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Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere: Daenerys to buy army of slaves
Game of Thrones [Season 3 Episode 1]
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Now that the Game of Thrones Season 3 is back, and the Walking Dead is ending, we still have something major to look forward to on Sundays besides watching Shakira on The Voice.

Guy holding his head

Game of Thrones started off with Samwell walking in the freezing cold right after the white walkers left and he sees something only your uncle would think up: a decapitated corpse holding its own head in its lap. That was pretty awesome.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

The giant and Jon Sno's betrayal

I know you didn't miss that giant. That was one of the best things about this episode. Am I the only one who loves cool things like that. I hope to see more giants in the Game of Thrones.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Jon Sno is captured by Ygritte's tribe from last season and they're now walking in the snow as Ygritte takes Sno to her leader.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

We find out that Sno wants to join them. He wants out of the Night's Watch. This caught me off guard. Is this real? Or is he doing it just to save himself?

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

When he tries to kneel they laugh at him and tell him that no one kneels to anyone beyond the wall.

Sno tells them that the reason he wants to join is to get back at Craester. Remember Craester? He's the guy who is sacrificing his sons to the White Walkers and marrying his daughters. Sno says he wants to protect the living, not the dead.

Robb finds dead men at winterfell

Robb Stark finally makes it back to Winterfell and sees all the slain men left behind for the first time. A dirty deed done by his betraying old friend, Theon.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Robb also imprisons his mother, Lady Stark in the meantime. He's still pissed at her for letting Jamie Lannister go free, who they're trying to recapture.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Tywin dishes harsh words to Tyrion

I know I'm not the only one whose favorite character is Tyrion. Something is going to happen this season with Tyrion. I can just feel it, because his heart is too good, and worse, the Lannisters are treating him like dirt.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

I don't get why they're treating him so crappy, when he's the one who led the defense of King's Landing especially after Joffrey punked out!

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Tyrion goes to meet with his father Tywin to get some gratitude and ask for the opportunity to rule one of the cities. After Tywin acts like he's commending Tyrion, he turns on him and brings up the fact that his mother died when he was born because of him. He tells him there's no way he's going to give him anything.

I don't know why they treat him so badly. I can't wait until Tyrion has his moment of glory against his whole family.

Peter Balish says he'll help Sansa escape

Who knows what to make of Balish saying he'll help Sansa. He pulls her aside and when she pleads that he help her, he tells her that if he gets a chance to do a task outside of King's Landing he'll try to take her with him.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

A lot of people don't trust Balish. Even though he seems to always have something up his sleeve, I believe he wants to help, but only if he gets something in return.

I can't help but wonder if he'll help Sansa escape and then try to force her mother, Lady Stark, to marry him in exchange, since he's in love with her. Lets wait and see.

Stannis locks up Davos

So Davos makes it out alive. He's found on a small mountain and saved by boaters.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

He meets with the pirate whose still sore for having given Stannis 30 ships and losing the battle. His dream was to marry Queen Cersei. Davos asks for his help to knock some sense into Stannis over his attachment to Melisandre but the pirate just feels Stannis is too into her.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

I'm not totally sure why everyone hates Melisandre. I personally like her. I feel like she's trying hard to help Stannis get to be king, unlike everyone else. Yeah, she might be some weird demon lady, but at least she's helping!

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Davos meets up with Stannis and when he asks to speak to him alone, Stannis tells him that they are alone, despite Melisandre being right next to them. When he tries knocking some sense into Stannis, Melisandre reminds him that she wasn't there when they lost the battle. So she blames Davos and the men.

She then mocks the death of Davos's son, who died in the battle, saying that death by fire is the purest. Davos loses it and then Stannis locks him up.

I like Melisandre, but I do not like the fact that Stannis is locking up his own friend Davos whose been by his side longer. That's not the way a long time friend should ever act.

Margaery visits poor

I thought Margaery was nuts when she married Joffrey but it seems like she has something good up her sleeve. In the season premiere we see that she stops to meet with the poor of King's Landing and consoles them. Joffrey is socked but seems to go along with it. When Cersei finds out she's obviously not happy about it. It seems like Margaery just doesn't fit in.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

Daenerys wants to buy an army

Finally we see Daenerys's dragons mature more. They're definitely larger but she says they're not large enough for battle.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could still have dragons as pets.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

She then meets this crazy guy with his 8,000 slaves he's turned into cold hearted soldiers claiming he's cut off their balls, and even has them kill a newborn baby in front of its mother as an initiation.

When you have to do that to get initiated into something you know you're not entering the right party!

When he introduces them to Daenerys, to prove their strength, he pulls one soldier aside, cuts off is nipple, and then puts him back in rank, all with the soldier appearing emotionless.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

As she discusses it with Joer Mormont, a little girl who appears harmless, drops a weird looking scorpion in front of Daenerys who trips and falls, but the scorpion is killed by a mysterious hooded man.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

The mysterious man reveals himself who Mormont knows and he vows his loyalty to Daenerys to join her. I'm glad. For the first time we're seeing some new faces join Daenerys's cause. I thought no one would.

Game of thrones season premiere white walkers

I'm wondering who that little girl was. It looked like a mini female version of the guy from the House of the Undying? What do you think?