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Faith hilling, tebowing and internet memes gone wrong
South Park [Season 16 Episode 3]
photo credit © south park studios
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This episode was really funny. As you know there are so many internet memes that pop up every month, go viral and get a ton of copycats all over the world.

This episode of South Park had a lot of fun with internet memes and then used this viral video of this cat saying Oh Long Johnson as a side story.

Before we get into the South Park episode please watch the video they based the episode on.

You can watch the full episode here

Also, it seems like South park might have used this portion of Taylor Swift's "Mean" music video as the butt of the joke for most of the memes in this episode. It's basically Taylor Swift tied up sitting on a railroad track.


The gang are attending the presidential debates and Cartmen plans to hijack the stage and do an internet meme called "Faith Hilling"

Now I'm pretty sure the South Park writers just made that up. Here's Faith Hill. I don't think she started any memes haha

The security catch on that "someone is trying to faith hill this event."

Then a news clip comes on talking about internet memes saying "first theres was planking then owling. Now it's faith hilling...who will be the first to die doing it."

Teacher shows video about memes

The gangs teacher talks about how bad meeming is. He shows them a really old clip as all high school classrooms usually do. You know, the ones with lines going across the screens. The clip shows all these people trying to tbow on railroad tracks and as their friend tries to capture a photo. The train comes by and smashes them.

What's funny about this segment is that they see the train coming and still try to hurry to get the photo. It's like you feel compelled to take a photo once you put up the phone.

He waits for the train to come and gets splattered and yells "Ryan! learn from meeee!!"

Then a girl in wants to tbow in her boyfriends car and they happen to be on railroad track. She says, "did you get the picture. Hurry!" They get splattered.

The only 3 legitimate internet memes

The classroom video then goes on to say that there are only 3 approved memes:

#1 Peace sign
#2 Bunny ears
#3 Fake Werner

They leave school to go faith hill

After class they want to go faith hill but when they get to a convenience store they see that they made it to the front page of the newspaper for the stage hijack during the presidential debates.

But instead of them getting recognition, it says "faith hilling is so 2000 late...It was not only dangerous and disruptive and completely passé ... If they had crashed the party with Taylor swifting ..."

They then start wondering what the heck Taylor Swifting is. When they go to Faith Hill they meet a bunch of others trying taylor swifting.

It turns out, you pull down your pants, sit on the floor and bark like a dog. Cartmen says,

"How can this be better than faith hilling?"

Cartmen says they have to stop it.

Then as they try to faith hill this kids says:

"Faith hilling is so 2012"

Cartmen responds:

"Saying something is so 2000 anything is so 2009 you stupid asshole"

Back in class

The Teacher goes crazy about internet memes and puts a loaded gun in one of the student's mouth and says "That's what it's like when you play with Internet memes. You're playing roulette with your f*cking life!!!!!"

Teacher gets called in

The school calls the teacher in not for the loaded gun but to analyze another internet meme they're calling:

Cat Breading

They consider the teacher an expert on memes. On their computer, they show him pictures of cats with bread on their head.

"It's called cat breading"

Teacher starts saying that cats are evolutionizing and their could be an all out war between humans and cats. LOL

Act 2

Cartmen goes up to a cat and starts yelling at it. Saying, "Bad kitty!!" as he shows it pictures of cat breading.

"Your taking the idea of faith hilling and making it stupid."

Kenny and Stan cross over

They go to go do faith hilling and when the other kids come by laughing at them saying that it's so old, Kenny says, "it seems pointless."

They say, "don't give up on faith hilling."

Breaking news: people dying from Oh Long Johnson cat

The news describes the new internet meme which is putting yourself in a risky situation and then seeing how long you can say "Oh Long Johnsons" which is from the cat viral video.

They then show a clip of a kid going inside batting cages and just standing there as he says "Oh Long Johnson" and the falls from a hit by the ball.

They then arrest the cat from the Oh Long Johnson video:

Cartmen goes back to faith hill

Cartmen goes to the faith hilling spot and sees Stan doing the "Oh long Johnson" meme and gets really mad. Stan says,

"you gotta realize that faith hilling is over."

Kenny leaves and joins them also.

They can't accept it, but then Stan crosses over to the other kids and Cartmen and Kyle are left trying to hold on to Faith Hilling.

The leader of the other pack says to Cartmen:

"If you want to still faith hill you can go to the old folks home"

Stan calls them sellouts.

Kyle and Cartmen come to grips with faith hilling

Stan tries taking a picture of Cartmen faith hilling in front of "Planned Parenthood" store but then all these old people come out and make fun of how old faith hilling is.

One old guy drives by in a car and yells:

"Go back to the 90's fagggoooottss"

Cartmen sits down with Kyle and they finally come to grips that faith hilling is over:

"I guess the only thing that doesn't change in life that things have."

Act 3

Breaking news: household cats have evolved into species as intelligent as humans

The government hires an "ambassador of cats" who tries communicating with the cat who said ol long Johnson because she was arrested. He translates what the cat says and mentions that there will be an apocalypse.

Cartmen shows off his new meme

Cartmen goes back to the spot and tries to do Taylor swift reporting and then friends come and say what is that "its cool"

He calls it:

"Cat Breading Taylor Swift Reporting"

Back to the Presidential debates

They go back to the presidential debates to hijack the stage again but with the new meme.

As Cartmen gets on stage, tries to Taylor swift report on the stage, but freezes on stage and says to himeself "No I won't do it. I'm better than this. It's time someone stood up and do the right thing"

He faith hills but this time he starts singing a Faith Hill song as he does.

People love it and people in the audience along with the presidential candidates Faith Hill with Cartmen.

The reporter reports about it and then gets run over by a train.


Classic episode. Definitely one of the best of the season. The only one that tops this one is the anti bullying song episode.
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