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Key: RACIST is the N word for White people
Key and Peele [Season 1 Episode 6]
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This episode wasn't as great as last week's but STILL FUNNY AS HELL! Key & Peele never disappoint. Where have these guys been since Comedy Central started. Finally some authentic jokes about stuff that happens in real life mixed in with race issues.

The show starts off with Key & Peele dancing dressed in all black with all black dancers in the street and some white guy pulls out a gun and yells "RACE WAR!!!!" Haha. Hilarious.

And then Key is like, "Flash mob cancelled. The flash mob is cancelled."

It's amazing how often we do misunderstand each other's cultures and dress. We all need to get to know each other a little more.

Jordan names the top 5 movies every black person needs to see: Shaft, Wiz, Roots, Juice & Friday.

SKIT 1 Flicker

After the intro, they start off with this hilarious skit that appears to be a melodramatic movie but it's all based on a guy at work picking on you. Jordan plays the annoying asshole who keeps getting Key to look down at his shirt and then flicks his face with his finger.

Jordan keeps trying to get him to look down on his shirt but Key doesn't want to fall for it again. Then he just can't help himself but instead of looking down right away, he tries getting Jordan to turn around so he can look. It works, but then Jordan with his back turned flicks Key's face anyway when he looks down at his shirt.

Jordan just keeps getting one over on him

Eventually Key loses it when he goes to the bathroom and ends up sitting on Jordan while taking a dump and then Jordan flicks his face again.

Finally, Key comes to work spraying mustard all over his shirt yelling about how he has "schmutz" all over his shirt so that Jordan can't do it to him again, but when he gets into work everyone is crying and one random girl yells "Terry died!" Terry is the character played by Jordan.

So Key goes to his grave site to give condolences but then starts mocking him saying how he'll never get to flick his face again. Terry's skeletal arm then comes out of the grave and it flicks Key's face and Key starts crying and throwing his arms to the sky. LOL Mad funny.

SKIT 2 Give me some of that Old Skool!

This skit was mad funny which starts out with Jordan playing some old dude and Key is some young Deejay. The old guy keeps saying "Give me some of that old school!"

Key keeps trying to figure it out but everytime he names a rap group, the old dude acts like they came out just yesterday. Key starts off with Biggie & Tupac, then WuTang, then NWA, then RUN DMC, then Grandmaster Flash, and finally Sugar Gang. And Jordan keeps cracking up saying that sugar gang is modern and new.

Key leaves and can't figure it out. Jordan sneaks in the back and plays some funky old like 1950's jam lol and the white people start jamming.

SKIT 3 Barbecue 100% grass fed Japanese Kobe beef

You all know those annoying grillers who take barbecuing WAY TOO seriously.

Key a next door neighbor to Jordan, walks in on Jordan's backyard barbecue and Jordan's on the grill. Key gives him what he calls 100% grass fed Japanese Kobe beef $35 a pound. Ke keeps annoying Jordan telling him:

"You're gonna put it next to the frozen patties. Cheese? No Double burger. You just ketchup raped my beef!"

He loses it and grabs his beef from everyone's hand and jumps over the fence telling them they're not good enough for his beef.

In their standup they talk about how white people flip out when you call them racist and they say,"Racist is the N word for white people."

SKIT 4 White people who feel sorry for black people

This skit pokes fun at white people who always want to appeal to black people. It starts off with Key and Peele, intellectual black dudes sitting at the bar and a white girl comes over to order a beer and then apologizes for being served before them LOL. The white characters in this skit were hilarious.

The funniest part was when the girl goes, "20 years ago you wouldn't have been able to enter this bar."

Jordan goes "20 years ago was 1992." LMFAO!!!!

In this skit was this one white girl, a white boy who wears a Tshirt of the famous 90's rap group A Tribe Called Quest without knowing a thing about them. When Jordan asks him who his favorite member is, he names a random dude, "Smoky" lol. There's not even a single rapper that ever walked the face of the earth named Smoky.

Then a white guy with dreadlocks comes to order claiming he just saw Amistad the movie and talks about how he would watch it three thousand times. He's like "No one should own anyone."

Jordan's like "It's ok because you weren't there."

It ends with the bartender saying, "Black people make me really uncomfortable," and they thank him.

In their stand up they talk about how Jordan picks up martial arts just by watching which is a great segway into their UWL skit.

SKIT 5 Uwl

This skit was super funny. It was shots of 2 fighters being interviewed about what they were going to do to each other. One fighter, Jordan, is like some regular old black street fighter and Key plays some tribal fighter. They can't see each other but they hear each other. And the street fighter starts freaking out when he hears what the tribal fighter is going to do to him and he wants to back out of the fight but then Key, the tribal fighter, magically appears behind him and breaks his neck!!

This skit was the best.

Key's face is priceless when he starts calling on his powers.

Check out Key's commentary about Episode 6 he dropped on YouTube:

What was your favorite skit of today's Key & Peele episode?


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