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'Sweat pants are the new skinny jeans'
Pauly D Project [Season 1 Episode 1]
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As you know, Pauly D from the Jersey Shore got his own spinoff show and it's about him trying to make it as a DJ while he brings along his real buddies from Rhode Island. If you missed the Pauly D Project season premiere here's the rundown.

Pauly D's friends

1. Michael "MJ Biggie" Morgan

2. Ryan Labbe

3. Gerard "Big Jerry" Gialanella

Cast member: Jason "JROC" Craig

You can get to know more about Pauly D and his friends here.

Pauly speaks with his mom and dad

Basically, Pauly D tries out to become the resident DJ of the Palm Springs in Las Vegas.

The episode starts off with him hanging out with his mom and dad. He really seems like a cool homebody. His father tells him that he wants him to "take it all the way."

His manager calls him telling him about the Palm Springs gig in Las Vegas. He gets really excited.

He tells his friends about the gig and that he wants to bring them along.

Pauly D talks about not wanting to leave his dad because he had a stroke once, but his father supports him. Pauly D also mentions that his family never says when they're hurting which is why he wanted to get their blessings before taking off.

His friends think he has it in the bag, but he's worried because if he messes this opportunity up he'll be out.

They arrive in Palm Springs.

J rock of the Palm Springs comes out to meet Pauly D and says that this is his shot to show what he can do.

First night out in Vegas

One friend says he's the only one with a girlfriend and says it's hard to stay faithful with these guys.

Big Gerry comes inside the tub as one of the boys is with a girl and then the girl leaves.

Pauly D gets his computer ready.

Pauly D performs gig at Palm Springs

The gig starts and somehow the master is blown. Pauly gets nervous but MJ biggie fixes it with a backup.

Pauly d is excited about his performance and he hopes J Rock liked it. So he goes back to Rhode Island and he waits for the call from J Rock.

Pauly D awaits good news from manager

Adam, Pauly's manager, calls and says he got the gig to be the resident DJ at the Palms Springs. Of course! I mean cmon he's Pauly D. Then they have to leave soon to live in Las Vegas for a while.

MJ Biggie tells his girlfriend about Vegas

Mj biggie, the only guy with a girlfriend has to tell his girlfriend that they're going to Las Vegas with Pauly D to stay for a while. He eventually tells her and she says "no strip club."

He jokes and says "I need to find a church the second we get to Vegas."

They celebrate the residency

They throw a party at the club in Rhode Island they've been deejaying at since they first started, club Ultra.

As they get ready, Pauly D's friend says "Sweat pants are like the new skinny jeans"

When they arrive huge amounts of people greet him and he deejays one last time in Rhode Island before heading to Vegas.

He yells out, "I want you to know one thing I never forget where I came from. Wish me luck. I'm going to Vegas"

MJ Biggie cries

Then one of his friends MJ Biggie cries in the interview saying how happy he is that Pauly D is bringing them along, "I wake up every morning and I thank god that he's had these opportunities and he's brought me along"

This episode was pretty quick and straight forward. It's not the most dramatic show but just cool if you want to see Pauly D act normal and watch him and his friends have some fun in Vegas NOT acting like Jersey douches.

You can listen to songs that were in this episode here