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Butters bullied by grandma & Stan's 'make bullying kill itself' song is a disaster
South Park [Season 16 Episode 5]
photo credit © south park studios
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This episode called "Butterballs" of South Park was all about how spending too much time trying to stop something can cause it to grow. Butters is bullied by his own grandma so then Stan gets lured into making an anti-bullying song called "Make Bullying kill itself" and a lip dub video that ends up creating even more bullying.

The best of all is that this episode ties in a funny joke about the Kony 2012 director who went nuts and walked around the streets of San Diego naked.

Listen to the hilarious anti-bullying song below:

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Cartmen says music videos have changed

The gang is sitting in the school cafeteria and Cartmen starts talking about how music videos have changed to cute girls talking about their vaginas. He says:

"No I'm telling you guys, music videos have devolved to nothing but pretty girls wearing skin tight clothes and singing songs about their vajayjays."

He says it used to be about relationships but now it's about their vajayjays. That's funny because not only is it women but it's also guys. Most of the songs nowadays are all cocky and guys either talk about doing girls and girls talk about their bodies and what they can do to men.

The guys just ignore Cartmen.

Butters comes by with a black and blue eye

Butters's lunch got taken by his bully and he comes by to say hi and they try getting him to tell a teacher or write a letter but he keeps saying he doesn't want to do anything.

He says:

"I'm no tattle tale"

and when Stan tells him to write an anonymous letter to the principal, he says,

"I'm no anonymous Andy"

Some girls pass by overhearing Andy and say they're glad someone has some balls. Cartmen goes:

"I have balls"

"yeah little squishy balls" she says.

"Still balls."Cartmen replies and sips his milk. Haha.

Kyle then tells butters to talk to his Grandma.

Butters gets bullied by his grandma

Butters goes to talk to his grandma and asks his parents to leave him alone with her. When his parents walk away she starts smacking him up calling him a faggot and her bitch. She asks for money and Butters tells her that she took it all already.

"Do something you little b*tch. You're grandmas b*tch."

The parents walk back in with her tea and she starts acting all nice.

Counselor is forced to hold assembly on anti-bullying

Some guy from a company called Bully Buckers talks to the counselor in a really nasty tone and keeps bullying him about what the counselor policy is on bullying. The counselor starts stuttering.

When the guy tells him he needs to have an assembly on bullying, the counselor says he wants to have one on positive thinking. The guy is like, who has assemblies on positive thinking. He yells at him demanding the assembly on bullying and leaves.

Before he leaves he tells him:

"You may only have an Internet degree but why don't you start acting like you're a school counselor and not an uninformed backwards little dork... Mmmkay"

The counselor calls the assembly on the intercom as he's crying.

Butters grandma meets him in the bathroom

A girl tells Butters that his grandma came to see him and she's in the bathroom. When he gets inside she starts saying he "narked" and puts the bathroom urinals deodorizer in his mouth. When some guy knocks on the door, she opens it and blames Butters for guiding her to the boy's room. She threatens him again and then leaves with the guy.

Bully Buckers gives talk on bullying

He calls up a girl named Lorraine and starts asking her what people call her. When she says, "ugly," and "nerd" he goes:

"Do they say: 'nice pants. Why do you wear them up to your tits?'"

The girls says no. Lol.

Bucky Bailey then asks for a student to direct a film on Anti-bullying. When no one in the assembly raises their hands he starts bullying them calling them chickens. Then when finally Stan says he'll do it, the guy starts taunting him saying:

""Ooo you're a big man? You wanna show me what a bit man you are.""

Stan writes anti-bullying song and shoots a lip dub video

They start the video with Stan telling a bunch of guys that thousands of kids don't come to school because of bullying. He then enters the school and they start the song.

Here are the lyrics:

Bullying isn't cool
Bullying is lame.
Bullying is ugly and has a stupid name
For a healthy world, bullying's unfit
And I think I know what we should do to it

Let's all get together and make bullying kill itself
Bullying's an ugly thing lets shove it's face in the dirt and make it kill itself
Whoa Whoa whoa whoa

(Cartmen dresses like a girl and says )
Boy you like my body
Set the mood lets play
You can touch me anywhere
Except for my vajayjay

We can make it stop
We can stomp it out
We can beat its ass
Until it starts to cry
Let's gang up on it and tell it it smells
And beat its ass worse if it ever tells

Let's all join together to try to make bullying kill itself
It'll be fun to see how bad we can make it feel
And make bullying kill itself

Whoa whoa whoa whoa

My heart says yes yes. But my vajayjay says no.

Step inside the darkness of my mind
I try to break free the world is so unkind.

Stupid! Ugly! Dork!

Butters quits. Stan and Kyle argue

Butters then stops the song and says that he doesn't want to continue the song. Stan gets really upset telling Butters he ruined the video because it was one long shot.

Kyle then walks out and tells him to stop. Stan tells him how important the issue is but Kyle says that he's making it all about himself and believes its silly to try to stop bullying in this way.

Kyle tells him:

"Just be careful you don't end up naked, jacking it in San Diego" and walks away and Stan is like, "what the heck does that mean??"

Butters gets bullied by grandma again

As here eating dinner, Butters's grandma starts poking him with a fork underneath the table and distracts the parents as she outs her boogers in Butters's food.

A Hollywood company wants to buy their anti bullying video

As they eat dinner, Stan comes by to tell him that a Hollywood company wants to buy the video and make him the star of it. They need him for a photo shoot for movie posters. His grandma starts poking him harder under the table.

Bucky Bailey demands the rights to Stan's video

As Stan goes to the school bathroom, Bucky meets him and starts telling him how the video belongs to him because he needs the money for his organizations and calls Stan a "greedy selfish prick." He starts taunting him and Stan cries.

Butters goes to fight his grandma

Butters wakes up in the middle of the night saying that he has to stop his grandma once and for all or else she's going to kill him. He puts on a costume and stomps to her room and she greets him on a chair wearing an even funkier outfit saying:

"Oh look, it's captain pussy!"

She gives him "gummy bears" by taking off her dentures and biting his arm.

Hollywood producer bullies Bucky Baileys

The Hollywood producer who bought the rights to Stan's video bullies Bucky and threatens him if he tries to seek rights of their video again. He taunts him and this time Bucky Bailey cries.

Kyle and Stan argue about the release of the movie

Cartmen tells Kyle to walk away as heir putting up the movie posters since he tried stopping the video. Kyle says he doesn't care about the movie premiere and goes to the bathroom.

Stan waits for him there and they argue about the movie. Kyle thinks its stupid to make butters the lister child for bullying. Stan thinks the movie is important and everyone would see it because it'll change the way people see bullying.

But then Kyle asks Stan that if he thinks that then why didn't he just put it on the Internet for everyone to see for free. Stan stutters and asks him to repeat that. Kyle does and then Stan says, "Get out of here. I'm trying to go the bathroom"

Kyle tells him again:

"Just be careful you don't end up naked, jacking it in San Diego" and walks away and Stan is like, "what the heck does that mean??"

Butters loses it and beats up the TV host

Stan and Butters get on the doctor Oz show and he starts trying to get Butters say things about bullying. Butters doesn't really want to say anything and says,

"Stop trying to me to say things on your tv show"

The host keeps pushing him and the Butters loses it, jumps on him and starts beating him up.

Jesus bullies Hollywood producer

The Hollywood producer then yells at Stan because now people think the bully victim is a violent psycho path. He says,

"Jesus get the f*ck out of here"

and goes to the bathroom and is met by Jesus there who starts bullying him.

Butters gets back at his grandma

Butters walks into his grandmas room and as she's laying in her bed he tells her that he realizes there will always be people like her around. He explains how he finally stood up for himself and beat up Dr. Oz but feels empty now and says that that is how she must feel all the time. He says one day shell die and he'll live on and be happy.

Everyone is now pissed at Stan

Stan goes back to school and everyone throws paper balls at home. His friends start blaming him for the movie saying it was messed up and the cause of all the problems.

Stan goes Kony 2012 on everyone

The counselor tells him that the Hollywood producer is suing him and says, "What are you gonna do?" So Stan then leaves to San Diego and just starts walking around naked.

This is an obvious joke about the director of the Kony video, Jason Russell. He was found walking around naked, and some say, masturbating in the streets of San Diego after the release of the Kony 2012 viral video. His wife, Danica Russell, says that he suffered "reactive pscyhosis." More about that story here

Concluding Commentary:

What I love about this episode is that it really makes a good point. The point is that when you spend so much energy and time to stop something, it just ends up getting bigger and bigger.

If you keep putting energy into anti this and anti that you cause more problems because everything just fights against you.

Remember when the counselor was going to have a positive thinking assembly but the guy made him do an anti-bully assembly instead.

If you think about it, whats the point of having an anti-bullying rally. That's like having an anti-bad peoples rally. Are we really going to get people to stop being evil? Probably not. So instead we should just do good things.

Notice how everyone throughout the episode was bullying the other person. And in the end, Butters, who was the victim was called a violent psychopath. The take away: don't harp on the negative. Just be positive.

For a limited time, you can watch this episode of South Park

Definitely one of the best episodes of the season!
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