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King Joffrey and Rob Starks mad with power. Ready for battle.
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 1]
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This was an amazing season premiere with so many important scenes. Let's re-live this episode.

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King Joffrey gets mad with power

The episode starts off with two men battling in front of the boy king in the courtyard. When his guard kills the second fighter, Joffrey gets ecstatic.

It's like he's a 7 year old watching monster trucks. Oh wait that practically is the case!

They call in another man, Sir Dontas, to fight the winner of the first battle and when Sir Dontas stumbles in late, Joffrey asks him if he was drunk.

When the man says he only had 2 cups of wine, Joffrey makes his men hold him down and stuff his face with a crate of wine. When Sansa pleads to let him go she tries telling him that it's bad luck to kill a man on his name day.

After calling it a "stupid peasant superstition" his guard says:

"The girl is right. What a man sows on his name day he reaps all year"

Sansa then convinces Joffrey to make Sir Dontas his fool as opposed to killing him.

This scene basically shows that Joffrey will begin to do some nutty things if he stays ruling.

Tyrion comes back to Kings Landing

The dwarf Tyrion comes out right after the battles and asks Joffrey where he's been and Joffrey stutters a bit saying that he's been "here ruling the kingdoms."

Joffrey gets really upset when Tyrion offers his condolences to Sansa for losing her father - he calls Ned a confessed traitor. But Tyrion replies back,"Having so recently lost your own father I'm sure you could sympathize?"

Sansa calls her family traitors

But then Sansa, surprisingly, calls her mother and father traitors and says she's loyal to her beloved Joffrey! Ouch. That was really unexpected!

Tyrion tells the Queen that he's now hand

When the Queen is speaking with her small council about the deadly winter coming, they discuss the difficulty of being able to take in any more peasant refugees. The queen then tells them to close the gates on any of them and send them back into the fields. She says:

"They belong in the fields not our capital"

When Tyrion comes in, the Queen gets really mad for him interrupting the meeting but he then delivers her the document with their father's message confirming that he is now the hand in their father's absence.

Tyrion finds out they only have one Stark left

When the Queen gets pissed about, she orders everyone to leave and sits alone with Tyrion. Tyrion talks to the Queen about trading the Starks to get Jamie back but then finds out that they only have one stark left to trade and calls the Queen "the disappointing child."

Tyrion tries getting her to realize how successful Ro Starks has been since the start of the rise. When she says that he's just a boy, he reminds her that he's won every battle.

Bran listens to complaints of the people of Winterfell

One guy complains to Bran Starks about how the walls of his house will crumble from this winter and that he's sent all his men to fight "Rob Starks's war". Bran gets upset that he didn't call him King Rob and reminds him why Rob is off to war because his father was killed. His advisor offers him formations for a week and the guy leaves but Bran doesn't "like the way he was talking about rob" and neither did his advisor but his advisor reminds Bran saying:

"Listening to people you'd rather not listen to is one of your responsibilities as Lord of Winterfell."

Bran dreams of a wolf

In the next scene Bran wakes up after dreaming of a wolf. Then Bran is being carried in the woods and sees a comet claiming that it's an omen proving that Rob will win a great victory in the South, but their servant Ogra says "Stars don't fall for men. That comet means one thing - dragons"

Bran says "dragons are all dead."

The important thing in the scene is the similarities in Bran's dream and the scene. In his dream, the wolf walked over into a pond and when the wolf looked into the pond, we saw that it was indeed a wolf. In the following scene, Bran looks into the pond and looks at his face. Their seems to be some foreshadowing that Bran is the descendent of wolves.

Queen Daenerys's horse collapses

Not much happens in this scene except that she walks with her dragons and then the white horse her late husband Drago gave her collapses. She says her brother didn't know anything about anything.

When Daenerys talks about going out to seek resources, the guard Jorah, tells her that she has to be these people's strength and she says that he is her strength. She sends three men to seek water and resources. She tells Rakharo that he is her last hope.

In this scene we see for the first time, the drathakis really obeying Daenerys ever since she's proved that she's a dragon.

Jon snow and his people land in a village

Jon Snow, the "bastard" son of Ned Starks come across a village as they seek resources for the war. They talks about how the master of the village has a whole bunch of daughters who he marries and they become his wives and then give him more children and how "foul" that is. Then Jon wonders what he does with his sons.

Jon then enters the tent where the master of that village and Jon's Lord Commander speak about giving them shelter and for some reason the guy really dislikes Jon, saying that he stares too long and warning him of coming near any of his, daughters who are really his wives.

When they leave the tent, the Lord Commander grabs Job by the throat and tells him that if he wants to lead one day, he has to learn how to follow.

It just seems to me that everyone is picking on Jon. I wish Jon would speak up a bit and stand up for himself.

Stannis Baratheon sends letter claiming the throne

This was a really important scene, because Stannis dictates a letter to be sent to all the kingdoms where he makes mention that Joffrey is not the rightful heir to the throne, but that he, himself, is, as the eldest Baratheon brother. The letters also mentions that Joffrey is a bastard son born from incest between his mother and uncle Jamie.

In the beginning of the scene, a ceremony is held where a woman named Melisandre is burning their old gods and getting everyone to take vows towards a new religion. Stannis Baratheon watches on and Melisandre makes him take a burning sword from one of the burning gods. She converts the people to the new religion. This old guy tries to get Davos, Stannis's friend to speak the truth, but Davos says "what's the truth" and walks away.

Stannis Baratheon in the photo below:

As Stannis orders the writing of a document of him claiming the iron throne he tells the writer to remove the word beloved referring to himself saying that his brother didn't love him and makes him call Jamie the king slayer.

Davos tries to get Stannis to join forces with his younger brother Renly but Stannis says no, because Renly claims himself king. Davos then tells him to at least join forces with Rob Starks but Stannis calls rob starks all thieves. He says they'll bend their knee or hell destroy them. After putting poison in his own cup, the old man who was complaining at the ceremony offers a cup of wine to honor the "one true god." He drinks and dies. Melisandre who conducted the ceremony drinks after him, but lives.

Rob Starks watches his prisoner, Jamie

Jamie calls Rob a boy and asks him "do you feel insulted."

Rob says you insult yourself because you've been captured by a by a boy, defeated by a boy and perhaps will be killed by a boy.

Rob tells Jamie about Stannis's message and how it says that Stannis is the rightful heir and Joffrey is his son out of incest.

Rob says he wants to send peace terms to his father, but Jamie replies that he doesn't know his father well if he thinks his father will do that. Rob says, "he's getting to know me."

Queen threatens Peter her councilman

When the queen finds Peter, she tells him that he has to find Ayria. They get into this metaphorical discussion referring to each other discreetly in the stories they tell.

She talks about a boy who made his way into a prominent family who had eyes for the eldest daughter but she had eyes for another which is really referring to him.

Then he talks about how when brothers and sisters live in a home, awkward situations can arise, even brothers and sisters can fall in love, referring to his knowledge of her and Jamie. He says how it becomes even more awkward when that information becomes common knowledge.

Then ends saying that prominent families often forget a simple truth that he found. When the queen asks him what that is he says that:

"Knowledge is power."

She frightens the hell out of him and says cease him to the guards and demands they cut his throat. Then says that she changed her mind. She makes the soldiers step back 3 paces, turn around, and close their eyes. She approaches him and says:

"Power is Power."

She tells him to take time away from his whores to find Ayria.

Rob Starks delivers message to claim independence

He dictates a message demanding the following conditions from the Lannisters:

1. Lannister family must release his sisters
2. Their father's bones must be released and all those who died in his service to give them proper funerals.

As the guy says "honorable" and is about to walk away, he stops him and says "there's a third":

3. Joffrey must renounce all claim to dominion of North forever and they are now independent and there men can never step in their land ever and if they ever do he should suffer what his father suffered and says that he doesn't need a servant "to do my beheading for me."

He rises and says "these are my terms."He'll give them peace, but if they don't obey, he will litter the streets with Lannisters.

In the next scene, Robs friend calls him grace and Rob tells him that he doesn't have to call him that in private. His friend tells Rob that they'll reject his terms and they won't win unless they take Kings Landing and they can't unless they have ships.

Rob Starks then asks his mother to go try negotiating with Renly Baratheon because he's ralled over 100k soldiers and that they need him to win the war.

Queen slaps Joffrey

Queen walks in on Joffrey as he's getting renovation on done on his throne saying that he wants it to look more serious.

When the Queen worries about the ability to get Jamie back since they lost Ayria, Joffrey says that their weak and put too much value on their women and he thinks they'll get Jamie back without Ayria.

Joffrey tells her that he heard a "disgusting lie" about Uncle Jamie and asks if she thought her late husband

"f*cked other women when he got tired of you. How many bastards does he... "

Without letting him finish, she slaps him. He sees that the workers saw the slap and looks up at her as he holds his face and says in a very strong tone,

"What you just did is punishable by death. You will never do it again!"

Lannister's order the killing of bastards

Guards storm in the whore house and kill a baby in front of the mother. They start killing all the kids. It seems like they're trying to kill all of the late King Robert Baratheon's bastard sons. They burn a guy's face and ask about one of Robert Baratheons bastard. He says he is in the Nightwatch.

He's then seen with Ayria fleeing in a caravan.

And the episode fades out.

Great, great episode. I can't wait for episode 2. Here is a great resource from the HBO website that explains the characters and all of the connections:

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