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Would you let your girlfriend marry an illegal immigrant?
Switched At Birth [Season 3 Episode 2]
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Would you marry an illegal immigrant to help that person get citizenship? Better yet, would you let your girlfriend marry an illegal immigrant to help him out? Just in case you were thinking about doing it you might want to think twice. In this episode of Switched at Birth, Regina marries Angelo right after he was sentenced to be deported back to Italy from the U.S. for overstaying his visa.

When you marry someone that way, you have to get interviewed and they start asking all these probing questions like: "What type of shampoo does your spouse use?"

Damn. Any guy would get caught because I know FOR A FACT no guy, even if he's married to the love of his life, knows what shampoo his wife wears! LMFAO! Sorry ladies.

Apparently there's prison and a $250,000 fine. Ouch. I think I'll be sticking to citizens. No more Spanish hotties for you.

In all fairness, Regina does it because she wants to keep Angelo at home so his daughter could get to know him better. I think she did it for a strong enough reason. But unfortunately her boyfriend doesn't think so :)

Since their interview has thrown up some red flags, they'll be investigated and even though Regina and Angelo were separated before this point, they're now forced to live together again just in case someone shows up.

It'll be fun to see how her boyfriend handles it and whether or not she'll catch feelings for her "ex-husband," whose now her current husband on paper?