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Top 8 situations of the Jersey Shore season 5 finale
Jersey Shore [Season 5 Episode 11]
photo credit © mtv
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Jersey Shore's Season 5 came to an end with the season finale. We're wondering if this will be the last season. We're not too sure but it appears that way since the gang is already working on other shows like the Pauly D project and Snooki and JWoww's show. This episode was filled with more silly antics

Situation 1 Pauly and Vinnie's prank

The episode starts off with Pauly D and Vinnie sitting in the baby pool in the living room as the gang walks in.

They get mad that there stuff is on the deck but get over it and laugh about it except Mike. Mike makes a big stink about it and Pauly says "Mike looks even dumber than he normally looks."

Pauly calls the prank "Operation Inside Out" The prank wasn't that great but still worked because nobody likes to come home after a long trip and find their crap thrown outside.

They say Mike is "being a bitch."

Mike refuses to bring his stuff in and lets it rain on his stuff to prove a point. Stupid. So Pauly and Vinnie just give in and help him bring his stuff back.

Snooki says Mike should change his name from "The Situation" to "The Bitchuation" Lol. That's kind of funny!

Situation 2 Vinnie brings home lesbians

Snookie and Mike become friends again. Deena brings her sister to the shore house and to the clubs. Mike says that he was told by his brother that Deena's sister is some sort of freak and that she has some sort of "talent". They bleep out what he says.

Most people are saying that he called her a "super squirter" which might mean the squirting of female ejaculation, but I'm not sure why Snooki says pee, hopefully they don't mean the squirting of urine.

Either way, Deena gets pissed and starts moaning about it.

As they go to the club Vinnie where's a tight shirt they say he got from the baby Gap.

At the club Vinnie meets some ugly lesbians he brings home and hopes to get them to like penis. Pauly says, "He's gonna try to turn these lesbians straight."

Deena holds a drink with her boobs.

Situation 3 Vinnie needs the smush room

Vinnie tries to get the smush room from Ronnie, but Ronnie says no because he doesn't want him using his bed.

He says he's doing him a favor and asks if he even looked at the girls' faces he's brought up. He says one girl looks like Mathew Mcconaugay. haha.

HAHA Ronnie's right

Vinnie is all excited and says, "What better challenge than a girl that doesn't like penis" and calls it his dream and gets the job done.

Situation 4 Deena approaches Mike

Deena gets all pissed and approaches Mike about what he said. Mike lies and says that everyone is just trying to start drama. He tells her that either way, it's a good talent and he wants to give Deena's sister a high five for it.

Situation 5 Tornado sets in

A storm sets in over the Jersey Shore and Deena panicks while everyone else just bugs out. Deena freaks out saying that she doesn't want to be swooped up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

They all go to Karma for one last time and get crazy. They all look like they're having a great tiem.

Frank, Mike's brother, seems to get along well with Deena's sister and look like they'll have a romance.

Deena wants to approach Franky but Mike convinces her to let it go. Hey, Deena's sister is a big girl and should speak for herself anyway.

Situation 6 last meal

So they all cook and eat together one last time and joke about Ronnie and Sammy getting married next summer. Sammy gets all shy but it looks like it could definitely happen.

Situation 7 Girls prank guys with water balloons

The girls make all these water baloons and get on the deck throwing them at the guys from above but Ronnie gets sneaky and goes inside the house upstairs and just locks the deck door and the girls get stuck there. They then make a whole bunch of balloons and throw them. Pauly gets the Super Soaker and they open the deck door and start blasting them with water. The girls have no where to go.

Eventually the girls peace out but Deena keeps going at them. Pauly then flips Deena and dunks her inside the baby pool on the deck.

Situation 8 They say their goodbyes

They all hug and kiss and the first ones to leave are Ronnie and Sammie who leave together in the same taxi. Then Roger comes to pick up JWoww and they leave together. After they leave Mike tells the girls that he's been always trying to figure out if JWoww's boobs are real and they ignore him.

Mike leaves alone.

Vinnie's mom comes to pick him up. When Vinnie leaves, he comes back to give Pauly a hug.

Deena leaves alone.

Paulys friend Poppa Snooks, big Gerry, who i believe will be in the Pauly D project, comes to pick up Pauly.

Of course, Snooki, the most popular star of the show is left alone in the house. She starts taking shots and says goodbye to the duck phone. Her dad picks her up.