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Daenerys: 'I'm no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.'
Game of Thrones [Season 2 Episode 6]
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Finally more action happened in this episode of Game of Thrones "Hiding in the lion's den." Theon's betrayal is finally real as be slaughters someone in Winterfell upon his arrival and Daenerys's dragons get stolen.

Theon breaks into Winterfell tells Bran to yield

Theon who betrayed Rob Stark and has joined his family goes full force now and takes Winterfell. The trick was getting Bran to send most of their soldiers to Torhenn's Square and then ransack Winterfell. It worked because Winterfell was near empty when they arrived.

He barged into Brans room and told him to yield the kingdom to him so that he can be called prince. First, Bran says not but it doesn't take long until he just goes along with it because he can't do much if anything else. But Brans asks him, "Did you hate us the whole time."

Ravens were sent by Luwin to Rob Stark informing him of the ransack.

Outside, in the courtyard, Bran says aloud that he yields to Theon and Theon demands everyone call him prince. He gets cocky really fast. Soon after Osha throws herself on Theon in hopes to be set free. He pushes her aside. Then they capture someone and bring him to Theon. That person spits on Theon calling him a traitor. Theon then tells his men to imprison him.

But Theon's man pulls him aside and tells him that he must kill the man to be feared by everyone. He looks scared at first but agrees and follows through even after Maester Luwin urges him not too. He decapitates the man with his sword and this sets the tone and now there's no turning back for Theon.

Not only do most men want to be respected, most men want power in their own right, but the problem is that most men don't want to earn that. Thats where Theon comes in.

Peter meets tywin and urges him to partner with tyrells

Peter comes to visit Lord Tywin and urges him to partner up with the Tyrells, who fled after the death of Renly, against Stannis. Tywin is uncomfortable with this because the Tyrells rebelled against his grand kids he says. But Peter tells him to punish them later but first partner with them because they need them against Stannis.

The suspense in this scene was that Peter can recognize Ayria who was in the room serving them. He kept trying to get looks at her but couldn't fully see her. Finally, after all the suspense, Tywin orders her out of the room before Peter gets to notice her.

John "the bastard" doesn't have the heart to kill

John the bastard run into a few people in the cold mountains. They kill one and the other named Ingrit, remains who should've been killed by John who couldn't seem to find the will to kill her.

They fear them because they're now in foreign land and fear that these people have other people in the area who can kill them. John's men leave because he said he will kill the woman.

She kneels down with her head over a rock and tells him to "Strike hard and new or I'll come back and haunt you" but John just can't seem to do it still. He strikes but misses so she hits him and runs away.

Eventually he catches her and just chains her to him. The night falls so they're forced to sleep in the mountains. She tells him to sleep close to her do they're warm.

I'm not sure how he trusts laying with her after he tried killing her. You'd think he'd worry about that but John the bastard doesn't seem very smart.

Peasants rebel in King's Landing

Cersei's daughter is actually shipped off for marriage and everyone is grieving over her leave. We're still not clear who she's going to marry, but Tyrion mentioned in an episode back to get her to marry one of their enemies so they can partner up, another evil partnership.

As she leaves, Cersei tells Tyrion she can't wait for Tyrion to fall in love so daly so that she can take the woman from him one day and he knows how it feels.

Joffrey scoffs at his sister leaving and doesn't care much.

He heads off and as he passes through the town, someone throws dung at his face and he goes crazy telling his men to kill them all. The peasants start rebelling however as there's too many of them.

Tyrion yells at Joffrey for starting a useless problem and despite Joffrey's cockiness, "You're talking to a king!" Tyrion slaps him amidst the chaos and tells them that they were just hungry.

Sansa gets kidnapped by some of the peasants who try to rape her, but luckily Joffrey's guard catches them, kills them and brings her back to safety.

I'm definitely wondering now what will happen, because who would've know hat the peasants could have caused such a huge ruckus. There's definitely power in people who have passion and share the same feelings.

Daenerys denied ships by the Thirteen

Daenerys attempts to strike a bargain with the head of the thirteen, but he does not see Daenerys as a good investment. She requests ships and says that shell pay him back threefold when she takes the iron throne.

He tells her that he is only a trader and makes decisions based on that. He says, "I cannot make investments based on wishes and dreams." he just doesn't see that she's fit to accomplish what she's set out for, especially because she has no allies.

She yells back, "I'm no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.... With fire and blood I'll take it [the iron throne]"

Tywin talks with Ayria about their fathers

Tywin and Ayria carry on an interesting conversation about their fathers. When asked about what killed her father, she says, "loyalty." Tywin sort of laughs. Tywin then begins talking about his own father saying he was "weak and destroyed his house and name."

Robb Starks finds out about Theon's betrayal

I love this scene because Robb finds out about Theon's betrayal! Oh how I can't wait for Theon to get his. It's too bad Theon doesn't know who he is. He is so easily convinced and tricked by people. He doesn't realize it but all his moves are calculated by everyone around him because he doesn't have the strength to rely on hims

Robb says, "There will be no talk. He'll die for this."

But Robb says he wants Theon brought back to him alive so he can look him in the eye and ask him why before he decapitates him,

Osha throws herself on Theon and escapes

She says she wants her freedom in exchange for sex with him. He says yes but only if she serves him well. She eventually escapes while Theon sleeps through the night.

Sansa finally admits her true hatred towards Joffrey

"I hate the king more than anyone," she says to Shae, Tyrions mistress. I was really surprised here because for the longest I feared Sansa was betraying her family but she finally admits in this scene her hatred for King Joffrey.

Daenerys finds Dothraki murdered and dragons stolen

Finally Daenerys comes back from her walk and finds most of her Dothraki people murdered and her dragons stolen.

Daenerys needs to get her act together, because now most of the people she claims she stood for are dead. What now? It seems to me like she doesn't know what she really has to do. Mormons warned her about this before they entered the city of Karf. She didn't listen. There was no sign of Mormont in the final scene, but I'm sure he'll be fine.