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Key & Peele: Top 5 movies all black people need to see
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In the standup Key & Peele get into this funny argument about how you have to say that you saw a movie when asked or else the person flips out on you.

Key says, "Yo you saw the Wiz?"

Jordan replies, "Nah man." Then Key starts flipping out.

Key lists these movies as the top 5 movies all black people need to see. I'll add that all people need to see them :)


Shaft is about a slick private eye agent who goes on a quest to find his daughter's kidnappers. That's the original 1971 version and below is the one redone in 2000 by Samuel L. Jackson

If you want to know the 1971 version got higher ratings on IMDB than the 2000 version.

2. The Wiz

The Wiz stars Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor and was shot in 1978. Looks like an amazing cast. This is an African-American rendition of the Wizard of OZ. Sounds interesting and weird all at the same time.

It scored a 4.7 on IMDB. What the heck is Key talking about bro?? LOL. But seriously sometimes IMDB ratings can sway you when you'd really like a movie.

3. Roots

I have no idea how they shot this. It was a TV mini series about the American slave trade turned into a film originally released in 1977. It really gets deep into the minds of a slave and shows how the slave trade truly changed a person from the inside out, culturally and in all ways.

This is definitely a slam dunk film. If you have the time it's really cool to watch. It's done really well. They take you inside the slave ships and all, not that anyone wants to go there, but they show you how it all happened. It's a film with great acting, not a documentary.

Scored an 8.6 on IMDB!

4. Juice

If you're up for something a little more modern, but still old school, Juice is an amazing film! It stars Tupac and he does an amazing job. It also stars Omar Epps. I really think this is a must see for everyone! It's short, simple and sweet. It's about a group of youth from the ghetto who are trying to make it out of high school, but they keep getting caught up in the daily crime and grind of the inner city.

This is one of the movies that can have a really bad spoiler. So just watch it. It scored a 6.7 on IMDB but this is one of the movies you have to see! Released in 1992

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5. Friday

Friday was like a great cult classic created by Ice Cube about two guys just chillin on their porch on a Friday smokin weed. It stars Ice Cub, Chris Tucker & Nia Long. Directed by Ice Cube and released in 1995.

Scored a 7.0 on IMDB. Another fun watch.

Some of these are really old but I guess Key is old as hell.