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Renly picks gay lover over topless wife
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 3]
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We had two topless scenes and one all out massacre but I want more bloodshed, bloodshed of the people who deserve it though, not little kids. We had no glimpse of Joffrey or Daenerys. Here are the highlights of episode 3

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Tyrion plays a trick on his council to find out who will betray

In previous episodes the hand of the king was betrayed multiples times by the council of the king. Since Tyrion is the acting hand as of now, he's no idiot.

He doesn't just sit around and wait to see what people will do, because that usually means losing a limb or death.

In the Game of Thrones you trust no one. You win or die.

He speaks to three specific people from his council privately:

1. Varys, the fat guy with a bald head

2. Peter, the head of the pleasure house

3. Pycelle, the old man who seems to have no purpose.

Varys already got into a little scuffle with Tyrion in episode 2 when he discovered Tyrion's prostitute and said he'd keep it a secret in a snarky way.

Peter is the head of the "pleasure" house who betrayed Ned Stark in Season 1. Since Ned Stark refused to take the throne he sided with the Lannisters who did take the throne by force.

He tells everyone that he wants to use one of the Lannister girls to be married off to an enemy and tells them not to tell the queen, but he gives a different name to each council member to find which council member will tattle tale back to the queen.

As we all know it was the old man, Pycelle who tattles the news. So Tyrion meets him and threatens to cut off his limbs, instead he has him sent to prison.

So Tyrion has already gotten rid of Janos I episode 2 who he exiled and now Pycelle. There's only two left Peter and Varys.

Varys gets into Tyrion's head

After Varys saw Tyrions trick he sits down with him and has a little talk. What I like about Varys is that he seems no fool. He talks to Tyrion questioning the right to kingship and suggests that anyone who is smart can take it and especially the one who helps the King take it. He deserves it more.

Does anyone really deserve the ultimate right to be king

I love this because these are questions I've been asking since Season 1. Who really deserves to be King? Who has the right to be King? And why is someone specifically more befitting. To be royal just means your part of the Kings family but why can't anyone simply declare themselves king; they'd have to take it by force. But that's what most Kim's have done anyhow.

Even if you don't take it by force, does someone really deserve to rule a nation simply because his father did.

There are three ways to be king now

1. Take it by force

2. Be chosen by the people

3. Be a son of a previous King (who became king by one of these three methods)

The bottom line is that no one truly owns the right to be king. But I think Rob Stark deserves the right more because he was chosen by the people.

Theon's family gets into his head

Theon's family, his sister Yara and father Balon keep questioning his loyalty to his family over the Stark family. They poke fun at him constantly saying he's been made into a b*tch by them. When Balon wants to give Yara 30 ships and Theon only one called he "Sea Bitch" he can't take it anymore.

Balon, Theon's father wants to set out to fight the Stark family as they try taking kings landing and they basically want to know if Theon is in or out.

Theon has a really hard time deciding but the psychology plays on him and he burns the letter that was meant to warn Rob about his father's crashing the party.

Everyone seems to want to step up somehow and do something and the more you play into that people get moved.

Margary wants to have a boy with Renly despite his gay love affair with her brother

While Renly messes around with his gay lover he doesn't know that his wife Margary knows anything until she meets him topless and tries getting him to make love to her. When he appears to hold himself, she shocks him by saying if it would be better if he imagined her as his gay lover.

She tells him that she doesn't care about his gay lover and that all he needs to worry about is having sex with her to have a boy in order to have an heir to his throne. She says she'll stand by him no matter what he does as long as he keeps that in mind.

But what's in it for her I wonder:

Could it be that she'll become Queen, ahhh precisely.

You see everyone in the Game of Thrones partners with each other to get seem power at stake but not many people seem to genuinely care about each other except the Stark family.

Even the Lannisters seem to connect with each other only over power. Just in the last episode, Joffrey told his mother she'll never slap him again to discipline him because he's king now.

Ayria and Gendry are captured by Kings Landing soldiers

Kings Landing soldiers ransack where Ayria stays and massacre many people there including children. This scene has two gruesome deaths as well.

Then when they ask Ayria, not knowing she's Ayria Stark, daughter of Ned Stark, where's Gendry she points to the kid they just killed and says that was him even though Gendry, the bastard son of Rob Baratheon, was standing right next her. I don't think anyone else in the camp knows that he's Gendry so hopefully Ayria's words will keep him safe. Knowing the Game of Thrones, probably not though.

Overall, I don't understand how these people can be so vicious to each other. If its not blood they can kill you in a second. But what ties people together? I really wonder...

I give this episode 6.5/10 stars.

They need to start moving the story along.