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Death by toilet seat
South Park [Season 16 Episode 1]
photo credit © south park studios
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The season premiere of South Park was decent, not laugh out loud funny, but it had its moments. This episode was all about leaving the toilet seat up and how women get so annoyed at men for doing that. Clyde leaves the toilet seat up and his mom gets extremely pissed at him.

Link to watch the full episode is at the end of the article

It starts off with Clyde’s mom yelling at Clyde in the bathroom about leaving the toilet seat up as his friends listen in by the bathroom door. She keeps embarassing the hell out of him and just balls out about the toilet seat up saying that she can fall in.

When Clyde’s mom leaves the guys ask him if his mom is always like that. Cartment tells him that there should be no limits on toilet time. He says, “Toilet time is the last bastion of American freedom”

Clyde tells them to not say anything about the incident.

In the next scene, Cartmen starts telling the whole story in class and says women are just jealous.

Right when Clyde thinks in can get no worse, his mom barges in on the classroom and starts yelling at him for leaving the toilet seat up again and demands that he go back home instantly to put it down.

Later that night, the entire neighborhood, fire department and ambulance congragate in front of Clyde’s house and the boys wonder what’s going on.

Clyde’s mom is stuck in the toilet and they say she could die. Clyde and his mom have a sentimental moment before she gets sucked into the toilet and dies.

At her funeral, the men and women argue about the issue and whose fault it is.

Toilet Safety Administration is formed

Now that a woman has died from the tiolet seat staying up, the government forms a Toilet Safety Administration (TSA) which is a pardoy on the real TSA.

The TSA knock on cartmen’s door and say they have to come in and check the toilet with no warrant. They install a safety belt on it and that everyone has to wear while sitting on it.

Lawyer creates a "suance" to sue anyone

The kids feel really sorry for Clyde that everyone is making it out to be his fault. They go ask a lawyer if they can sue someone and the lawyer says that he can perform a “suance” to find anyone to sue but he needs money.

They turn it into like a seance and like when people try to communicate with dead spirits, the lawyer and the kids sit around a table trying to summons someone to sue. When the lawyer asks how much they have, the kids say 3 thousand and he says, “that’s exactly hwo much it costs” lol

Obvious poke at lawyers.

Meanwhile, while Randy, Stan’s dad, is taking a dump, and an officer looks through his bathroom window and gives him a ticket for not wearing the toilet seat belt.

TSA start checking everyone in the bathroom

In public there are huge lines to go to the bathroom because everyone has to be checked before going in and while coming out of the bathroom. The lady officer asks everyone to bend over and she looks in their butt hole.

She keeps saying, “I need to check your asshole.”

Back in the suance, the lawyer keeps asking for another hundred to get more information from the spirit and eventually he takes $500 from them and tells them to come back again with more money to do more.

Randy realizes that there’s a camera installed in the public bathroom and the lady says that it’s ok because it’s only one security guard who watches everything. Then they show a control room with one guy monitoring and a whole bunch of screens of people taking dumps.

Cartmen organizes a group in the town hall

Cartmen suggests that everyone “bolt our tiolet seatsdown.” Women and the men argue about this. One lady says if we agree to do that the men have to agree to sit down while they pee! What??

A logger gets up and says, “What about us loggers, hard working men, who like to stand up after they’ve taken a poo and turn around and cut their poo in half with their urine.”

Back in the control room, the TSA security officer is trying to jerk off watching people in their bathrooms and flips through the channels. As he flips through the channels, he finds cartmen just staring at the camera. Cartman just looks at the camera, lays a gun on the toilet seat, puts a baby on floor, ties up the lady officer who was looking at everyone’s butt and spray paints the camera screen black.

Toilet inventor is summoned

Eventually, the lawyer and the kids go to a court room and his mother’s spirit appears and tells him that the lawyer is “swindling” them and that he should just accept that it was just his fault, he left the toilet seat up.

They then summon the inventor of the toilet who demonstrates that you’re meant to be turned around while sitting on the toilet and the case is closed. It's called the Reverse Cowgirl.

In the last scene, clyde takes a dump and the before leaving the bathroom he slams the toilet seat up and sticks his middle finger out.

All in all, the episode was decent, the whole toilet seat thing is an annoying part of life. Men say why don’t women just put the seat down when they come in and women say why don’t men just put it down. I say just make everyone just put the seat and the lid down, both men and women case closed.

If we have to do it then so should they.

What do you think? How annoying is it to put the toilet seat down?

You can watch the Reverse Cowgirl full episode here
Question of the day

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