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Tyrion: 'The day will come when your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth'
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 8]
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In this episode 8 of Game of Thrones there was a lot of drama between many different characters. Let's take an in depth look at everything that happened.

Yara comes to Winterfell

Theon is basking in his glory at Winterfell while everyone is shocked that he killed Bran and Rickon. When his sister, Yara, comes in with her men he realizes that he's not the boss.

Inside the castle, Yara tells him how he used to cry so much as a baby until one die she went to his bedside and he smiled up at her. For the first time, we see Yara show him some compassion. She tells him, "Don't die so far from the ocean."

There's a hint here that he'll die in a future episode. Even without the hint, we're assuming Robb stark will slaughter him for what he did at Winterfell.

I think Theon deserves to die because he followed his selfish desires to take control both without earning it and without compassion, along with betrayal. He could've gotten power in a much more legitimate way but I think he was too inexperienced and got selfish.

Ygritte brings Jon snow back to camp and saves his life

Thankfully Ygritte saves Jon Snows life even though I was picking at her last episode for being such a douche to Jon when he caught her.

In all fairness, she saves him to repay the debt since he didn't kill her when he had the chance.

Jon Snow then sees one of the other men from the Nightswatch and tells him how he just didn't have it in him to kill Ygritte and the guy sort of patronizes him and makes him realize how they all got caught when they came looking for him.

When he hears this Jon says, "They died because of me..." the man replies, "see that it wasn't for nothing."

I'm not fully sure Jon Snow can make up for this. He doesn't seem to be able to take one stance without regretting another.

Robb Stark shares his father wisdom with Talisa

I love this line. As they walk, Robb tells her that he once asked his father, "how can a man be brave if he's afraid?" and his father replied: "that is the only time a man can be brave."

This is so amazing because most people believe courage means not being afraid it fear is an unavoidable human emotion. Fear can be like a seed. Either it sprouts in phobia, extreme or constant fear or courage.

Robb stark confronts lady stark about freeing Jamie Lannister

Tell me you weren't going nuts when you heard this news. This was done so well because Jamie escaped once in the last episode and was caught so we were all hoping that he didn't actually escape again.

This time he did, and with Lady Stark's permission. She sent her guard Briana to take him back to Kings Landing to trade for her daughters.

I was really surprised by this. How could she be so naive. She knows what Robb Stark set out to do. I feel so sorry for the guy who waited on King Robb despite his desire to kill Jamie for killing his son. I expected Lady Stark to be more disciplined than that, but it is his mother and Robb is no Joffrey.

Tyrion tries planning a defense and argues with Braun

I liked this scene because of the argument about book knowledge versus street knowledge. Braun was mocking Tyrion for reading so many books with the war days away while Tyrion thinks he can learn strategy from the books.

Even though Braun is a plain man, it seems his logic makes more sense. Books contain ideas but that's it. What you do in real life is what matters.

Anyone graduating college will realize this when employers value experience over their degrees.

Samwell and his boys find dragon glass in a nights watch cloak that was buried from under the snow

Cersei tries blackmailing Tyrion by capturing his mistress

It turns out Cersei did not get the right mistress.

She tells Tyrion that if her son Joffrey dies in battle shell torture and kill his mistress who he think is Shae but when she brings out the girl it's the head girl from the pleasure house.

Tyrion plays along so Cersei doesn't realize the mistake.

But it doesn't take long for him to run looking for Shae and it turns out he Troy does love her. He cries and has her swear that she is only for him and she does.

"I'd kill for you. You're mine. Promise me." He tells her.

I love this because it demonstrates that Cersei was wrong when she says love makes you weaker. I think anger makes you weak and love makes you stronger and more passionate. It gives you something to fight for and something to believe in. We even see how strong Tyrion gets when he threatens Cersei after finding out what she did. He says, "I will hurt you for this. The day will come when you think you're safe and happy and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid."

That's the sound of a man who is strong!

Cersei says that penis make men weak

Again Cersei tries saying that men think too much with their penises. She asks Tyrion, "You know why Varys is so dangerous? Because he doesn't have a cock"

And also says, "that little worm between your legs does all the thinking."

As a man here's where I disagree with Cersei again. Testosterone drives a man and is what gives them manly characteristics, both externally and internally so if you don't have a "cock" well you're a girl not a man, right?

Robb wants to marry Talisa has sex with her

Ayria escapes with the help of Jaqen

Ayria uses all her 3 wishes with Jaqen. The last one in this episode was used on him helping her escape which he does. I can't wait to see Jaqen's future in the Game of Thrones. He seems like a such a cool guy.

Varys talks with Tyrion about Daenerys being alive

"Why are all the gods such vicious cunts? Where are the gods of tits and wine" Tyrion says to Varys.

Varys then tells Tyrion that he heard that Daenerys Targaryn is alive. He says it will be years before her dragons are fully grown and says that then there will be nowhere to hide. Tyrions replies, "One game at a time my friend."

Osha hides bran inside Winterfell

So it turns out Osha is hiding Bran and Rickon along with the giant right under Theon's nose in Winterfell. It turns out the 2 boys hung were the farmers boys.

I'm not fully sure of Theon knows that the bodies weren't Bran's and Rickon's. Part of me feels that he knows and he did it just to set an example since he couldn't find them.

One final note is that we learn from Varys that it takes years for Daenerys's dragons to grow so I wonder what's going to happen with Daenerys in the meantime.

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