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Mike to Jioni: 'Now you can act on it'
Jersey Shore [Season 5 Episode 10]
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In this episode, the show starts with Mike, the Situation, snitching on himself to Jionni about "hooking" up with Nicole. We still don't know whether hooking up was sex or a blowjob. One time they say this, another time that.

So Mike goes up to Jionni on the porch and tells him how he heard about the "rumors" about him and Snooki and that it's true. He says, "It did"

In his exact words, "As a man I want to tell you it did." He says nothing else explaining what exactly happened.

Mike still doesn't really follow through with saying what went on. He never fully says, "I slept with Nicole" or "Nicole gave me oral sex." He just cuts it off which makes him look shady. He tells him that Snooki walked in on his boy, the Unit, hooking up with Rider and then... Then what?? He doesn't say anything. So Snooki walks in on these two and then just decides to jump on Mike for the hell of it.

What's even more shady about Mike is after he tells Jionni he's like "However you want to take it. You take it and act on it, now you can act on it." it's obvious Mike wants Jionni to punch him in the face and break up with Snookie.

But Jionni, the wierdo does the complete opposite, Jiana thanks him, shakes his hand and gives him a wink! Seems like a pussy move if you ask me. What's with this kid bro?

Then in the interview Mike starts talking about Jionni not doing anything saying that it's obvious he doesn't care about her. it seems he secretly wishes Jionni would leave her so he can get with her.

Then Jionni, the punk, cuddles back in bed with Snooki and he's like laughing telling Snooki what just happened, but he goes, "I don't care. I don't believe him."

Snooki says he's annoying for doing that.

When they all wake up Mike is creeping on the stairs brushing his teeth looking for some action. Then Ronnie walks up the stairs and Mike tells him everything.

In the interview, Ronnie was mad funny. "How you doing Jionni this morning. Bacon egg and cheese you're girl blew me. Ok awesome." LOL

Mike tells Ronnie that Jionni was like "I agree with you" Jionni never even said a word.. What the hell does that even mean, "I agree with you" Someone would agree with someone for sleeping with his girl? LOL.

As Mike comes down the stairs, Jionni tells Nicole not to say anything, but of course she does. They get into this battle again. Snookie cusses him out and as usual she pwns Mike pretty good with her snappy insults.

"Go F*ck yourself. Go crawl and rot in a hole."

It's hilarious though when she tells him "I'm never gonna be friends with you ever again." like they're in pre-school.

Jionni keeps telling her to stop as she cusses Mike out: "Nicole I asked you to shut up. Just be quiet." It's like he doesn't want to stir up any trouble. Poor guy.

Mike then talks to the boys altogether about everything and says they both took it on the chin. Pauly and Vinnie say that Jionni probably doesn't care because he's "banging girls too. Their relationship is a joke."

"He took it on the chin just like she did" Mike says.

See, that's why Jionni should had some balls and said something, because the Mike is talking about them right behind their back.

After it's all over, they get into a big food fight and Mike and Nicole take it to another level. Mike pulls out the ketchup and mustard. In the meantime, Pauly tries to protect his sneakers from the mess. Snooki grabs anything she can find, including potato salad and milk, but Mike definitely wins. With nothing else she can do, Snooki rubs her body all over mikes bed with ketchup, mustard and milk all over her.

Vinnie says that their battle is personal, obviously.

Snooki is acting kinda nuts for claiming nothing really happened or maybe she's just annoyed that Mike keeps pressing it.

It's crazy funny though when Snooki says that Jionni's cock is bigger than Mike's and that she'd rather "F*ck Vinnie over you anyday." Vinnie must've felt mad stupid though.

The episode goes on with Deena crying like a baby about not having a man. She wants a relationship because everyone else is in one and she keeps letting this guy, Joey, use her while everyone tries to convince her to stay away from this guy. Vinnie and Pauly try to talk Deena out of going out with this guy.

Eventually she agrees and when he calls, Pauly tells him that she's sick, "That's it my dude." The kid replies back: "This is a joke," but calls back. Jennie answers and says that when she smells a snake she calls it, tells him to have a nice summer and hangs up on him.

They party and some chick tells Mike at the club that her boyfriend of 9 years cheated on her and she wants to go him with Mike. No brainer for Mike.

Deena cries to Jenny at the club about how Snooki doesn't go out with them anymore.

They go camping, but Pauly and Vinnie stay home because "Guidos don't go camping." But the truth is they stay home to pull a prank on the gang. They take everything out of the house and leave a hammock and a baby pool.

Camping trip looks boring as hell. Mike gets obsessed with making a fire and Deena calls him a "hermaphrodite" when she really meant "pyromaniac," someone who starts fires on purpose to relieve tension or just for fun.

They go home and await what Pauly and Vinnie have in store for them.

So do you think Jionni handled Mike the right way? Would you have acted in the same calm manner if someone told you that he slept with your girl?
Question of the day

Would you have acted in the same calm manner as Jiani did if someone told you that he slept with your girl?