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Theon: 'It's better to be cruel than weak'
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 7]
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This episode of Game of Thrones definitely had some shocking moments, several actually. The directors and writers have a great way of keeping you guessing. It's hard to predict what's going to happen. This episode revealed more about Theon's madness, the Thirteen, Daenerys's dragons and Sansa's maturity. Let's dig in.

Theon wakes up to find Osha and Bran escaped

Theon who has taken over Winterfell was tricked last episode by Osha who gave herself to him so that she could escape.

Little to our knowledge was that when she eventually escaped she took the giant, Rickon and Bran with her. In the last episode she made it seem like she was out to help herself only. Rickon is the youngest Stark, although he doesn't appear very often.

She turned out smarter and more loyal than we all thought, which is ironic given the fact that she initially was captured by Theon (when he was on Robb's side) in a previous episode (Season 1 Episode 6) when her husband was going to kidnap Bran. In that old episode, Theon shot an arrow straight through the head of the guy who was holding a knife to Bran's throat to save him.

Maester Luwin, the old guy who's always with Bran, is caught far off in the woods by Theon who tells him to go back. When Luwin urges Theon to stop, he yells at him telling him that he'd be considered a food forever if he did not catch Bran and Osha and he's willing to do anything to save his face. He looks at Luwin and says, "Don't look so grim, it's all just a game," and rides off.

Later on he also tells Luwin, "it's better to be cruel than weak."

Jon Snow's prisoner, Ygritte, keeps mocking and patronizing him

That girl they caught in the mountains from last episode walks with John tied by his rope. She begins pushing his buttons and mocking the Nightswatch oaths he's taken, specifically the one about never being with a girl. As they walk she constantly baggers him about not being with a girl and ridicules him by flirting with him and offering her body to him.

This girl is so freaking annoying. If another guy was Jon Snow Ygritte would've been smacked up by now, but Jon Snow is just too nice and words affect him like many other characters in the Game of Thrones such as Lady Stark who well get to later in this recap.

They argue about who owns the land they're currently walking in. She says her people have always been there and he says "I have the blood of the ancestors, same as yours" which she replies, "so why you fighting us then?" and walks off.

Ayria talks back to Tywin as they speak of "legacy"

Tywin has many men hung for treason, but one of his guys say that the problem is that they don't know who the people who committed treason really were. Tywin asks him if he's become too soft and commands him to obey orders.

He gets into a discussion with Ayria about legacy and how this is his last war whether they win or lose and that's what he wants to pass down. He speaks with his back towards Ayria facing the window and Ayria, holding a knife, seems to be contemplating stabbing him.

Tywin starts telling stories about how the castle was ruined by the dragons from the Targaryians who invaded it. Ayria, with her extreme passion, shows off her intelligence and courage by remembering the names of the other Tararyians Tywin forgot to mention which he's taken aback by.

When she walks away she addresses him as "my lord" but he stops her and calls her back. He tells her to say "meh lord" and says that if she wants to pose as a commoner she should say "meh lord" not "my lord." She says my lord again telling him that her mother taught her how to speak properly. He tells her that she's too smart for her own good and tells her to watch herself.

Sansa realizes everyone loves killing

Sansa runs into Sando, Joffrey's guard with the burnt face. They get into a scuffle about killing when she tries thanking him for saving her. He says, "a dog doesn't need courage to chase off rats."

She asks him if he enjoys scaring people and he says "killing's the sweetest thing there is." for which she replies, "Why are you always so hateful?"

He tells her that she'll be glad of all the hateful things he does when Cersei and him are the only people who can stand between her and Joffrey. Obviously this statements gives us some foreshadowing of a possible conflict between Joffrey and Sansa which Joffrey may attempt to kill Sansa for.

Xaro begs Daenerys to partner with him again

Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the black guy from the thirteen who many people don't know the name of, says he had no reason to steal the dragons and tries getting Daenerys again but she wants him to help without the partnership.

Robb talks to the messenger and finds out that Cersei tore up his letter.

Talisa tells him they need a list of supplies and she becomes excited when Robb agrees to go with her to get those items. Robb has the messenger jailed with Jaime which will prove to be a mistake which we'll get to later in the recap.

Mormont apologizes to Daenerys for not being there

When Mormont tries apologizing to Daenerys about nit being there when the dragons were stolen. Daenerys just begins talking of everyone turning against her. She says she's tired of trusting people and patronizes Mormont for seeming to only want her to trust him during a time of such disloyalty she's been seeing from everyone.

He tells her, "No one can survive in this world without help, no one"

She yells at him: "find my dragons."

She seems to be really hard on Mormont even tough Mormont is the only person who's really been on her side throughout both seasons. I admire Daenerys for relying on her self and passion within to bring her to power but I'd really love to see how things play out with her refusing everyone's help.

Jon Snow surrounded and trapped

Poor Jon Snow gets trapped by Ygritte who runs away after ridiculing Jon Snow one last time. As Jon runs after her, she suddenly appears higher up on the mountain with two other men. He looks around and see tens of other men appear. Referring to her sexual advances, she tells him, "You should've took me while you had the chance." .

I really feel sorry for Jon Snow. I feel like he wants to succeed so badly but just can't find the power within to rise above everyone around him who patronizes and belittles him.

Sansa gets her first period

Sansa wakes up from a dream of her being raped to discover blood on her sheets. She realizes shes gotten her first period and frantically tries covering it up so that no sees, because she doesn't want to have children with Joffrey.

Shae, Tyrions mistress, walks in and tries helping her cover the stain. As she does another woman walks in and walks out saying she's going to tell Cersei. shae runs after her with a knife. But sadly, when the lady agrees not to say anything, Shae finds Sandor in Sansa's room when she gets back. This was a really suspenseful, well done scene.

At first I thought, Sandor might not say anything but he tells Cersei and Cersei has a talk with Sansa. Sansa lies to Cersei about loving Joffrey and surprisingly, Cersei tells her "the more people you love the weaker you are."

She seems to hint at Sansa to not even love Joffrey but only her future children.

I agree with Cersei to an extent but I believe love can actually make you stronger. It gives you more passion, fire and something to believe in and stand for.

Jamie escapes by killing his jail mate

This was a pretty vicious scene and demonstrated Jamie's inhumanity and consistent disloyalty. The young 16 year old boy who was the messenger for Robb actually recognized Jamie and they began exchanging stories about when he served as Jamie's squire. Jamie began making the kid feel a connection with him to the point that he said he'd be willing to help Jamie escape.

But when Jamie moves close to tell him how he says, "You only have to do one thing... You'll have to die."

He then throws the kid down to the ground and begins bashing his skull. One of the guards with the keys comes in to stop it and Jamie chokes him and escapes.

This scene was pretty good but unnecessarily long if you recall it. But it was a definite unexpected twist which is probably so because the kid acted so well.

Masked lady speaks of Mormont's "betrayal"

This scene was near irrelevant except that it contained an important piece of information. When Mormont asks the masked lady about what happened to the dragons as she tattoos someone, she gets close to him and asks, "Will you betray her again."

Part of me feels that this was just a way to build anticipation for the revealing of who really stole the dragons, making us think Mormont possibly had something to do with it. But this can also mean that Mormont betrayed Daenerys once in the past which was never shown since the show started.

Amazing reveal: the Thirteen slaughtered and Daenerys betrayed

This was an amazing scene and another absolute shocker. I don't think anyone could've predicted this one.

As Daenerys stood before the Thirteen to request help to get her dragons back, the guy from the House of the Undying says that he has the dragons and talks of an arrangement with the king of Qarth. When everyone starts laughing since there is no king, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, stands up and says he's the other side of the arrangement and they declare their partnership.

It turns out, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, struck a deal with the guy from the House of the Undying to steal Daenerys's dragons while he becomes king.

Mormont tries stabbing the guy from House of the Undying but he vanishes and moves to a new spot, one of his superpowers.

Jamie captured again

I know we were all jumping hysterically when we saw Jamie was captured again. I would've cried if Jamie really escaped. He's the only thing Robb has over the Lannisters.

The problem now is that the young squire boys father now wants to avenge hiss on by killing Jamie. Lady stark is forced to stop him without Robb since they need him alive to continue blackmailing the Lannisters. The old man unwillingly stops but says he's only going to wait for Robb and then get his vengeance which he seems adamant about.

Tyrion and Cersei talk about inability to control Joffrey

Tyrion says he needs to act like a king. Cersei says he doesn't listen to her.

"It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you put a crown on its head" Tyrion says.

"Sometimes I wonder if this is the price for what we've done, for our sins" Cersei replies, referring to the fact that Joffrey was born out of incest from her and her brother Jamie.

Jamie pushes Lady Stark's buttons

He talks of taking too many vows and how stupid they are. He asks questions like: What if the king kills innocent people? What if your father despises the king? He messes with her head about being more honorable than Ned for only sleeping with one woman. He continues to throw words of daggers at her until she asks for a sword.

Theon reveals burnt and hanging bodies of two children

Theon calls the town to show them what he'd do for disobedience. He shows two burnt bodies hung up that look like the bodies of 2 children. Maester Luwin screams when he sees the hung bodies. Theon turns around and looks a little confused as he looks below the hung bodies.

Obviously we're not sure what just happened.

He's either shocked at seeing the bodies in remembrance of what he's done, or noticed they've escaped again.

I really don't want to believe that he's captured and killed Bran. If so, the Game of Thrones will have another huge twist in the story. I don't think Theon is strong enough to have followed through with such a plan, but he's at a moment of weakness trying to display his power and in some respects looks like he's willing to do anything at this point.

He's new to the game and I don't think he realizes the consequences of his actions yet.
Question of the day

Cersei says, "The more people you love the weaker you are" Agree or disagree?

Agree, especially when you love the wrong people, I think. Or when you love people that aren't good for you, because then they have a power over you that they can abuse. 
May 16, 2012   to reply
Its tough because sometimes I believe love can actually make you stronger. It gives you passion and something to fight for.
May 16, 2012   
So agree with that statement! Its a sad truth. because the more love you have to give the more those people you love try to take advantage of you and hurt you in the end. :/ 
May 14, 2012   to reply
That's pretty interesting because that's exactly what her logic was!
May 14, 2012