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Talent agency sues Pauly D for 10% of all future Jersey Shore earnings
photo credit © mtv
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Ouch. The talent agency, International Creative Management (ICM), that represented Pauly D and brokered deals early in his career, now wants 10% of any money Pauly D earns going forward even after their split up in May 2011.

In the photo above you see Pauly D's first reaction on an episode of the Pauly D Project seeing his name on a huge sign outside the Palm Springs in Las Vegas welcoming him as the new resident DJ.

ICM got Pauly D on the Jersey Shore in the first place

ICM was responsible for getting Pauly D on season 1 of the Jersey Shore but their relationship was terminated in May of 2011. ICM still wants 10% of all Pauly D's earnings from the upcoming season 6 of the Jersey Shore that as of the writing of this article has not been shot yet.

According to E!News, ICM's lawsuit states that Pauly D owes them $370k along with 10% of season 6 of the Jersey Shore.

Pauly D will make about $2 million for season 6 of the Jersey Shore alone

The lawsuit reveals that Pauly D will take home $150k per episode of season 6. With a total of 12 episodes that's a sum of somewhere along $2 million for the entire story arc.

The New York Post mentions the following quote from ICM:

"standard custom and practice in the entertainment industry that talent agencies are entitled to post-termination commissions on all deals they negotiate for their client."

Is it fair to make money on a relationship after it has been terminated?

At first that sounds bizarre but when you think of it again it's pretty fair. I'm not a lawyer but this is my citizen feeling on this:

So if you can hook me up with a good deal which we split commission on, you probably don't want me tomorrow turning around and trying to cut you out - so you'll put in our contract that your commission should last for as long as I benefit from or maintain the deal you initially got for me.

Pauly D's lawyers say ICM was paid

The New York Post also mentions that Pauly D's lawyers reached out to E!News claiming that ICM was paid for their services already and it wasn't fair for them to disclose Pauly D's confidential business affairs such as how much money he makes.

Source: NYPost