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Margary: 'Calling yourself king doesn't make you one'
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 5]
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In this episode, Game of Thrones throws in an unexpected loop. There is a serious spoiler in this episode. Only read if you've seen the episode or don't mind hearing what happened. We're at crossroads here. Everyone is finally done partnering up (hopefully). I'm definitely waiting for some more action.

Renly and Lady Stark negotiate terms

Lady Stark swears to Renly that Rob has no interest in the Iron Throne. Renly says that he'll allow Rob to be King of the North and the Starks to hold all dominion in the north. When lady Stark asks him what they'll receive in turn for Rob's oath to Renly, he says that he'll destroy his brother's army. But then Lady Starks pleads that he make peace with them.

Renly laughs it off and says, "I'll have better luck debating the wind."

A black apparition creeps inside the tent, and quickly stabs Renly in the back killing him instantly. The woman cries over Renly way too much. The story really had no built in love story between them. I don't know why she cries so much. Lady Stark tells her to leave because they'll think she killed him.

Peter asks Loras to postpone the battle with Stannis due to Renly's death

While Loras is unstable about Renly's death, Stannis's ships are sailing in to shore. Peter talks to Loras requesting that he postpone the battle but Loras is too hyped up about Ren;y's death. He accuses Peter of wanting to be king in Renly's place but Peter reminds him that he's speaking to him.

When Loras leaves, Margary looks at Renly and says that he was handsome, "Calling yourself king doesn't make you one."

When she says that that means she wasn't a queen, Peter asks her, "Do you still want to be a queen?" She says, "No. I want to be THE queen."

They exchange a long stare. There's a possible prediction here that Peter and Margary will team up together.

Tyrion gets on Cersei for not having a strategy

When Tyrion and Cersei learn of Renly's death, they talk about what they think really happened. Cersei seems to think they can still beat Stannis while Tyrion says that now that Ren;y's army will most likely team up with Stannis they'll be extremely powerful on land and sea.

Cersei doesn't seem to care and when Tyrion asks what Joffrey's plans are she wants to keep them a secret. I'm really bothered by Cersei's calmness. If they lose this battle it could mean their heads.

Tyrion hears Joffrey's plans of launching pots of fire from Lancel Lannister

Cersei's secret lover, her other brother (not Jamie), meets Tyrion in a caravan tell him that Cersei plans to use what he calls "wildflower" launching pots of fire onto Stannis's ships. Tyrion tortures him by saying he doesn't believe him.

He eventually kicks him outafter making him swear over and over, even on his life but Tyrion says that he doesn't care about his life. When he stumbles and falls out of the caravan. He tells him to tell Braun to kill him if anything should happen to Tyrion. Braun says it would be his pleasure.

Davos tells Stannis not to trust Melisandre

When Davos tries telling Stannis not to trust Melisandre, at first he doesn't want to hear anything about it. Davos wants to tell him what happened to Renly and he doesn't want to know. But finally he gives in and asks him what the hard truth is. Davos tells him that Melisandre is a foreigner preaching a foreign religion and he could lose Renly's men because of her. he worries that when he takes the Iron Throne, it will be hers because she'll control him.

He becomes convinced and says they'll sail to King's Landing without Melisandre but that Davos and his men will lead the attack. I'm taken back by how cowardly Davos is once he's put to the forefront. He backs down but then Stannis reminds him that hard truths cut both ways.

I'm definitely worried about this because I know Melisandre won't go down without a fight and Stannis already fell for her before when he had sex with her.

Theon tries to command his men

While Theon and his men get ready to sail Theon tries giving orders and acts like a commander but all his men laugh at him and don't take him seriously. Even his sister laughs at him and when he's sent a man to help him out he tells him that he has to earn his leadership.

The man speaks of a plan to take Torrhen's square and then ambush the Starks at Winterfell when they send all their men to protect Torrhen's Square.

Tywin Lannister's father wants to figure out how to fight Rob

He says that they've been underestimating Rob Stark for too long. His men don't seem to want to work hard to figure out a strategy and say they want to sleep.

Ayria listens in because she is his servant and as she goes to fetch him water he figures out that she is a northerner when she tries to lie and asks her what they say about Rob Stark. She says that they call him the young wolf and rides into battle as a wolf and that he cannot be killed.

When he asks her if she believes that, she says "No." They exchange a long stare, "Anyone can be killed." Tywin pauses and his face shows fear from what she just said and reminds her to fetch the water.

Tyrion learns of Joffrey's wildfire, pots of fire, war tactic

Tyrion gets to see the wildfire room, a room filled with hundreds of pots that will be launched at Stannis's ships. Tyrion tells him that from now on he'll be making the wildfire for him from now on.

Renly's guard vows to serve Lady Stark

But asks her to promise that she won't hold her back from Stannis. Lady Stark agrees but when the time comes. Lady Starks vows to not request service that brings her dishonor.

One of the thirteen wants to marry Daenrys

One of the thirteen who originally vouched for Danerys at the gate in the last episode asks Daenerys to marry him in exchange for giving her the treasures hidden behind a door which he is the only one with the key to. He tries getting her to think that she needs this partnership to overtake the throne.

John Mormont pleads with her to not get into such a partnership with the thirteen. Even though I believe Mormont is in love with Daenerys I believe he gave her good advice. He tells her that she doesn't need such an evil partnership and that she's the rightful heir and people will love her because of her gentle heart.

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