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Obama wants to be treated like everyone else
Key and Peele [Season 1 Episode 8]
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This was the season finale of key and peele. Don't you agree that this episode was a little disappointing. I can't say it was a complete disaster because Key and Peele can never be that, but they're so good I expected more from them.

Watch the skit below:

The opening skit

This skit is about Obama trying to be treated like a "normal" black person. Jordan plays Obama who was teaching his daughter how to drive.

He then gets stopped by a cop. When the cop sees that he pulled over Obama he's all intimidated and excited.

Then Obama tells him that he wants to treat him normally like anyone else, as if he wasn't the president.

In the next shot, the cop slams Obama on the hood of his cover and handcuffs him. Obama says, "Not exactly what I had in mind."

It's true that people of power are treated differently. I wonder if that will ever change and what inside of us makes us do that. Maybe it's the feeling that we're like everyone else.


They talk about Jordan's nasty apartment. Key says that he used to live with Jordan and goes, "What is the most diplomatic way to describe your apartment...Raw compost."

Jordan says that he operates in a distinct Eco system. The mice eat roaches. He eats the mice.

Skit 1 two best friends

You ever have a friend who takes the credit for achievements you've accomplished on your own. This skit was about a best friend who sings a song about crediting himself for his friends achievements.

Key and peele are watching football and then Jordan congratulates key on his new job. Then tells him that he wrote a song for him but, "I won't sing it because that would be gay."

He does anyway.

He starts singing and says things like, "You've taken all of my advice."

Key says "what advice?"

"Let me finish." Key keeps interrupting saying that Jordan hasn't done anything.

Jordan continues to sing a song about how everything that happened in keys life as the result of Jordan's help. You have to just hear the song.

Key then just gets pissed and leaves.
Jordan then sings, "I've done all I can. The rest is up to you. My wolf cub is all grown up"

Watch the skit below:

Skit 2 Obama at ATM

This skit goes back to Obama wanting to be treated normally. Obama is at the ATM machine with his daughter and a long line behind him.

Obama turns around and apologizes and when they see it's Obama they start reaching in their wallets saying they'll help him.

He then tells them to treat him like everyone else. They then start yelling at him. He gets in his limo and leaves and forgets daughter behind.


Key talks about how bad Detroit is. He says when he moved to Detroit his apartment got broken into 5 times n 6 weeks. One time when they called the cops, there was a bloody fingerprint on the wall and key tells the cop about it in case they should get more clues and the cop turns to key and says, "No that's just on tv."

Skit 3 ghetto apartment

Jordan and his Philipino girlfriend are in an a rental apartment to possibly rent it out. It turns out the place is ghetto as hell even though the inside looks really nice. The landlord who is key comes out and looks like a nutcase.

Suddenly, a car screeches down the block and the landlord tells them to get down. When it leaves he gets up to look out the window and says "My nephew he a good kid. He smoke crack though"

The car comes back again and he screams for them to get down. When it leaves he gets up and says, "I ain't gettin shot by this motherfucker twice"

As they see the rest of the apartment, there is a small hole in the wall of the hallway. The landlord says, "We got crack heads in this neighborhood. One day he mistook his 9 mm for or his remote control"

Then the landlord opens the maser bedroom and finds a homeless person who just woke up from the door opening. The landlord then jumps on him and starts fighting. As he's fighting him, the landlord, key, pokes his head out of the room to Jordan and quickly says tells him about the deposit and rent and then leaves.

Jordan then looks to his Philipino girlfriend and says, "let's hit his rock real quick."

You ever see those apartments. It's funny as hell because you think they're so nice but when you look around you realize you're in a bad neighborhood and that's why the rent is so cheap.

Skit 4 Black entertainment at Bar Mitzvah

In this skit, key and peele are a group of rappers who do entertainment for parties and they look sort of like the old rap group from the 80's kid n play. The funny thing here is that they are the entertainment at an all white bar mitzvah.

The skit switches between the party and the interview they had with the Jewish couple to be chosen.

The Jewish mom introduces the black group, "From east to west you know there the best... Gavilta Fresh and Doctor Dredo."

Key and peele appear in funky clothes and start doing some funky dance moves.

The mother Says at the party, "when you see black people at a bar mitzvah it's exciting. It's like a scary ride."

Key tells the couple in the interview, "We're the number one bar sledge barmitzva motivators in all of Nassau county."

The Jewish dad says at the party, "You can't put a price on the look of your child's face when they see a black person for the first time"

Key says in the interview about there feelings, "spiritually intoxicating, culturally fascinating and we find it monetarily exhilarating."

Jordan, in the interview says, "If we can add seem fun some light some color to a Jewish persons life when they're younger."

Key says "Maybe they wont run away from back people."

Jordan then says, "maybe they won't fire people so willy nilly when they're older"

The skit ends with jewish phrase "lchaim." This skit was definitely not their greatest.


"We're fascinated with movies because movies have gone crazy... Why can't they get the simple shit right though"

They talk about how people on the phone in movies never say goodbye. "Where's the scene where semi wine calls back, 'why did you hang up on me'"

Then they talk about how everyone who comes out of the shower is all wearing a perfectly wrapped towel every time.

Key: "I get out of the shower, I'm ass naked all over the place"

Jordan: "If I'm home alone I'll put my balls on a book shelf. I'll just make something up cause I can"

Haha. That's so true. Most guys don't care about how they come out of the shower.

Skit 5 Two criminals

This skit is two criminals who just shot someone and the first criminal key just starts cracking up like crazy about the shooting. But the other criminal, Jordan, doesn't get why he's laughing.

Every time Jordan tries to make a comment and laugh with key, key is like, no that's not funny.

Jordan: "I don't get it."

Then jordan is like "Dude can't snitch now"

Key as he's cracking up gets all serious and says stop fake laughing.

Jordan keeps trying to make comments to try laughing about the situation with Key so he says things like, "he ain't never gonna have a wife and kids"

Key stops laughing again.

So jordan then says, "his mom and dad ain't never gonna see him again"

Key stops laughing again and says that's not funny.

Jordan then just gives up and says, "I don't get it"

Key then says, "just that you shot him thats it."

So Jordan shoots the guy again and the key goes crazy and gets pissed.

"You don't shoot someone that's already dead that's not funny."

Then Jordan just loses it and shoots key and says "I guess I just don't get it."


They talk about how every parent likes to hear how cute their baby is so "you have to tell every human being in the world that there baby is cute whether they're ugly or not"

Jordan then says that there's "Nothing cute about a 3 foot tall Forest Whitaker talking about gaga googo"

I have to say this is so true. Before I had a baby i used to never think kids were cute and hardly commented on people's babies, but right after to had a child, I started to get pissed at people who would see him and not comment. I quickly realized how much you change when you have a baby and what that baby means to you. And how anything about your child becomes like an insult to you. Now it's like you better not see my kid and not say anything. I want to hear something, damn it! Lol.

The next skit skit is up about kids take so much control of adults.

Skit 6 three foot baby forest Whitaker

This last skit is a baby played by Jordan being baby sat by key. When Jordan's parents he creeps up on key in the killing rooms and in a creepy tone he says, "googo gaga .... I want milk."

Then when key goes to give him milk from the refrigerator, Jordan the baby, says that he wants his momma's milk. then wants to put a Lego in his mouth. Jordan can't let him do those things so suddenly the any drop kicks key and yells, "first you won't give me my momma's milk, then you won't let me put a Lego in my mouth"

Key gets all scared of the baby. The baby then says, "I want you to sing me a song"

Then the baby jumps in keys lap and makes him sing, while key is all scared as he sings. The baby controls him.

This was a pretty funny skit and anyone who has been around babies knows this is so true. It's like both parents and adults try doing anything to please a child it's like you feel compelled to or else you're a bad person.

Watch the skit below:

I used to wonder why parents were so compliant with their children then when I first had my child I realized why.