is in the barn.

They all team up to fight Peter Hale, the alpha.

Peter, the Alpha shows up

Peter catches Kate and grabs her by the neck and tells her to apologize for massacring his family and leaving him to burn away for 6 years. She apologizes. He breaks her neck and says that it doesn't sound very sincere.

The final battle

He closes in on Alison and Scott tells her to run. They fight outside. Jackson and Stiles show up.

Jackson throws a molotov cocktail on the alpha, while he catches it. Alison shoots it with her arrow and the alpha is set on fire. He burns. Scott gets up and kicks him. Peter, the alpha falls. What's funny is that Scott who was supposed to protect her really does nothing. They handle it while he comes out with a random kick. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the kick that really hurt him.

Derek shows up and the ultimate betrayal is unveiled

Derek shows up and hovers over his uncle, Peter, and is about to finalize the kill. Scott screams no.

Because if he Doesn't let Scott do it he won't be cured. Derek wants to avenge his sisters death for himself.

Derek kills his uncle with one last scratch to the throat. He looks at Scott and says, "I'm the alpha now."

So now we realize that Derek was telling Scott to help him kill the Alpha but what he really was trying to do here is get Scott to help him so that he could kill him himself and become the Alpha.

Scott visit Lydia in the hospital

Scott and Stiles visit Lydia and look at her wound. Scott says that since the wound is not healing she's not a wearwolf. Stiles says, "Then what the hell is she?"

Jackson wants to become a wolf

Jackson meets up with Derek and tells him since he got what he wanted its time he gets what he wants.

Derek bites him and Jackson becomes a wolf now too.


So now the original Alpha wolf, Peter Hale is dead. Kate, Alison's aunt who burnt down down Derek's house in the past is dead.

The new Alpha is Derek.

Jackson, Scott's rival, is now a wolf too.

Lydia, Jackson's ex-girlfriend, who still has feelings for Jackson, is scratched and season 2 will reveal what happens to her.

Scott, the main character, wants a cure but is stuck. It seems he'd have to kill Derek to get the cure.

Alison is still in a battle between her family who hunts wolves and her true love Scott. Scott and Allison are together again, but their love is constantly tested by the drama surrounding them.