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Girl pukes. Pauly D says bye to high school sweetheart.
Pauly D Project [Season 1 Episode 2]
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In this episode, Pauly D says goodbye to his family and his high school girlfriend because they're going to stay in Las Vegas for a while. Pauly D's friend, Ryan, acts a fool on the first night in Vegas.

Ryan gets into a fight with some random guy.

On the night before they leave, they go party and Pauly D's friend Ryan gets into a fight. Gerry tells Pauly to leave to prove a point. Pauly D says that Ryan gets drunk and does crap and then apologizes the next day but he doesn't want that drama with him in Vegas.

Pauly says goodbye to his family

Pauly says that his family is always there for him so he wants to make sure his family knows that he's always there for them. He feels bad for leaving his father because he's sick but takes the decision anyway.

Pauly says goodbye to his high school sweetheart

Pauly meets up with his girlfriend who he says knows everything about him. She was there with him when he was deejaying in his room. He says she was his main girl, the girl he's had for longer than 6 months.

I'm not sure if they're still together, because throughout the episodes he makes out with a ton of girls.

MJ biggie also says goodbye to his girlfriend. Pauly tells his girlfriend to check on his father often.

Pauly and the boys arrive in las Vegas

Pauly gets super excited when he sees his name on the Palm Springs sign "larger than life" and says he's "living his dream right now."

He smashes his iPhone on the ground accidentally but doesn't care because he's so excited. They also give him a hotel key with his photo on it. When they go inside they see pictures of Pauly D all over the casino also and Pauly is super excited.

Random chick wants to kiss Gerry at the club

Of course, they party again their first night back in Vegas.

They get worried about Ryan because when he drinks they say he gets crazy. A random girl wants to make out with Gerry. He goes for it.

Ryan gets drunk at club first night out

They get worried because Ryan starts taking too many shots. He starts fights but then the guys just leave him because he never listens anyway.

They go upstairs and girl pukes

They leave Ryan and when they get upstairs one girl starts puking so Gerry takes her home.

Ryan picks a bunch of fights

Ryan doesn't come upstairs so they get concerned. He's outside the club with a bunch of guys who claim they want to beat him up.

Pauly makes out with some Asian girl he picked up from the club

They go to find Ryan and he's downstairs picking a bunch of fights in the lobby. He tells Gerry to tell Pauly to s*** his d*** so Gerry just leaves him alone.

Gerry and MJ Biggie talk about how stupid Ryan is acting

It seems to me like Ryan is starting too much trouble for apparently no reason at all. I think he's trying to show off a bit. I mean he knows he's here with Pauly just to chill. Why is he acting like a such a fool. Let's see how it unfolds in the upcoming episodes.