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BOOM!!!! Tyrion's wildfire wreaks havoc on Stannis's army
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 9]
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This was the most epic episode of Game of Thrones yet. I'm sure the season finale will be even more epic. We finally saw the Wildfire explode and what an explosion it was! Let's go through the scenes.

Stannis's ships approach King's Landing

As Stannis's ships approach Kings Landing the men inside start throwing up and getting sea sick. Davos, Stannis's hand, gets into an interesting discussion about god and Joffrey. The boy says there's only one God and he protects everyone. Davos asks if he think god protects the Lannisters as well. Davos tells the boy that Kings Landing still see them as strangers not liberators.

Tyrion shivers from fear of Stannis's approach

Tyrion lays with his mistress Shae and begins shivering out of fear. Shae asks him if he's afraid and calls him her lion. Tyrion says,

"If the city falls, Stannis will burn every Lannister he can find. Of course I'm afraid."

I like this because it shows that even when you're afraid you can still be brave.

Maester Pycelle gives Cersei poisonous potion

Maester Pycelle visits Cersei and gives her a potion called nightshade which at the start of the episode we don't know what she'll do with it. The hint is that she might assist herself or someone else in committing suicide.

Pycelle says that one drop calms nerves, three drops puts you in a deep dreamless sleep and Cersei cuts him off as he begins to talk about ten drops. We can only assume it means death. It doesn't take long for Cersei to kick Pycelle out.

Sandor picks a fight with Braun

This was interesting because of what we'll see happen later in the episode (how Braun saves Sandor from the flaming man). Sandor walks in with all this hostility where Braun and other men are drinking and hangin out with naked women.

Sandor tells him, "You like fucking and drinking and singing but killing is the thing you love. You're just like me, only smaller."

But Braun replies, "quicker too."

They almost fight but the war bells ring. I don't know why there's so much discord at King's Landing. They're supposed to be on the same side, but this makes me feel that they all truly are pure evil that they can't even side with one another against a common enemy. Probably because they have no real validity in the claim to the throne.

Varys gives Tyrion an important map

In this scene, Varys gives Tyrion a map that shows that King's Landing has over 50 tunnels underneath the city for escape and strategy. He offers this map in case Tyrion decides to flee. But Tyrion quickly tells him that he's not fleeing and that he'll go down with the ship.

Varys then replies that he's only saying that since the ship is currently afloat. How wrong will Varys be as Tyrion will end up standing up stronger than he's ever done before.

Bells vs drums and Tyrions humor

As Stannis's ships approach, King's Landing plays bells and in response, Davos has his men beat drums. This really gets the blood rushing and got me super excited about the battle.

As Tyrion gets ready he runs into Braun and says the most hilarious thing when Braun asks him if he knows how to use the weapon he's holding:

"I chopped wood once. No. I saw my brother chopping wood." LMFAO.

Tyrion always news how to turn a tough situation into a light hearted one.

Joffrey makes Sansa kiss his sword

Joffrey calls his sword "heart eater" makes Sansa kiss it.

This was so annoying but Sansa just plays along and teases him using her own wit asking him if he'll be deep in the battle. She tells him that her brother Robb is always where the battle is thickest and even call him the pretender.

He gets annoyed and tells her that she'll lick her brothers blood off his sword one day.

"A brothers turn will come And you can lick his blood off heart eater too," he says.

Damn! Pretty vicious statement.

As they walk off, Shae says, "Some of those boys will never come back." Sansa replies,

"Joffrey will. The worst ones always live"

What do you think about this. Do the evil ones always live?

The one ship and arrow that nearly destroys Stannis's entire fleet

As Joffrey and Tyrion approach the bay, everyone is confused as to why theres only one ship, bit we later find out that Tyrion set this all up to confuse Davos and get the ship to our the wildfire substance all around Stannis's ships. It works.

BOOM!!!! Tyrions wildfire wreaks havoc on Stannis's army

It turns out Tyrion sent one ship to dump wildfire. Everyone was confused and it got close to all of stannis's ships. Then they launched a single arrow to destroy the entire fleet.

This was one of the most awesome explosions I've ever seen. Maybe because it was green! I don't know. But the green fire just made it so cool. Not to mention how Tyrion got it all done with a single arrow. This really shows you that the fit strategy can defeat anything.

Stannis marches on

It amazed me how Stannis, despite the setback, gathers his men and keeps going. He accepts it as one trick that can't be done again.

As he proceeds one soldier almost cries asking him to retreat and says,

"100's will die" for which Stannis replies, "1000's."

You have to love Stannis's will. He doesn't stop even though defeat looked so obvious. He uses his passion, will and faith to keep going.

As the battle goes on Cersei messes with Sansa

When Cersei sees Sansa praying she picks on her. She laughs at her desire to seek mercy from the gods. She asks her why she's praying and calls her a fool and say,

"the gods have no mercy. That's why they're gods."

She tries putting fear into her heart by telling her that if Stannis wins hell rape all the women. "Tears aren't a woman's only weapon. The best ones between your let's. Learn how to use it"

She's always trying to corrupt her. Damn it. Leave Sansa alone.

Stannis rushes in and the physical fighting starts

Stannis continues rushing in and Kings Landing start throwing arrows of fire and boulders at them as they try smashing the door down and climb up ladders to get inside he are.

Sandor and other Kings Landing soldiers fight as Sandor yells,

"Any man dies with a clean sword I'll rip his fucking cock."

Braun saves Sandor with one arrow to the head of a burnt man who was rushing at Sandor. Guard is shocked and in a daze and walks off the battle field.

When he gets inside the castle, he asks for wine and Tyrion yells at him but he loses it and says "fuck the kings guard, fuck the city, fuck the king" and walks off.

To make matters worse, Cersei demands that Joffrey be taken to is chambers for protection. When he gets he message, he doesn't know what to do but he leaves and is scared.

Tyrion stands up and leads

Tyrion, out of nowhere, finds it in himself and says he'll lead the attack, and gives a heart felt speech to rally the soldiers again who lost hope when they saw the king leave.

Sandor offers to take Sansa back

Somehow, Sansa finds herself in the same room with Sandor and he makes her an offer to take her back to the North. She's scared and asks him if he won't harm her and he says he won't, but tells her,

"the world is built by killers so you better get used to looking at them."

Tyrion plans an attack to come out from behind Stannis's soldiers outside the gate. Stannis is still inside he castle at the top fighting.

Tyrion's plan prevails until he sees hundreds of Stannis's soldiers attack. He then faints.

The battle goes on and we're lead to think that Stannis is winning

They then cut to Cersei who was about to give Tommin Baratheon the poison as she lost hope,

but suddenly Lord Tywin Lannister, Cersei's father, walks in declaring they've won the war and says,

"the battle is over. We have won."

She drops the potion. Tyrion is knocked unconscious on the ground. Stannis starts screaming "No" as he's held back watching Tywins troops win the battle.

Rather watch? Watch the video recap below