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50 cent was in the hospital as SUV nearly flips over
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50 Cent is in the hospital from a bad car accident. His SUV was hit from the back by a MAC truck. Ouch. He was taken to the nearest Queens hospital from where the accident took place.

Thisis50.com reports,

"50 Cent was in a bad accident tonight as his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a Mack truck on the LIE in NYC. He was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital where they are currently running test on his neck and back. His driver is also currently in the hospital as the SUV almost flipped over."

50 cent in the hospital thisis50

This looks pretty bad, but I have faith that 50 will make it through judging by all that he's been through - being shot 9 times and making it to stardom through such a rough childhood.

If you look at the photos, it doesn't look like he's unconscious and in one of the photos he has his eyes open. So that's a good sign. We wish him swift recovery!

You can see more photos at thisis50

UPDATE: A representative for 50 cent says he's out of the hospital and was treated for minor neck and back injuries out of the hospital

UPDATE: I found this hilarious comment about the 50 cent accident by Ronnie24. LMFAO!! "He has to be out of his 9 lives by now. Nine bullets couldn't do it and a Semi truck couldn't do it. I wonder what it will finally take. It will probably be something weird and not really dangerous. I would say something like slipping on a wet floor in a grocery store but he doesn't do any grocery shopping. What about...while being attacked by a great white shark he gets hit by lightning then drowns but is resuscitated and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance when an earthquake hits causing large amount of debris to fall on the ambulance. He is then flown by helicopter to the closest trauma hospital but the helicopter crashes into the ocean killing all but 50. Luckily he is able to reach land but unfortunately it is a deserted island. After searching for days he runs into a tribe who gives him food and shelter. During a wedding ritual it is discovered he slept with the future bride of the leader of the tribe. This time there was no way out and 50 finally ran out of lives to head shrinking tribe. The shrunken head is now on display for a small charge of 50 cents. Hopefully this will never happen."

Source: thisis50