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Top 10 craziest quotes from Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2
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There were some really awesome and weird quotes in this episode of Game of Thrones. Even though some of the quotes below were pretty moving, I had to call them weird because some truly are.


"That boy has more courage than sense."

- Prisoner.

One of the prisoners being held captive says this about Ayria as she has enough courage to go near them.


"It's a funny thing, people worry so much about their throats that they forget about what's down low."

- Commander.

The commander who is looking out for Ayria and Gendry says this when he holds a knife to the groin area of the soldier from king's landing who requests Gendry.


"Threaten me again and I'll have you thrown into the sea"

- Tyrion.

Tyrion says this to Varys who threatens to tell the council about the prostitute he brought along.


"What has the world come to when smugglers must vouch for the honor of kings."

- Pirate.

The pirate says this to Davos when he pleads for his help.


"You don't know what you're like. You need someone to teach you."

- Theon

Then says this to a girl he just meets.


"I hadn't realized peace depended on killing babies."

- Tyrion.

Tyrion says this a few times when he speaks with both javos and Cersei about why they killed the babies even though they claim peace.


"Sometimes those with the most power have the least grace"

- Peter

Peter says this to the head prostitute who cries over the baby who was slaughtered.


"No man gives me a crown... I will take my crown"

- Balon Greyjoy, father of Theon.

Balon, says this when Theon tells him that his friend Rob Stark will give him the crown if he helps him.


"The one true god is what's between a woman's leg"

- Pirate.

The pirate says this to Davos's friend when he tries telling him that they're not going to war so that he could have Queen Cersei. He also says in this scene: "I'm not going r*** her. I'm going to f*** her." He's such a weirdo.


"Anything with a cock is easy to fool"

- Yara.

Yara, Theon's sister, says this to Theon when he asks how she got through the guards.