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VidRhythm a must see app that creates a music video out of your sounds

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We just got a chance to play with the Vid Rhythm app on the iTunes app store. HOLY MOLY! What a beautiful app. You record your face making 6 different one second sounds and it instantly creates a 1 minute song and music video with the click of a button.

In the video above I did one with my baby. If you use this app you'll play with it all weekend. The most fun you'll have is if you do it with a whole bunch of friends.

The VidRhythm app was created by Harmonix, the creators of Dance Central.

What this app does

So when you start the VidRhythm app and start a new song it asks you to record your face while you say the sound on the screen. You just hit record. It records you're sound and automatically stops itself. You do this several times saying different sounds and click make a video and BAM.

It takes your sounds and integrates them into a song algorithm and creates a song using your sounds looping and moving around your sounds to sound totally cool. The awesome part is that it creates a video so you see yourself as the song plays.

1) Load the app

2) choose a song style

3) choose a music video theme

4) start recording your six sounds

5) Click "Make video music"

Things to try with this app

1) Say whatever sounds you want not only the sounds displayed on the screen.

2) Make a jam with the fam or friends. Have everyone say a sound so that the video is with the entire family or crew.

This is probably THE BEST app on the app store right now. It's totally free. You have to try it.

Important linky links

Visit their website here.

You can download the app on the iTunes app store here.

Check out the YouTube channel to see what others have done.

Here's another baby song if you're up for it: